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We Could Cope Without a UN Security Council

We Could Cope Without a UN Security Council
We will cope without UN 

Can a normal person to continue to go to some club, and paid, where he is constantly abused and fined? Imagine that Russia announced the suspension of its membership in the UN. What to begin! And what will? Two weeks mocked his nervous system - viewed Ukrainian news, just to make sure that the obvious. OSCE Donbass performs one and only one mission - to dig up any sort of charge on the militia in violation of the Minsk Agreement. 

On the Ukrainian side there is no observer. They are not interested in how much heavy artillery amassed APU on the Red Line, and how often they use the artillery to shell residential buildings in Donetsk. Most of the "observers", as practice shows, strolling through the streets of cities and towns of Donbass, in the hope to find at least something slightly resembling a Russian military uniform or the number avtoznaki. 

If the whole day or take a picture of the suspect is not possible, so as not to lose workdays transmit the coordinates of its military facilities authorized for relations with the APU. Nevertheless, the republic, apparently under pressure from Russia, continues to hold the OSCE fair arbitrator. In my opinion, it's like to hold charge reyskhkantselyarii denazification Berlin. Why do we need the OSCE? Probably, to always be guilty. Perhaps this has some hidden proc. 

Not for average minds, in general. More interesting than the OSCE Council. The organization was going to cover a copper basin. America tired of monthly anti-Israeli resolutions that frequent after the political elites of the two other Western members of the Security Council, the United Kingdom and France, switched to the entire contents of the Arabian monarchies. And then the United States asked myself the question aloud, why do we need the UN? 

With English the meaning of the question was as follows: Why do we keep this dysfunctional, corrupt through and through in his office in New York and pay it with the $ 600 million a year? For officials of the "League of Nations" the question itself in danger of losing a very warm jobs, and for particularly close to the secretary-general - a bottomless trough. UN went to negotiate with the owners and the general sponsor in one person. The outcome of these negotiations is known. UN senses and of the malcontents, claiming independence, become a good little boy, tracking the movement of the finger Big Daddy. 

Anti-Israel resolutions were replaced by anti-Russian, and the once influential secretary general release to the podium only to announce the arrival of the leader of all free mankind - President of the United States. Over Russia bullied weekly. Most of the resolutions is clearly anti-Russian. If you go to heaven geopolitical our sinful earth, you should ask yourself the question - can a normal person to continue to walk in any circle / section / course, and paid, where he is constantly abused and fined? Or without that UN can not be? Is it so? Let's fantasize, with its very low bell tower. So, Russia announced the suspension of its membership in the UN. What to begin! And what will? The first day. US Permanent Representative to the widest grin voted on the establishment of a tribunal of "Boeing". Unanimously, with a couple of abstentions. Euphoria? Very short and mainly in Kiev. 

There's freedom gulped recently and have not yet departed from dizziness, supported the reduction product of the diet. Therefore, they do not know about the existence of similar cases. For example, no matter how trying the International Court in The Hague, he will not be able to attract the United States to account for the "mischief" in Serbia, Iraq, Syria and Libya. The reason is simple - America does not recognize this very Tribunal, and therefore its jurisdiction to citizens of the United States does not apply. 
Next on the scheme - if Russia is not a member of the UN, then no matter how much you may tribunals formed for the citizens of the Russian Federation, its decisions will not have legal force. Second day. US, together with unexpectedly joined them Britain and France take out a resolution of the overthrow of the Assad regime by military means. As usual, a great success, with one abstention. 

The catastrophe? It depends. Russia provides a family of Bashar al-Assad and his close supporters continue to shelter and watching the scene. After the elimination of the only enemy of fighting LIH occupies the whole territory of Syria. What's next? Advancing to the north for the IG is not real, there a strong Iran and NATO member Turkey. But on the south road is practically free. East Jordan passed a week, and here it is, Saudi Arabia - World oil storage. 

How to react to the US is not so important - oil prices soar to unprecedented heights, as well as profits of Russian oil companies. If Obama still dare to defend their oil storage, it will lead to absolutely catastrophic. The appearance of the troops the infidels at home the Prophet will cause a new influx of recruits into the ranks of the "Islamic state", so that the price of oil can not worry for the next decade. Day Three. The European delegation recalled to Brussels for urgent consultations. 

You need to have a good imagination to imagine the size of the blisters on the skin of chancellors and presidents of the tiny European education. Bear sitting, even for thin and rusty chain was free. Option barricades of missile defense systems on the Polish border passes - a bear terribly modern offensive arsenal. Not tested, yes! But who wants to check? Exit only: try to make any bilateral agreement EU - Russia, somehow proclaims the desire for peace, good neighborliness and so on.. Because the initiative comes from the EU, Russia has a field for the nomination conditions. 

For instance, non-participation in the agreement the United States as proven aggressor. The lifting of sanctions, a free trade zone, it is also (zone) security from the Atlantic to the Urals ... Finally, we go back to the UN abandoned us. Day Four. Who is sitting there so sad in the Security Council? This is China, who often provide the right of Russia to fight alone with the American hegemony, and to sit for the neutral "abstinence", so as not to make enemies, and not to damage its economy. It seems to be a friend, but only in peacetime - a sort of Belarus on a larger scale. 

China is very uncomfortable one against three. There is an option with the election of a new country instead of disposed of Russia. Applicant's: India, Japan, Germany and Brazil. Option allied unit to the first two eliminated, due to fierce territorial disputes, and even more severe economic competition. Germany falls due at the CIA kept a dossier on at least five subsequent chancellors. Brazil - is also questionable option: traditional continental solidarity with the northern neighbor and geographical remoteness from the Middle Kingdom. China may make its subsidies are on African countries to vote against the United States. But, you see, any military or economic terms, these countries do not cause trepidation among pro-American League, therefore, the effect of such a unit would be small. It is necessary to refer to the northern neighbor calling to choose: either to return to New York, with the promise to counteract shoulder to shoulder American expansion, or create a new organization in place of the discredited and, worse, obsolete Council. 

These are the "fantasy Vesnuhina." It would be naive? Probably, experts on geopolitics will in five minutes to draw a picture of the horrific consequences of breaking with the UN and the OSCE. But it is important to calculate that terrible. Slam the door and wait a couple of decades - and suddenly the situation changed: the US will choose the last honest president or all suddenly realize that further appease the aggressor can not be, or, or ... 

Anton Kopasov, engineer, writer 

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