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Friday, July 3, 2015       Yuri A.

Germany refused to show the film about the Ukrainian pravosekov
Until recently, the Ukrainian mass media and social networks pathetically advertised Days of Ukrainian Cinema in Berlin . However, the scandal that occurred with the Ukrainian film into the capital of Germany, the country's most honest media "revolution gidnosti" for some reason decided to modestly.
And only from the German media it was reported that the administration of Berlin's Charlottenburg district withdrew from the festival Ukrainian band «The Ukrainians» (an English title, the film is known in Ukraine as "Dobrovoltsі bozhoї choti")
As reported edition of the Neues Deutschland, we are talking about " controversial film, which tells of the battles for the rights of the Ukrainian city of Donetsk gangs . "
According to the newspaper, the German authorities informed the Ukrainians refuse to show the tape on Monday, arguing it is "ambiguous content of the picture." The reason for this decision was the investigation of the German antifascist communities that indicated the unambiguous communication "heroes" of the film and authors of a right-wing radicals.
Already the trailer for the film impregnated with nationalist fervor - a bearded man in a camouflage suit lofty vows in the blood of "our people", he will feed the "sapling of the Ukrainian nation." Flashed footage fights under heroic music. The documentary shows the Ukrainian volunteer battalion in the battle for the airport in Donetsk against "prorossiysih separatists" in the past year.
After the official premiere in Kiev hosted screening of the film in one of the hospitals where the injured are being treated participants of Ukrainian volunteer battalions. On one of the photos of the film we see in social networks Dmitry Yarosh in the arms of two documentary filmmakers - Clear Ivan and Leonid Kanter. They pose in front of the red and black flag "of the right sector," united right-wing extremist groups and ultranationalist Ukraine - says Neues Deutschland.
Fighters, which narrates the film «The Ukrainians», are parties to the so-called AQL (Ukrainian Volunteer Corps) - military units "of the right sector."
Especially spicy screening of the film in Berlin is doing what on the official poster of the event as one of its organizers was specified administration Berlin's Charlottenburg district. This fact was highlighted by German anti-fascists, urged to ensure that a right not to give groups use the name of the German government for its promotion and give the seriousness of their actions. In addition, the German authorities have demanded in the future more carefully examine the contents of the shares that are held under their auspices.


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