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What does Donbas really want?

Reports from the militia of New Russia
What does Donbas really want? 

Note from Elena Voroshilov: "What Donbass really want? The whole of last year me and my fellow countrymen were asked," Do you still want what he wants for Donbass? ", Donetsk historian and journalist Oleg Izmailov writes in an article on PolitNavigator, We all tried to answer this question, but most of all, we were not up to the responses. They were clear, but instead to include the questions and get yourself questioned (often from among journalists, but not only) have tried to squeeze as much as possible from the revelations by us. There were purely medical reasons, "Do no harm us!" and leave a margin of sincerity and truth for ourselves. It is unreasonable, but true. Now it is time to have complete openness. 

Although the full revelation - just for fools, we will try to answer the question, "What in the Donbass want this war? "without nodding at ease, which is known to be worse than theft. First of politics. Everything that happened, the whole course of events tells me one thing: Donetsk, Lugansk people want forever with his edge to leave Ukraine and become a part Russia. That's right - "Donetsk federal district" with all its consequences. 

At this point, some exalted person can raise a howl, they say, not everyone wants to Russia.That's right, not all, but 75-80 per cent - of course. In this scenario, taking into account the sectarian hungry some federal involvement in the part of Ukraine, hardly worth it. Once again, to come down to all - toiling masses, those who actually creates the gross national product of Donetsk, those who are fighting against the Nazi invasion of locusts, miners, metallurgists, chemists, mechanical engineers, railwaymen, builders etc. sleep and see themselves as citizens of a great Russia. 

Yes, people are clever, they understand that, you may have to go through the trade-offs and years, but that their position is no less strong - we need only to Russia! Unity in the matter fully and unconditionally in both parts of Donbass - republican and occupied Ukraine. You do not have to prove anything. The desire to get rid of the Ukrainian Donbass not a theorem, and the most that neither is a logical axiom. It correctly shows a single referendum - in 2014, in May. 

Since then, the hatred of the people with a weakness for blue-yellow rag Ukrainian army in the occupied cities grew significantly. Naturally, people are forced to hide it - it is dangerous - but the entrance of troops DNI and LC abandoned in the beginning of July last year, the city of flowers and will be accompanied by popular jubilation. On the sincerity and truthfulness of people's aspirations and unconditional says repeatedly recorded media, material readiness to live worse , "only not by Khokhlov." 

At the same ethnic origin (remember, in the Donets Basin half - ethnic Ukrainians) does not really matter - the people choose the empire, no matter what definition you personally did not give this word. Now, about the economy and social policy. Definitely all the Donbass categorically rejects the return of oligarchs in their edge. 

Again - there is a certain part of the countrywoman who dream of returning the same Akhmetov, but most of the working people and knowledge would have preferred to do without such a spit in the soul and mockery of the memory of those killed in the Donetsk-Ukrainian war. If we talk quite simple, but in a different way now, and nonsense to say that the people of Donbass would prefer to receive future in the region something like state capitalism with strong and reliable social mobility and state aid. 

This is not the Soviet socialism, but it is close to many points of principle. Large, heavy industry, according donbassovtsev should be in the hands of the state, as well as trucks, for example, and the vodka monopoly, but the service sector - private. The National Policy Donbass too clear. It is this policy in our region in a fairly balanced way, there is a long time ago, and we changed it to nothing.

One hundred and fifty years in the Donbass organically coexist dozens and dozens of nationalities, and measures the person we have on mind, nous, efficiency, rather than the nation. At the same time the Russian language and Russian culture in the region are thought of as the first among equals. At least as beneficial and convenient form of the hostel. People often ask yet is this: could we donbassovtsy live in one state with the inhabitants of other regions of Ukraine. 

The answer that we are fine with them living in Soviet Ukraine, and no question, no one did not arise, because the Soviet Ukraine, we perceived only as another national "package" a great communist idea. So it was. Today, after twenty-five Ukrainian Nazi attempts to create natsiokraticheskoe state make us bearers of the great Russian culture, and not least the great Soviet engineering, mining civilization, accept their miserable agricultural outlook, say only one thing - "yes, we can, but only after as all of the former Ukrainian SSR (without Galicia, of course, even back to Poland) will return to the Russian Federation. 

I think for a cute and funny Little can be set up and a special status and special rights - we're not nationalists, we are people of the Imperial, we not greedy and ready to give Ukraine all what it is unable to provide for his zhlobstvu Donbass at least theoretically. ... And most of us do not want us to be back home to us - in our native Russian Union ironclad. Anthem remember ... "

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