Friday, June 5, 2015

Putin: "Thank You for Sanctions"

Putin: "Thank You for Sanctions"

Each of the actions is to destabilize the country or its leader turned into a building.

In recent months, enormous pressure was exerted on Russia to bring it within the Western mold, for adoption a manner befitting the largest market and the financialization of its economy.
When we look more closely, each action is to destabilize the country or its leader turned into a building.
Subversive actions that led to the Maidan are not from the refusal to sign the economic agreement with the EU by the Ukrainian ex-president. Long before that, the renewal of the lease by Yanukovych the Sevastopol base for a period of 40 years was flying NATO hopes to control the Black Sea. Only a coup could afford to expel Russia. But in the end, it has swapped the commercial lease of a military base for sovereignty over a territory: Crimea.
Then came the turn of economic sanctions. For Russia, it was mainly a way to implement what aspire all sovereign nations: economic independence. Of course, the road is long and difficult, but without the shock caused by Western sanctions, it was unthinkable.
In financial terms, the attacks on the ruble have meant the fall of the Moscow Stock Exchange, Western investors in full panic selling and doing, thereby lowering the share price. What a joy it was for the Russian companies and state power companies regain strategic control to lower costs.
The isolation of Russia said the West has ignored geography. Russia covers 11 time zones. By closing the western gates, Westerners have opened the doors to the East (China) and South (India). The path of cooperation covered in one year by these countries is huge. It affects the economy, security and finance. West went from a potential partner to that threat, or even adversary.
Some heads of state have shunned the commemorative parade. This has a significance which goes far beyond an insult to Putin. The march of the immortal Regiment showed that the Russian people was now behind the President. The 1941 Patriots were not all admirers of Stalin but first defenders of Russia. The pranks of Western leaders have simply allowed Putin to embody Russia and this will allow him to apply to the Russian people all the sacrifices required for their nation.
To our brilliant strategists, I advise to think about that old saying: "The Russians are slow to get into the saddle but they gallop fast and long ..." Obviously, our strategists have put the Russians in the saddle, they are trying to find their speed. They still have to guess how far they will go.
Thanks to them, Vladimir Putin became the undisputed leader of a people united in its traditional values. That is why Putin told them thank you.

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