Saturday, March 5, 2016

NATO has acknowledged the superiority of the Russian space forces in Syria

NATO has acknowledged the superiority of the Russian space forces in Syria

A secret NATO report confirms the superiority of the actions of the Russian HQs in Syria over the aviation of the Alliance.

Although NATO was used in operations against the terrorists a much larger number of aircraft than Moscow, the Russian space forces have shown superior results of the combat operation. Notes that the Russians have outdone opponents thanks to the skills of the crews and more efficient equipment. On it informs German edition of Focus, citing a secret analytical report by NATO.

For example, the publication reports on the comparison in the report the number of factions NATO and Russia in the context of the daily defeat of the purposes. So the Russian space forces has 40 aircraft stationed in Latakia, who make an average of 75 flights a day with a high percentage hit the target. At the same time, NATO forces comprising 180 units of the target of daily attacks by 20 objects.

It is also noted about the presence in Syria of the state of the art su-35 that are superior to the vast majority of Western combat aircraft.

Another reason, which allows Russia to conduct successful operations in Syria is the use of information of the Syrian air intelligence and Russian intelligence data that contains operational information about the most important objects for strikes.

NATO notes that the Russian strikes have forced ISIS to retreat and to cease the violent "show of force".

"While Western politicians routinely talk about Russia's attacks on the rebels and numerous victims among the civilian population, the report does not mention civilians, the victims of Russian air strikes," writes Focus.

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