Monday, November 2, 2015

It became known what had happened crashed in Egypt by a Russian plane

It became known what had happened crashed in Egypt by a Russian plane

February 2, 2015

According to experts, in Egypt the crashed Russian airliner airline "Kogalymavia" collapsed still in the air. This is the main question that has managed to get an answer.

This opinion, in particular, was expressed by the Executive Director of the Interstate aviation Committee Victor Sorochenko. As for the reasons for the destruction of aircraft in flight, the experts have yet to understand. Some experts believe that Airbus-321 could collapse because of the damage in the tail section. They indicate that damages could be obtained in the course of the incident in 2001, when the plane at landing approach at the airport of the capital of Egypt struck tail on runway.

However, if the liner 14 years ago was really caused serious damage, it looks strange why this has not led to disaster before. Moreover, in 2015 the Board crashed THAT was on the form of D, which involves its testing for the presence of hidden damage. Anyway, while accurately able to establish only that the plane has collapsed in air and not broke from the contact with the ground. Recall that the age of the Board EI-ETJ was 18.5 years, and to Russia he managed to change a few Asian owners (read more about this at the source here).

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