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People's Militia, Destroyed four batteries APU, fire Donetsk. Summaries 13 - 15 Jun

Destroyed four batteries APU, fire Donetsk. Summaries 13 - 15 June

The situation on the demarcation line remains complex and tense about this on Monday, June 15 , said the journalists zamestititel Ministry of Defense Corps Commander Edward Basurin DNI. He said the area was exposed to the DNI artillery, mortar and tank shelling. In recent years, it is believed in the ministry of defense, tactics shelling of residential areas has changed. Previously unit APU used mainly artillery, it is now increasingly used tanks.

In the territory controlled by Kiev are still recorded cases of capture units APU social facilities. According to intelligence DNI, a division of the APU in the village Uspenovka Maryino district refused to be placed in the field and on their own took a former secondary school in the center of the village. In the opinion of experts of the Ukrainian group "Information Resistance" ( IP ) throughout the weekend (13-14.06. 2015) marked a sharp intensification of the BCH in the Donbas. Reported from active attacks of heavy weapons positions of Ukrainian troops and settlements under the control of the Ukrainian authorities, in several areas recorded attempts to nominate groups of enemy infantry advanced to the position of the Ukrainian troops. All these attempts were stopped by fire forces ATO, experts say EC .

In recent days has sharply increased the number of reports of violations of the truce Ukrainian law enforcement officers in the area of responsibility of the People's Militia LC. However, shelling towns and positions BCH is not limited. All the more alarming leadership LC call attempts to legitimize the blockade of the republic of Kiev Donbass. Head Igor LC Carpenter so commented bills introduced in parliament:
"If such laws Poroshenko want to sign, it would be significant if it is invited to Merkel, Hollande and signed them, or vice versa - broke and kicked. Then we will clearly understand what is going on: either a complete rupture of the Minsk agreement, or if he will break the law, then there is still something to talk and negotiate. "
The media, regularly publishes situation reports ,
whose exclusive sources directly related to military operations in the Donbass: 

Group "Information Resistance" (IP) : Source (presumably) - General Staff MAT. 
Donetsk News Agency (DAN) : Source - Ministry of Defense DNI. 
LuganskInformTsentr (entities) :  Source - The people's militia LC. 
No Path Through Fire (VOBN ) :  Source - Command BCH near Donetsk airport
Reports MO DNR for June 13, the Ministry of Information DNI

