Sunday, November 22, 2015

Saudi Arabia and Qatar under the control of Western puppets of the USA will be overthrown

Without a sovereign Russia, Saudi Arabia and Qatar will be overthrown

By: Vasily Terkin
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No cooperation between the West and Russia in Syria, it is impossible by definition. For the US, standing at the head of the so-called Western world, any cooperation with Russia, it is only another form of war against Russia.What are the global goals pursued by the West and what is the meaning of all that is happening in the world today? The West is pursuing the goal of returning control of natural resources of Russia, as it was previously, in the 90 - ies to achieve this goal, the West is using Qatar and Saudi Arabia as tools. As conceived by the West, Saudi Arabia, with its more cheap oil, needs to oust Russia from the world oil market.Qatar possesses the third part of all the world's gas reserves. In the plans of the West to lead this Qatari gas to Europe via the pipeline laid through Syria. Assad, the West consistently refuses rigidly to hold their country through this pipeline.Therefore, from the point of view of the West, "Assad must go". But from the point of view of Russia, Assad should nothing to anybody, except the people of Syria, and whom he serves. 
As soon as cheap Qatari gas will be delivered via the Syrian pipeline to Europe, Europe refuses to buy Russian gas and Gazprom will be bankrupt. Saudi Arabia with the help of a price dumping will cut off Russia from the world oil market. And Qatar, in the same way, cut off Russia from the global gas market. This will lead to the termination of the foreign currency revenues to the Russian budget. According to the plans of the West, millions of people living in Russia should lose his job and be thrown out on the street. It's all those who now work in export-oriented energy sector and related industries. As well as all those who receive salaries from the budget - doctors, teachers, military, police, state and local authorities and so on. In the circumstances of the termination of export of oil and gas, all of these people simply will have nothing to pay salaries. 
The West relies on structured poverty and rampant corruption in Russia, will lead to massive popular unrest. Which Western specialists like Victoria Nuland, turn into a Maidan in Moscow, on their well organized scenario. The Russian leader will take some of the puppets of the USA, in the style a La Yushchenko or Saakashvili. A puppet of the USA controls Russia, will submit to eternal free use of all the resources of Russia and all rights to them, to the West, in the face of Western transnational corporations.Thus, with the overthrow of Assad, the purpose of the West led by the United States, will be achieved. All the resources of Russia, will come under the control of the Western world and in fact will be the property of the West.
In the Russian Ukraine. The standard of living of population in Russia, the West will be lowered through the floor in the closet of a submarine. This is to be done in revenge or malice, but simply for reasons of profitability. From the point of view of the West, the colonized country is rich in oil or gas, the standard of living of the population should be somewhere near the level of death of the population. As you can see on the example of the colonized West African countries rich in oil and gas. In a country where the standard of living is high, the owner of the oil fields forced to pay their employees high salaries. Otherwise, anybody to it will not go to work. And if they do, it will be the worst of the worst, to other, more remunerative work, accepted or dismissed. It is quite another thing when the country's famine, devastation and constant internal wars on religious or ethnic grounds. In this situation, people will be forced to work for the colonizers of Western fisheries, for pennies for food and clothing. Colonizers will be able to choose the best of the best, in its sole discretion. Because the only safe places in the territory colonized by Western countries are owned by West oil and gas fields. She is forever warring with the support of the West sides, the property of the West does not touch. Because everyone knows, is "taboo". All factions, warring countries-colonies of the West, know that the attack on the West property owned by the natives is a death sentence. So, for years fighting among themselves and periodically making the next revolution, the natives never touch the "Western values". 
All of the above is the future of Russia, from the point of view of the West. This one should be easy, clear and understandable. But back to Saudi Arabia and Qatar. As noted above, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, is not the allies and are just tools of the West, needed the Western world led by the United States, to achieve the goals of the colonization of Russia. The use of any tool is primarily to the fact that when the goal is achieved, the need for that tool disappears. Similarly, the West will be no need in cheap cheap Qatari gas and Saudi oil, as only the West will have the opportunity to receive oil and gas from Russia colonized, for free. Why does the West buy from the Arabs cheaply that you can take the Russians for free? 
With the increasing supply of free oil and gas from Russia, the share of deliveries of cheap oil and gas from Arab countries, will be reduced. The West is so necessary right now the Syrian pipeline will be empty and useless. Then, and in Qatar, and in Saudi Arabia, will be exactly the same processes and events that have been described above in relation to Russia. Without the possibility of implementation of their oil and gas, budgets, Qatar and Saudi Arabia will burst like soap bubbles. In each of these countries, the local population will become impoverished and will take to the streets with protests. The protesters Carlson will arrive with cookies in his face all the same Victoria Nuland. The U.S. will finally be able to wash off the accusations in support of non-democratic regimes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Washington will announce the leaders of these countries speakers, the executioners and the devil incarnate. After some very short time, the authorities in Saudi Arabia and Qatar are overthrown local and who joined them "armed forces of the democratic opposition", with the full support of the United States. 
Don't know whether it makes sense to re-describe in detail what lies Saudi Arabia and Qatar in the future. I mean already described above and are well-known mechanisms:
- production in Saudi Arabia and Qatar are puppets of the USA;
- the transfer of natural resources of Saudi Arabia and Qatar under the control of Western multinationals;
- further impoverishment of the population of Saudi Arabia and Qatar;
and the constant internal war on religious and ethnic grounds.
As said one of my American friend: "actually, we have nothing against Russians or the Arabs. Understand you at last, for us all it's just business and nothing personal". 

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