Thursday, March 24, 2016

"The fate of Merkel and Europe in the hands of the Sultan and Tsar Putin"

"The fate of Merkel and Europe in the hands of the Sultan and Tsar Putin"

The newspaper "the guardian" published an editorial comment on the problems of Europe in General, "heart of Europe", which it believes Germany, and Angela Merkel, which he calls "the heart of Europe", in particular.
Discussing an uncomfortable position, in which came German Chancellor, media refers to the following items:
1. Recent elections in three Federal States showed the growing popularity of anti-immigrant and euroskeptic party "Alternative for Germany", supported by right-wing radicals from anti-Islam movement "Pegida". That is, the voter is increasingly opposed to the policies of Merkel, and the most annoying is that he's not to blame in the marginality and bellechester as the main reservoir of supporters "ADH" consists of experts and intellectuals with doctorates.
How to understand this: "the Fate of Merkel and Europe in the hands of the Sultan and Tsar Putin"
2. The agreement concluded by the European Union (i.e. the same in the face of Merkel) with Turkey on extradition recent billion euros, about the exchange of Syrian refugees one-on-one, etc. — as critics say, do the fate of Europe "critically dependent on two vicious and undemocratic leaders."
Speech of R. T. Erdo─čan and Vladimir Putin — "Sultan and king".
According to the author the "guardian", with Erdogan Europe will have to deal and partnerstate, even if he will continue to violate democratic freedoms (recall: only in recent weeks the Turkish army has destroyed one of the Kurdish cities in the Southeast of their own country, in addition, the regime made "masks-show" in the editorial office of the major opposition newspaper, closing it for a while and leading to obedience, etc.)
As vicious and undemocratic Tsar Putin has his hands on the throat of Europe and Merkel because it depends on the preservation of "fragile truce in Syria".

How to understand this

...What catches the eye. As can be seen, there is a deep difference in European approaches to two vicious undemocratic leaders.
Germany was threatened by Russian propagandaGermany was threatened by Russian propaganda
Vicious undemocratic Erdogan may at any time to access the full capacity of the crane with refugees and the European Union will have bad. Therefore, despite the small civil war on Turkish territory, some of the shortcomings in Turkish democracy and other stuff —Europe will negotiate about the accession of Turkey to the EU.
Vicious and undemocratic Putin can insidiously leave the situation in Syria take their course, mean removing its troops, and then the fragile truce will be violated, and no Erdogan will not be able to keep the flow of migrants and refugees and terrorists and anybody in the EU.
Therefore, Europe has developed "the five principles of interaction with Russia", including the requirement to transfer the Crimea to Ukraine, the requirement to subjugate the Donbass and Kiev "civil society" in the face of Vilnius freak show, demanding the dismemberment of the Russian Federation.
To understand this logic it is possible only in one way: you must consider that Europe is a politically independent Association. And change his anti-Russian position she is not even at all desire — the curators from the metropolis is not commanded.
...In this sense, a curious affection, more often seen in the right of Europeans to Russia. They are not due to any spiritual kinship (Europe has traditionally been anti-Russian mentality, and changing it is hardly possible without a long period of centralized media processing, which don't exist), but simply realistic the fact that Russia is the only state that currently proponents of "saving the appearance of the European continent" could count.
So the flags of Russia on the "Alternative for Germany" is more like "anti-American" or "anti-EU" flags.
Kak-eto ponimat-Sudba-Merkel-i-Evropy-v-rukax-sultana-i-carya
Source: On The Line

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