Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Has anyone "Something Nice" to say about the Jews...?

Has anyone "Something Nice" to say about the Jews...?

I grew up knowing a fair amount of Jews. I was even a best friend to a few of them (this was before I knew anything about their historical subversion efforts on gentile cultures) and I saw that many are decent enough people unless you questioned the 'sacredness' of the holocaust deception and their tribal 'supremacism' .

I never really got into that conversation with them at the time because I had been programmed by this Orwellian occult society to view all whites and only whites as the source of all suffering on the planet. As I am sure you know, the anti-European gentile narrative starts as early as elementary school where it is subtly introduced into social studies and history classes.

They'll never talk about their role in the trans Atlantic slave trade, the occupation of Spain by the Moors, the Barbary pirates enslaving over a million Europeans, the enslavement and massacre of Slavic people at the hands of the Ottoman Turks and how Jews have historically held aristocratic positions in all the host European countries they were supposedly 'persecuted' in.

They'll never give you the context in which they were persecuted which was due to them generally being the economic and social buffer between the gentile peasant masses and the minority ruling elites (who, granted, weren't necessarily Jews but gave the Jews great administrative, financial and legal power) It was more often than not Jews who controlled commerce throughout Europe and they did the dirty work of the Elites which gave them a privileged status. Eventually many Europeans got hip to their treachery and saw how they were loyal to their own kind above all and second to the ruling monarchs.

This would obviously create a sentiment of hatred for the Jews among the peasant masses; this is only medieval Europe we're talking about now. Jumping ahead into pre-WWII Europe again we see the Jews selfishly controlling the banking systems and destroying European economies through inflation and the imposition of communism (which was for the gentiles, while the Zionist Jews were still able to enrich themselves via capitalist monopolies; this has always been the case with communism) Anyway, they were especially focused on forcing communism on Europeans and Hitler (although not a saint, in my opinion) was the only one who stood against them.

Some say Hitler was even financed by certain Jews and that he was in on their agenda, which I'll never know if it's true or not, but still he was, on the surface at least, the only one to defy their moral, cultural and financial subversion of Germany. Stereotypes exist for a reason; Jews controlling media and international monetary institutions is because they, in fact, do own and control these institutions by majority. They are currently in full anti-European gentile warfare no doubt about it.

I've noticed how our media, academia and our foreign policy plus our immigration reform have been increasingly bent on replacing the dominant position of Europeans in their own countries while at the same time preserving the ethnic and cultural interests of Jews and Israel. Everyday Jewish shmucks just trying to make ends meet are irrelevant in this equation; they are harmless to the Jewish elites and will most likely defend their cause anyway.

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