Friday, June 12, 2015

Ukraine on fire again now in Krasnogorovka - gas pipeline caught fire

Ukraine in the fire: light up warehouse near Kiev with foam in Krasnogorovka - gas pipeline. Ukraine continues to pay the bills for their tragic European integration, generously laced with arrogance to the cave and Bandera patriotism. By burning oil depot, moors and forests joined with pipeline and storage of chemical products. In Brovary Kiev region warehouse caught fire with foam and mineral wool. The smell of burning spread all over the city. 

This edition of "Details" said concerned residents.This edition of "Details" said locals. They also talked about another fire. On the street Decembrists house caught fire. At the site there are fire trucks, they're trying to extinguish the flames. Later it became known that the fire at the warehouse in Brovary was localized. This is stated in the press service of the State Service for Emergency Situations. Eliminate fire on the area of 300 square meters is going on. According to some data, the flame appeared covered metal hangar measuring 15 × 20 meters, used as a warehouse for the storage of mineral wool and polystyrene. In addition there are reports that Krasnogorovka situated on the territory of the remnants of the Donetsk region, as a result of attacks on the pipeline on fire. The fire occurred at five in the morning. According to the press officer of the sector "B" Eugene Silkin burning gas pipeline located in the center of the village, the flame rises to 50 meters. In order to stop the fire, shut off all gas supply valves. However, the Emergency Situations Ministry and the Interior Ministry can not go to the scene because of the threat of renewed attacks. Recall that in the village Kryachko Vasylkiv district, Kyiv region continues to blaze a fire at the tank farm. First, the flames engulfed a tank, later spread to four containers with oil. In fire fighting allegedly sent 21 fire and rescue vehicles and about 90 personnel. Yesterday, it was decided to suspend the fire fighting foam, which, by the way, in Ukraine there is a shortage. The authorities continue to assure the public that their health is not threatened. Meanwhile, environmentalists are sounding the alarm, expecting the most tragic consequences of the disaster for the citizens and for the climate. Europe did not offer any help in the blazing fire of Ukraine. Offers from Russia to provide the necessary assistance in the liquidation of the fire at the tank farm Kiev ignored. The fire injured 18 people. During a fire killed three people later died in hospital two people from his injuries. Today on the site of the fire rescuers found another body. Thus, the number of dead has risen to six

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