Monday, August 10, 2015

Turchinov: Reveals a #False_Flag_Operation to accuse Moscow of crimes against humanity..

Turchynov:  Kiev is preparing a bloody terrorist attack in the occupied Donbas to blame Russia

15:33, August 10, 2015
Turchinov: Reveals a #False_Flag_Operation to accuse Moscow of crimes against humanity..


Imagine if you can that Moscow would kill the same Russians it's supposedly Backing so they claim?

"In occupied territory of Donbass special services of the Russian Federation (RF) is prepared bloody provocation with many victims." This was stated by Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC), Alexander Turchinov, the press service of the National Security Council.

"In the occupied territories of the Russian special services carried out the selection of objects crowded kindergartens, schools, housing, infrastructure and so on. Etc .; work out scenarios organizing terrorist acts" - Turchinov said, adding that the Russian leadership poses the problem of the terrorist attacks to increase the number of victims among the civilian population in the occupied territories "to an amount comparable to the number of those killed in the tragedy of Flight MH17."

Recall, July 17 last year in the Donetsk region. far from Torez was hit by a Malaysian Boeing flight MH17, during the disaster killed 298 people, 80 of them - children. Ukraine blames militants in the crash, which Russia supports. Furthermore, according to the investigation, "Buk" from which was hit by "Boeing", after the accident came back from the Donets Basin in the Russian Federation.

In addition, Turchinov said that criminal provocation planned by Moscow to accuse the Ukrainian leadership with crimes against humanity "and to initiate at the international level the issue of bringing the Ukrainian authorities to account." "This bloody crime plan to organize under the guise of Ukrainian Armed Forces strikes in response to numerous provocations," - he explained.

News by topic: Turchynov: Over the past day has the highest since the beginning of the year the number of attacks by militants

Turchinov said that, according to the Russian special services, "the bloody terrorist attacks should divert world attention from Russia's responsibility for the downed" Boeing "to legitimize and justify the intensification of the Russian aggression and to deprive Ukraine of support in the world and lead to international isolation."

Earlier, deputy commander of the ATU Konstantin Sokolov said that in Sverdlovsk at the plant 200 sets of Ukrainian sewed military uniforms for the militants to those provocations disguised as Ukrainian military.

Note that the General Staff say the worsening situation in the Donbass. The aggravation associated with the presence of Deputy Commander Land Forces Colonel General Alexander Lentsova.

According to the secretary of NSDC Oleksandr Turchynov, during the last days of the biggest militants since the beginning of the year the number of attacks on the forces of the antiterrorist operation, using large-caliber artillery and multiple launch rocket systems. During the day in the area because of the ATO shelling killed one soldier, another 16 were injured .

Let us add that after the Russian Revolution of dignity annexed the Crimea, as well as "shelter" at a number of Ukrainian officials suspected in shooting of evromaydanovtsev winter 2014. In addition, Russia is actively supporting insurgents in the Donbas. According to the Ukrainian and international exploration of the Russian Federation provides a technique for terrorists to occupy the east. However, the Russian denies all charges in his side, noting that in the east of Ukraine is "civil war."

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