Sunday, June 28, 2015

Russia intends to use hypersonic military project to pressure the US on arms control

Media: Russia has developed hypersonic vehicle with nuclear warheads
US media are discussing a secret Russian military project that bypass all US missile defense

WASHINGTON , june 28, 2015 , 11:25 - REGNUM   Russian Federation is testing a new hypersonic gliding aircraft Ju-71 (Yu-71), which is capable of carrying nuclear warheads. This was on Sunday, June 28, the Washington Free Beacon writes with reference to the report of the Western military-analytical center of Jane's Information Group.

Image result for U-71 is part of the Russian secret Project 4202

According to the newspaper, the hypersonic machine developed over several years, and its first trial was held in February 2015. It clarifies that U-71 is part of the Russian secret Project 4202, which is linked to the missile program.

The report's authors argue that the Russian Federation is implementing the project in an attempt to circumvent the US missile defense system, which is created to destroy ballistic targets moving on the computed trajectories.

The peculiarity of the Russian apparatus is that it is moving on is not calculated trajectory and it is difficult to track down. The speed of its movement reaches 11,200 km \ h (about 7 thousand. Miles per hour).

The publication compares the new Russian unit U-71 recently tested the Chinese WU-14. It is believed that Russia intends in 2020-2025 to place at the site near the village Dombarovsky 24 hypersonic aircraft with a nuclear warhead. The report's authors believe that Russia intends to use hypersonic military project as an instrument of pressure in negotiations with the US on arms control.

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