Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Kiev has lost control of the "rules of the right-sector"

Kiev has lost control of the "rules of the right-sector"

July 7, 2015
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The militants of the extremist organization "Right Sector", banned in Russia, have made it clear to Kiev, and the OSCE Minsk do not recognize the ceasefire agreement in general and in particular.

The organization openly declared international observers, they do not obey the orders of Ukrainian military command.

"In Avdeevka employees SMM were stopped by members of the" Right Sector ", who did not miss a vantage point of the Joint Center for monitoring and coordination. Despite the reference to Major-General of the Ukrainian army, led STSKK with the Ukrainian side and the command of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO), the armed men continued to refuse admission. They insisted that they have their own orders, and do not obey the orders of the Ukrainian army "- said in a statement the OSCE mission, which did not let the militants paragraph STSKK about Donetsk.

Earlier, on July 3 in Kiev marched about 700 armed men, including the "Right Sector" and volunteer battalions that actually put an ultimatum to Poroshenko, obliged to declare war on Russia, threatening to otherwise "unpredictable consequences."

Participants gathered at the Independence Square, and went through the streets Grushevskogo and Institutska, passing by the building of the presidential administration, the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers, and ended their march at the European Square, which called on the government to declare the current conflict in the Donbas war, reject the "Minsk-2" and abort Diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation. They also called for the release of members of the volunteer battalions, who were detained by Ukrainian law enforcement bodies, and called on to comply with the "revolution."

"Right Sector" - the union of radical nationalist organizations in Ukraine.The movement consists of disparate extremist groups who took part in the first protest "euromaidan" in November 2013. The main political goal - building a national Ukrainian state and national revolution. In November 2014 the Supreme Court of Russia declared Ukrainian organization "Right Sector" and the UNA-UNSO extremist and banned their activities in Russia.

Photo: Maxim Nikitin / TASS

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