Monday, September 28, 2015

Putin in New York is in potential danger. Will someone attempt a "regime change" hit ?

Putin in New York is in potential danger. Will someone attempt a "regime change" hit ?

09/28/2015 - 16:42

Lev Pirogov

This is not to say openly. Something to read about it manages only "between the lines". For example:

"The Head of State will arrive in New York at the jubilee session of the General Assembly of the United Nations on September 28 with a one-day visit. It provided quite a heavy program: performance, as well as a number of meetings, including with US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. After that Vladimir Putin will leave the US and return to Moscow. When asked what is the reason it is a one-day visit, the press secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, told journalists: "The president has many, many years living in the chart, which is quite hard physically. '"

That is a direct answer to the question "what is the reason," a spokesman for bias. Why is that?

Is it because that even those few hours that will hold the President of Russia in the hospitable American soil, his security will have to work at full capacity?

Of course, it happens that the Russian President during his visit to America, it will be reputational hit. So what? Do not fall WTC towers were hit reputation? But how much benefit it is extracted. At least eight years delayed the financial crisis ... And the visit of a fact not an interstate, "the host country" - the UN, not the US, you never know what can happen, it was possible, almost to run almost reach him that pridurochnoy of Femen?

US country with a rich tradition of political assassinations and provocations. Four killed their own presidents. Even at ten assassinated. More than any state in the world can boast of such a "harvest." And this is only on the surface. And how many "absurd tragic accidents", "coincidences" and "accidents" make up the underwater part of an iceberg! That's just the last:

Congressman Sonny Bono (former member of the famous duo "Sonny and Cher") was killed after was appointed to investigate corruption in the United States at the highest levels. Bono was in charge of the files of judicial corruption and drug trafficking by the CIA.

Senator Paul Uelstoun, died in a plane crash after demanded further investigation of the explosion of the twin towers and the opposition led by the US war in Iraq. The airliner, which crashed during landing, he does not put out a few hours to burned the evidence.

Former Congressman Wayne Owens found dead during the investigation коррупцииамерикано-израильско-палестинского треугольника.

US Federal prosecutors Thelma Colbert and Shannon Ross, is investigating crimes related to the Bush family, "committed suicide" in a few weeks, one after another.

Federal Judge John Roll shot dead shortly after he ruled against Obama and the US government. Arrow quickly caught, they turned out to be drug-addled loner. But why the media carefully obscured the death of John Rolla in favor of the other victims of the shooting?

In each of these cases there are a lot of testimony and investigative inconsistencies that cast doubt on the official version of what happened. And that's just politics. On other objectionable nothing to say.

For example, the author of "grand deception" and other best-selling books about the September 11 attacks, Philip Marshall suddenly killed their children (17-year-old son and 14-year-olddaughter), homemade dog and shot himself. His fellow journalists conducted their investigation, which proved a complete falsity of the arguments of the official investigation.

Reporter Michael Hastings, criticized the methods of waging war in Afghanistan and questioned the fact of destruction of Osama bin Laden, for some reason, clocked in his car to the high speed, crossed several streets at a red light and crashed boiled.

Two FBI agents involved in the investigation, "the Boston terrorist attack" a month after the murder of Tamerlane tsarnaev died after falling from a helicopter during unplanned exercises.After learning about the incident, the deputy of the legislature of New Hampshire Stella Tremblay, who is suspected of organizing "the Boston terrorist act" and demanded that the US intelligence services thoroughly investigate urgently for half the price sold his house and left in an unknown direction, leaving a note of resignation from his post ...

In addition to political killings, the US used two ways to eliminate unwanted: it is sex scandals (charges could not be confirmed later, but the resignation of objectionable policies has already taken place - as it was with the head of the IMF, Strauss-Kahn), and ... cancer. When he learned that he was ill with cancer, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said, referring to the leaders of Bolivia, Nicaragua and Ecuador: "I do not blame anyone, it's just my thoughts, but please, Evo, take care of yourself, please, Daniel, take care of yourself, please , Correa, take care of yourself, because it all looks very strange. "

Strange seemed that too many independent Latin American leaders developed cancer at the same time. Among them, the Argentine President Nestor Kirchner, who replaced him as Cristina Kirchner, Brazilian president Lula da Silva, who came to power after him, Dilma Rousseff, Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo (though he was overthrown during a coup arranged by the CIA, but it was shortly thereafter diagnosed and cancer too). After the pro-American president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos began peace talks with the guerrillas, "the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia," he also developed cancer.

Barely alive after a mysterious intestinal cancer and Cuban leader Fidel Castro. However, Castro is a special case. He survived more than six attempts on his life. It is hoped that during the recent visit of Vladimir Putin to Cuba and his dialogue with Fidel Castro, not less efficiently communicate and share experiences and representatives of the security services.


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