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Breaking news: Daring Raid Captures CIA “Assets” Who Downed Russian Plane In Egypt

Breaking news. Who fell in Cairo

Just got three emails in a row with one question: "What was that?" and with different links to the same information. Have read and began to understand.

November 6, 2015

Daring Raid Captures CIA “Assets” Who Downed Russian Plane In Egypt

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

The Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) is reporting today that a raid to remove Yemen from the two captured the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) “assets” who are believed to have masterminded the downing of Flight 9268 over Egypt last Saturday, utilizing Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) terrorists, was “highly successful”, and once the Aerospace Forces “protected/guided” aircraft returned to Federation airspace, President Putin banned all aircraft flights to this region on the advice of the Federal Security Services (FSB) Director Aleksandr Bortnikov.(end quote)

Bold pick "of activsion" of the CIA who was shot down Russian plane in Egypt.

Author: Sorcha Paul

The foreign intelligence service (SVR) reports today that the RAID on the export from Yemen of two captured "activsion" the CIA, which is believed to have organized the crash of flight 9268 over Egypt last Saturday, using the equipment of the terrorists and ISIL, was "very successful" and as soon as the plane, which was under the protection VC and sent back into the air space of the Russian Federation, President Putin has banned all flights in the region on the advice of the Director of the Federal security service Alexander Bortnikov. (end quote)

Another variation on this theme with an interesting comment:

Here is the opinion of very knowledgeable, well-informed Russian scholar about those who ordered and paid for the murder of Russians. And more than us they even threaten.

Says Yevgeny Satanovsky live "Russia 24":

"Everything about them is known. But there is more important than the customer. And according to our information is of Qatar and the Minister of foreign Affairs of Qatar Khaled bin Mohammed al-Attiyah, who recently promised us a "terrible lot". The failure of his project on Syria is fraught with loss of milliardov dollars and possibly his post. A black mark, so we got from this little, but extremely opinionated Emir. So will attempts to organize terrorist attacks even on Russian territory. This is bigger than a gang, paid for by Qatar, carried out a terrorist act (at Sinai)".

Understood. Answer:

They ran, they ran,
They ran as always, (Chicago)

Now answer seriously:

On 7 November I posted on his blog a quick note: breaking news. In Cairo caught two mercenaries. ( ) I received information that in Cairo in the result of search actions was arrested two mercenaries Triple Canopy, which at detention employees of the security service of Egypt find encrypted documents. I also wrote that they will tell a lot of interesting as stand on ceremony with them, in the light of international interest in the investigation, the Egyptians will not be. Took the time to post a note and missed one important, now as it turned out, detail: mercenaries illegally entered the territory of Egypt with Yemen.

In light of the intensively distributed in the network of the legend of the conduct of the Russian special operation on the territory of Yemen, already published, you can add the following facts:

1. The dissemination of this information is the standard cover operation.

2. Any bullshit to cover up will not be creating along the way the heroic image of the SVR, it means something really serious. So serious that you can only hide behind the image of Putin the terrible.

3. Captured mercenaries were regular employees of the CIA, otherwise their fate nobody cared. Employees have families that can and the court for the CIA and the state Department to file before the election.

4. Family, finding connection with the disappearance of two of their relatives - the CIA, and accidentally learned about the arrest of two American citizens in neighboring Egypt, put two and two together and began to ask questions that his superiors there was no answer.

5. Among specified relatives of the issues could be and the question about the involvement of the personnel of CIA officers to the crash of the Russian plane.

6. And yet, could be the question of who gave the order to shoot down the plane, and whose fault staff detained in Egypt for terrorism. Incidentally, the death penalty was applied.

7. If Egypt is a US ally, why the Egyptians do not let the CIA? Here is my question — what if the perpetrators of the Holocaust will be released, tourism from Russia will be restored?

Somehow I think not.

Publishing notes as part of operation cover-up I personally gave answers to many questions.

So, when carrying out investigative measures at the airport, caught staff members of the CIA.

The tourism boycott imposed by the Russian authorities, is justified, as it puts pressure on the Egyptian side, not allowing to pull the investigation into the attack on the brakes and release from prison of the main suspects — the CIA.

If the suspects are from an Egyptian prison soon do not buy and do not rescue any other way, and in the U.S. on the eve of elections may begin the trial of the century on charges of leadership of the CIA of involvement in organizing the terrorist attack in Sinai. The court will go the relatives of the detainees, and rightly declares that their loved ones were in the CIA to his native America to protect, not to shoot down civilian aircraft with 224 civilians on Board.

And congressional hearings can happen very noisy. This is not a hacking email. Mail.

And all before the elections. Last hope — to try to topple the arrest of the CIA-schnick to the terrible Putin. I wonder what they will suggest to Putin that he is before the election is not denied?

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