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US open in Syria "an important front"

US open in Syria "an important front"

Obama first ordered the Pentagon to provide ammunition directly and maybe some weapons to the Syrian opposition  October 5, 2015, 13:00
Photo: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
Text: Marina Baltacheva

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Against the background of Russian successes videoconferencing in Syria, leading to the exodus of thousands of Islamists from the country, the United States announced the start of an offensive against "capital" of the IG - the city of Raqqa. Experts point to the traditional in such circumstances, the desire to "caught on" the United States to seize the Russian initiative, but at the same point: in spite of everything, the actions of the American coalition may benefit the common cause.

Washington  decided to support the  attack on the IG from Arab and Kurdish fighters in the town of Raqqa, which acts as the actual capital of the "Islamic state."

"Russia turn the tide in the fight against terror. The fact that the Americans "woke up" only confirms this "
"The coalition led by the US, fighting against the IG, has begun preparations to ensure that the opening is an important front in the northeast of Syria to put pressure on the Raqqa," - writes The New York Times, citing a source in the administration of the coalition."Officials said that President Obama last week approved two significant steps aimed at is to increase the pace of the offensive in the coming weeks", - stated in the article. The publication writes that Barack Obama "has ordered the Pentagon to provide ammunition for the first time directly and maybe some armed forces of the Syrian opposition force in the country."

The American leader, as noted, "endorsed the idea of ​​increasing the intensity of the air strikes from bases in Turkey, although important details regarding this have yet to be worked out." As reported by the publication, "Taken together, these measures are designed to strengthen the Arab fighters of between 3 thousand. Up to 5 thousand. People who, along with 20 thousand. Kurdish soldiers will take part in the offensive, with the support of dozens of coalition aircraft to pressure on Rakka. "

The Pentagon on Sunday reported that  struck six air strikes  on the positions of the IG - near the town of Al-Hasaka (the capital of the eponymous province in the northeast of the country), in the vicinity of Raqqa and settlements Mara and Vashiya. The New York Times assures that the US and its allies are planning to carry out these actions, "away from the area where Russia is pursuing a campaign to air strikes in the western part of Syria."

Militants flee from Russian air strikesMeanwhile, more than 3 thousand fighters from the IG and groups "Dzhebhat en Nusra" and "Jaish al-Yarmuk" fled from Syria to Jordan, reported  RIA "Novosti"  with reference to a military source. "They are afraid to activate the army on all fronts and are afraid of airstrikes Russian aircraft," - said the source.
Recall, Russian VCS for last night carried out 20 missions. In particular, struck in the middle of training militants groups IG near the town of Al-Raqqa province Tabka in Syria.

A military source said the army on Sunday also  bombed by the rebels and the IG "Dzhebhat en Nusra" in the suburbs of Damascus, in the provinces of Deir az-Zaur and Homs, including in the area of the city of Palmyra. The Dayr az-Zaur eventually eliminated about 160 militants.
In the province of Homs Syrian military managed to destroy two columns IG near the city of Palmyra in the area Sehni were also applied artillery strikes on the positions of the terrorists in the Al-Qaryatayn, killing 17 militants. Also in Homs Syrian aircraft and artillery attacked terrorist groups "Dzhebhat en Nusra", "Kataib al-Farooq" and "Ahrar al-Sham," a foothold in the settlement Failak. 

  According to military sources, between terrorists Syrian origin and foreigners began to have serious disagreements over the right to govern. Syrians require mercenaries to leave the settlement of Hula, Rastan and Talbise fear of further air strikes videoconferencing and Russia announced on Thursday a large-scale offensive of the Syrian army on the settlements.
On Monday and on settlements Rastan Talbisi Syrian Air Force helicopters dropped leaflets proposed terrorists lay down their arms, and civilians - to leave the settlement, which in the near future to begin a large-scale military operation of Syrian troops. Propaganda texts were dropped on the south of the province of Hama on settlements and Rastan Talbise.

In the suburbs of Damascus, the Syrian planes attacked terrorist positions in the Duma and Darayya in Haraszti was destroyed the headquarters of the militants. The army tries to throw the terrorists out of the city, where insurgents are regular rocket and mortar fire on central and historic quarter of the capital.In northern Syria, near Aleppo (formerly the scene of the most intense fighting of the Syrian Civil War) defenders of the besieged for more than two years, Aviation School, located near the Syrian Air Force airbase, suppressed the onset of the IG. At least 15 terrorists killed.

