Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Units in the Donbass are completed. As of now there's a Donbass Army that's unbeatable.

The Units in the Donbass are completed. As of now there's a Donbass Army that's unbeatable. 

Alan Mamiev Volunteered an interview about how to change the Donetsk and its inhabitants for the coming year. At the moment, Alan prepares its information project, which will be published in one of Donetsk channels soon.

- Alan, last year you volunteer arrived in Donbass. Then the "limited contingent" Ossetian volunteers withdrew, but you this summer returned back to Donetsk. Why? 

- Because, probably I'm rooted here, here there's a lot of friends. And in general, this war began, including my own home challenged. I think that my moral duty is not to leave here after the victory. That is now developing in the Donbass events, I, frankly, happy. 

- What do you mean? 

- I came here at the beginning of June 2014. Then, not only did not have an army, but only just formed the militia. It was a motley of people. Of course, came the call of my heart. Then no one owes no money paid. These people Gumilev calls passionaries. These are people with drive are all gathered together and - local and from all over the former Soviet Union, as well as anti-fascists from all over the world. There were people who were on his heart. These people are all beautiful. They are wonderful, sincere, pure. But they have one big drawback, one that distinguishes them from the army - they have structured.

Such people can remarkably conduct guerrilla attacks, to conduct local wars. They can burn the tanks in the city, but in a serious fight a war they can not. With the regular army can wage war only the regular army. At that time, the Ukrainians have not fought the army and militia. It reminded Sich. There have been bright, charismatic chieftains - Warlords: Motorola, Givi Skiff (our Khodakovsky Alexander). 
They actively fought and fought political activities ... - ... and spinning, of course, we engaged in. - (laughs) on the spin. Guys, there was a war. All this is accompanied by any conflicts. You understand that when the militia was formed, it did not have any funding. These warlords were looking for ways of financing because the warring nations need to feed, clothe and arm. It is very expensive to maintain large teams. 
At one time, the brigade "East", if I remember correctly, reached 4500 people. And this is without central funding. What are the sources of funding found Alexander, unknown to me these things. I have not delved into it, and it was not engaged. Well, somehow we financed, so to speak. The war is on. Even in Russia, according to the law, if you will, God forbid, the war, the freight cars or something like jeeps leave at the disposal of the commandant's office. They are used during the war. Gave released: before the end of hostilities your vehicle is taken back and then back and then so-and-so is.


Unfortunately, the ranks of the militia penetrated every element, including crime. It happens. Who war, and to whom mother is native. With that we tried to fight. During the looting were shot. Every family has its black sheep. But the main problem of the militia fulfilled: we did not pass the Donbass. 
On the scales, you can put the bad and the good. Bad was also. But we solved the problem of global scale - we do not pass the Donbass. Although when the shooter went away, he shouted: everything Donbass fall, but without me they can not do anything. Strelkov not, and the Donbass remained. Moreover, it is structured, there were public authorities. In the end, there was the army. It is good you can see everything. Even in the example of the same Brigade "East", in which I served. I am at our base. There are now, as in the army and build and form, and insignia and epaulettes, and salute, but before that everyone was dressed in his own way. 
I at one time there was a roller coaster, and I went to a sports pants, sneakers and unloading on a T-shirt, and what to do. So we had to Tskhinvali. All went in, what you want. - In sweat pants? - In sweat pants, in tracksuits. Who that was. Now it is not. Who already have full-fledged army with all the structure. So, what is a conflict that can not understand a lot of people, so blamed it on the "drain of New Russia." All those commanders who are gorgeous and great to have the militia ... all their positive qualities become negative when there is an army. All of these quality, to put it mildly, do not fit into the format. And it is a deep spiritual problem of the militia leaders and the many volunteers that it does not want to understand, or can not understand, I do not know. 
I'm back in the late summer of 2014 knew that if it is not about joining Russia and on the return back to the Ukraine, it means to be an army. I told his fellow militiamen: "Guys, will the army will build" . They just laughed in response: Well, what we need officers, and so we all know; who's better than we can fight. And I said to them, with the regular army can fight only a regular army; not comfort yourself with illusions; Here you shouted, "We'll go to Kiev, we will go to Kiev," and you know at least a ratio of textbooks advancing troops and defend? There on the other side is 50 thousand people, then coming to be at least 100-150 thousand. 
Let 100 thousand. In modern warfare, so it is possible, if you have the superiority in the art. But this is not all. It's only necessary to create. Your brightness in green uniforms have looked bad. You will need to enter the Army standard, realizing that there are straps and charter, and that will no longer be any statements on television, public political activity and rollers. All you serve. That's how we are, in the 58th Army, we, in North Ossetia. No Well there comes to mind the battalion commander to give interviews and appear on television. 

Time opolchenchestva ended. People with this did not want to accept. Here are all the conflicts here are obtained from a misunderstanding. Former militiamen need to socialize. For example, former commanders to make people's deputies and their wonderful energy should be translated in a different direction. I know that many of the militias - and the commanders and the rank and file - do not want to become operational. Like, why do I need it, I do know how to fight. From here and conflicts, and the elimination of militia units, heroically to show themselves to be. Do you guys ever get into the system, or remove slides and lay down their arms, and to do something different, and they do not want, because they are used to engage others.

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