Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ukraine fell into the abyss...and now the dill cry who'ld brought to power U.S. puppets

When the fennel cry


To begin, I will show you one screen of passbook samaganova dill:

Someone will say "So what? Just a lonely man". No, not the seeing. And not just. For the nickname "the Anarchist Micah" hiding,

Mr.Mykhailo chaplyga, assistant to the Ukrainian Ombudsman for human rights counsel. The man who positioned himself a socialist, and who was supposed to stand in defense of human rights.

Know how long we argued with him a year and a half ago, right after may 2nd? A lot.

I asked why his office "for human rights" is silent on human rights violations (to put it mildly) locals and residents of Donbass, which by that time was already being shelled by the artillery of the invaders. He rubbed me that I was a traitor and sold out to the Kremlin.

I said that there is no revolution, only an oligarchic coup, and a socialist as he needs it, and he told me about the "now live".

I said it would be a civil war and destruction, he waved away in the hope that the rebels will quickly suppress the "abroad will help us".

My choice was simple. I am a follower of Bakunin and Blanqui, Marx and Guevara. Even regardless of my oaths never to fight against the Russians, I always side with the oppressed. And residents of Donbass then tried to make subhumans with no rights. So the choice for me was obvious. As for the real Communists from "Borotba", which participated in the Kharkov resistance, and then the vast majority went to the militia of Novorossiya. Unlike Kiev pseudaletia of "anarchists" who tenderly waited on by the American occupation administration and the oligarchs.

And now, a year and a half. Ukraine fell into the abyss, actually going out in the pre-industrial phase of development and dropping the standard of living is lower than most African countries.

Chaplyga it perfectly sees. But what does he do? He Costera Gruzinov, Poroshenko and other oligarchs never remembers, but about the owners of the Georgian marionette (puppet is "puppet") mentions only in passing.

And again it is a primitive cunning. Wouldn't be the Georgians, the Balts. There would be the Baltic States, would the Americans and Canadians type Jaresko (which, incidentally, is also silence). Well, there would be Americans, would be the local gauleiters type re, which closed dozens of Universities (slaves don't need education) and eliminated free higher education. It's not personalities, it's the system.

The Anglo-Saxons had always been the metropolis and the colony were. "Colonists" and "natives". Pith helmets and vans. Even the inhabitants of the Island, the Scots and the Irish, they did with terrible force – and the famine they are satisfied, and mass rape to undermine the spirit of resistance, and other repressive measures over the centuries. I'm not talking about the genocide of the Indians and other crimes against humanity.

The Russians didn't have vassals – were the brothers or allies. The Anglo-Saxons were not vassals, slaves. Civilization and the choice was simple: to be brothers of Russians, or to be slaves of the Anglo-Saxons. And such as Chaplyga made in favor of slavery.

And no need to RUB about the "we didn't know". Historical examples of Anglo-Saxon imperialism a huge amount. For example, millions were turned into opium addicts the Chinese (coolies), just because the work addict is cheaper than the labour of the hired worker.

Why the Ukrainians had to wait another fate? "Myeurope"? So white European settlers-the Boers likewise, were driven into concentration camps where they died by the tens of thousands from hunger and disease. Or such as Chaplyga didn't know? Knew. But, as such as Romanenko, was hoping to get into the occupation administration. And when they got the whine. "Expel Georgians, we want to be in their place".

I several years ago wrote that there is no Georgian economic miracle. Good salaries only from the security agencies and officials of the colonial administration, and all the rest survive in terrible poverty. The Anglo-Saxons always minimize the costs of controlled areas, and the problems of the natives they literally do not care.

Education, health, pensions – not needed. To bribe the security agencies and officials to control the territory enough. What the people then there is no future – who cares?

And now these hypocritical goblins whine how bad things are, but blame it in Georgian! Georgians, damn it! Not the USA, which control the Ukraine not the oligarchs who are compradore and help them in this, and not himself, which brought to power U.S. puppets.

And like Chaplyga, too scared to say in your own words "Ukraine is under the rule of the American occupation administration". They are afraid to admit that Ukraine needs a national liberation struggle against the United States.

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