Friday, July 24, 2015

Soon to come to Crimea, Belgium, Spain and Poland, following France's & lift the taboo of visiting dangers

Soon to come to Crimea,  Belgium, Spain and Poland, following France's & lift the taboo of visiting dangers

Soon to come now to Crimea after French MPs, will be going from Belgium, Spain and Poland, followed by France's lead The MPs that are going to come to Crimea, are all elected officials from Belgium, Spain and Poland. This report from "PolitNavigator" said Russian political analyst Sergei Markov, a former deputy of the State Duma.

"The result of this visit will be a gradual lifting of the taboo on visiting various kinds of Crimea political figures. After the deputies of the French parliament, should, as far as I know, are members of the Belgian Parliament, the then deputy of the Polish parliament, the Spanish ... Ie It will be gradually lifted the taboo on official visit to the Crimean political figures. 

And after this starts to happen slowly removing "humanitarian" human blockades Crimea, where there's a secret (or vowel) unofficial ban on visiting the Crimea. Visit French deputies aims to this informal, unofficial, but actually existing ban gradually been removed. Sanctions, of course, will not be removed because of this. All these deputies from the opposition, but there is no doubt that the next president of France will be a representative of the opposition. Now everyone understands madness policy of sanctions against Russia, and all those who will be elected in the European Union, all future winners will play for a gradual withdrawal from the sanctions against Russia and the cessation of this insane war "- said Markov.

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