Friday, July 3, 2015

As of today, we can see that the #Minsk talks proved a dead end for the Donbas #Republics

7.3.15. Posted by Dmitry Gau.
"As of today, we can see that the Minsk talks proved a dead end for the republic.
That's what I said before. 

Moreover, the Ukrainian side holds an amendment to the Constitution, pass laws without the consent of every kind of contact groups republics . This suggests that by (Roshen) to again resort to tricks. For Europe report, they say we are doing all of the items prescribed on paper. But consult with the republics did not consider it necessary.
Public figures and deputies of the new convocation of the past and the DNI hold meetings, Discussions about the transfer negotiations back on track.

Many workers were opposed to Minsk. The issue here is needed or not needed Minsk bit is not relevant. Discuss the issue to resolve the situation. 

Speaking from the rostrum, expressed his position and me. soberly assessing the situation acknowledge that Minsk at one time was a breakthrough. The conclusion of our politicians on the world stage. 

We must honestly admit that Minsk is one of the only places that make the republics of the international community to hear. 

After the mass, though foreign journalists working in the Donbas, shows an inverted image. Western organizations such as the OSCE and other organizations in the Donbas only give the appearance of objective work.
Today I am against Minsk! Against Minsk, which does not work, or work unilaterally.But not against Minsk, which will work to the benefit of the republics. 

One option is the development of the elections in Donbass. We will be able for the third time to show the world their choice. You also need to take a more firm stance in the negotiations. What we are talking about some half-step, demilitarization Shirokino all this distraction.
spent time wasted. Let's bring the Lord Statistics, how much it costs each day talks population of Donbass. How many deaths, injuries, destruction. 

After all, we commend the report to the fact that the armistice is not and was not. 

We have any active military operations or trench warfare.
If Ukraine does not consider the action must be consistent with our party, whether it is time to raise the question of the competence of our representatives? 

The question is open, the question He becomes an edge. It is necessary to unite the efforts of social activists DNI, LC and force Minsk to work on the people of the Republic. Enough to play for time, which simply do not have. 

We need a new strategy for a firm, tough position without concessions, we are paying for with their lives and blood. "
Oksana Krasova

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