"Let them work"
President of the Middle East Institute Yevgeny Satanovsky no doubt that Washington's intentions are dictated by the desire to seize the Russian initiative. "Just as it was during World War II, when most of the Federal Republic of Germany was in the territory of which the Germans surrendered to the Americans and the British, so as not to be face to face with our troops, and the promotion of our allies have been easier and more serene, rather than fighting for our future territory of East Germany and Berlin "- recalled expert.
He added that "the same way we smashed the Kwantung Army, and the United States occupied Japan. "So there is nothing new here, we visited in such situations. Military and political leadership of Russia will decide how to be here, is not the first time married, they say, "- said the expert.


Defense Ministry published photos of Russian aircraft at the military base "Hmeymim" in Syria, where they emerge to strike targets of the terrorist group "Islamic State"
Defense Ministry published photos of Russian aircraft at the military base "Hmeymim" in Syria, where they emerge to strike targets of the terrorist group "Islamic State"
At the same time we visited and much more unpleasant situations, noted the source. "The very fact that the Russian military presence has prompted the president of the United States to wake up - very pleasing.And then he would crawl there planes over Syria and Iraq to Morkovkina Shrovetide until there except terrorists generally have no one left, "- he added.So, according to Satanovsky, "the issue of competition - a wonderful thing, Let them work, they are not yet there to suffer foolishness." He recalled that Russian VKS entered Syria to turn the tide in the fight against terror. "Russia has its fractures, and the fact that Americans woke up talking about it", - the expert said.

"There is the implementation of Putin's plan"
Director of the Institute of Religion and Politics, orientalist Alexander Ignatenko Washington commends the initiative positively. "If we manage to strike a crushing desirable, it will only benefit the cause, the fight against the IG, which is conducted by a coalition led by the Americans for some time, without notable success, by the way, Russian and videoconferencing," - said the newspaper VIEW Ignatenko.

So that US intentions, "there is nothing wrong, but good," said the expert. Ignatenko added that "in these battles will participate and Arabic form, which makes it a versatile anti-terrorist operation, which involved and the Syrian armed forces, Kurds and Arabs." The expert recalled that Putin's plan for the Middle East and Syria was just to the international coalition was formed, which would be attended by the Syrian armed forces, the Kurdish Peshmerga militia and neighboring Arab states. "That is, we can assume that the de facto implementation of the project takes place, which put forward the President of Russia", - the expert said.

Complaints Turk
Meanwhile, dissatisfaction with the actions of Russia in Syria  expressed Turkey. "October 3 at 12.08 Russian military aircraft violated the airspace of Turkey from Syria in the region Yayladağı Hatay Province. After he was intercepted by patrolling the area two Turkish F-16 fighters, the plane left Turkish airspace "- the press service of the Foreign Ministry of Turkey.

The ministry added that "Russia's ambassador to Turkey, Charles Andrew was summoned to the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he was pronounced strong protest." The protest was also expressed by Foreign Minister Feridun Sinirlioglu Turkey in a telephone conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. "Sinirlioglu discussed the incident with his counterparts from the United States, France, Britain, Italy, and is going to discuss this issue with the NATO Secretary General and Foreign Minister of Germany", - said the Turkish Foreign Ministry. Recall on Monday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan  has called Russia's military operation in Syria "a serious mistake" and said that these actions could lead to the isolation of Moscow.

Vandalism continues
Meanwhile IG militants set their sights on the remaining occupied territory of cultural objects and values. Earlier, media reported that  the IG has destroyed  the ancient triumphal arch in the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria. Terrorists have used "a large amount of explosives." Arch has been dated to II century BC and was on the main shopping street.

It consisted of three parts, the main body of the height was 20 meters.
Palmyra, located in an oasis of the Syrian Desert between Damascus and the Euphrates, 240 km north-east of the first, and 140 km from the second, was one of the richest cities of late antiquity. The ruins of Palmyra recognized by UNESCO World Heritage. Actions IG in Palmyra have the character of serial vandalism - the destruction of the ancient heritage of the Islamists began in June.

Previously, IG "differences" in Iraq - hammers and drills were destroyed cultural monuments of ancient Mesopotamia, kept in the museum captured IG Mosul in March bulldozers had razed buildings and statues in the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud and Hatra, but then partly looted and destroyed the ruins of the city Dur-Sharrukin. Since last year, the IG is the systematic destruction of Christian churches and monasteries and a Shiite mosque in the occupied territories.

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