Monday, November 2, 2015

Obama was caught again in another empty bluff

Obama was caught again in another empty bluff

February 2, 2015

U.S. President Barack Obama constantly draws some red lines on Syria, crossing which is threatening to take drastic action, but breaks her promises.

Because of this, it is no longer seriously in the middle East, writes The Financial Times columnist Edward Luce. The most striking example was the threat to use force if Bashar Assad's troops to use chemical weapons. From shame Obama saved the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, who proposed a radical solution to the problem, says Lewis.

So happens and this time. Recall that the United States has said it is ready to send to Syria 50 military advisers. If they are destroyed, the US will be involved in "the war in which they have no chance to win." But even if this will not happen, the benefit of fifty military specialists still will not.

The columnist writes that "Obama was caught in a bluff", and he continues to make "belated, incomplete and wrongly issued decisions" steps. As a result, U.S. turn away even the most loyal allies, while Russia continues to seize the initiative.

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