Reports MO DNR for June 14, the Ministry of Information DNI

Artemovskoye direction
DAN June 14 12.08 The deputy commander of the Corps of the Ministry of Defense Edward Basurin DNI: The village Dzerzhinsk (located on the boundary line - approx. DAN), in the district of w. Toretskoy set of the permanent firing positions ACS in the amount of 3 pieces. E ti facts show run by Kiev "aggressive policy against the civilian population and unwillingness to comply with Minsk agreement.
EC June 15, 9.31 : On Artiomovskiy direction (near the settlement of gold, Popasnaya, Novozvanovka) BCH Ukrainian troops fired on the positions of the AGS-17, 120-mm and 82-mm mortars. Strikes on the leading edge of the ATO forces, in some cases - strong points.
In the area of ​​the settlement Lugano continues to run a bunch of "tanks, mortars" VSN. The enemy is trying to destroy methodically forefront ATU forces in order to prevent the consolidation of units of Ukrainian troops in the occupied positions.
North of the settlement Trinity BCH used MLRS BM-21 "Grad" (2 plants).
From Alchevsk on Debaltseve small batches (5-6 trucks) thrown unit local militias (of at least 550 people.).
DAN June 15 14.21 The deputy commander of the Corps of the Ministry of Defense Edward Basurin DNI: The village is set Artemovsk finding SAU 2S5 "Hyacinth-C" in the amount of 2 units in the direction of the north of the settlement Novoalekseevka noted the movement of 7 units of ACS. In the area of NP Nadezhdinka fixed jet pack of MLRS "Grad" - 4 units. Meanwhile, the leadership of the People's Republic of Donetsk continue to comply strictly with their obligations in the framework of the Minsk agreements.
Donetsk direction
DAN June 13 10.02 The deputy commander of the Corps of the Ministry of Defense Edward DNI Basurin: In the shelling of the village of Oktyabrsky in the Kuibyshev region yesterday wounded two civilians. Representatives of the Defense Ministry and the district administration today arrived at a fire inspection. In the past day shelling from positions of Ukrainian security services were subjected to three districts of the capital - Kiev, Kuibyshev, and Petrovsky.
DAN June 13 11.39 Source in power structures: the shelling of the October the Ukrainian side applied SAU 2S5 "Hyacinth-S", the allocation of which is prohibited near the demarcation line of the Minsk agreements.
DAN June 13 14.01 The deputy commander of the Corps of the Ministry of Defense Edward DNI Basurin: among the civilian population during the ceasefire violation by the Ukrainian security forces injured four people. In the city of Donetsk in the Kuibyshev district shelling from positions BTGR 17th Tank Brigade suffered two people . In the village Gorlovka One person was injured, shelling was coming from the direction of Mallorcan, where the position of the 17th separate mechanized infantry battalion under the command of Alexander Shcherbina. In the village Sahanka one civilian were injured in a mortar attack from the position of the National Guard Regiment "Azov" under the command of Andrew Bielecki.
DAN June 13 14.01 The deputy commander of the Corps of the Ministry of Defense Edward DNI Basurin: Exploration of the Armed Forces DNI continues to record the facts of movement of military equipment and personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thus, in the towns and Kostiantynivka Kurakhovka the whereabouts of BM21 MLRS "Grad" - eight and one unit, respectively. Near the village of Red revealed emplacements ACS - three units.
EC June 15, 9.31 : During the last day recorded firing 120-mm mortars and 122-mm artillery n.p.Opytnoe, water, sand, Krasnogorovka, Marinka and Avdeevka (actually continued during the day). To the south of Donetsk (in the area Novomihaylovki, Glorious and Steppe) recorded the use of BCH MLRS BM-21 "Grad". In the same area the enemy used the tanks (fixed group of vehicles in the region of 5-6 experienced and south-west of the settlement, near Novomihaylovki operated tank group, thrown over the side Elenovka Dokuchayevsk). Reported attempts to nominate groups of enemy infantry advanced to the position of the Ukrainian troops. In general, there is a significant increase in BCH group, which operates in the direction of the settlement Marinka and south of the settlement, as well as to the north in the direction of the settlement Krasnogrovka.
In the area of ​​the settlement Balaclava and New Starognatovka BCH several infantry groups under the guise of mortar fire (120mm), tried to attack the forefront of forces ATO. After the opening by the ATO dense return fire, BCH used 122mm artillery. However, the strength of ATU forced infantry group BCH move to the starting line.
DAN June 15, 13.12 Head DNI Alexander Zakharchenko : yesterday destroyed four batteries that fired Petrovka .
Lugansk area

PARTY June 13 10.16 People's Police LC: For the past day Kiev security forces fired three settlements LC and position of militia, including fixed fire from a tank.
In the period from 6.00 to 6.00 on June 12 June 13 noted three violations of the ceasefire.
For example, in Kiev 17.50 siloviki from the direction of the city Happiness fired four tank at the T-junction near the village denote Slavyanoserbsk area.
19.45 The 10 shots made from 120-mm mortars from Popasnaya of Pervomayskaya.
21.50 The Ukrainian law enforcers have made fire from AGS (automatic grenade heavy machine), and 82-mm mortar rounds from the TPP Schastinskoy the village Merry Mount.
Losses among the civilian population and the personnel of the People's Militia not.
PARTY June 13 12.37 Emergencies Minister Sergei Ivanushkin: Yesterday at 19:30 mortar fire the city was Pervomaisk. Damaged five houses on the street Lugovoi - the 57th, 61st, 63rd, 69th, 71st. Hit a woman born in 1957 - shrapnel wound to his left thigh and lower leg. Also, as a result of shelling damaged high-voltage overhead line of 35 kW substation "Mikhailovka" substation "Maria", 3600 customers lost power - almost the entire city. Restored just now. And mortar fire damaged a gas pipeline of low pressure 100 mm - Today the restoration work carried out.
PARTY June 13 17.44 People's Police LC: Yesterday in the town of Pervomaisk German police LC captured two soldiers APU, who served in the Ukrainian Army contract.
PARTY June 13 17.56 People's Police LC: Around 15.15 from the city Happiness Ukrainian security forces opened fire from 82-mm mortar shells at the village Merry Mount. The result of the fire victims.
PARTY June 13 12.37 Emergencies Minister Sergei Ivanushkin: Pervomaisk again under fire from the APU, an elderly woman was killed, another resident of wounded. Presumably, the firing was carried out with mortars. Two private houses were destroyed and damaged a gas pipeline in the city center, the grandmother was killed, another woman was injured. It's night, and we have not yet examined all, but are continuing to explore. Made a preliminary local repair of damaged pipeline, but the basic repairs will be made ​​tomorrow. The shelling has stopped for the moment.
PARTY June 14 10.03 People's Police LC: In the period from 6.00 to 6.00 on June 13 June 14 marked two violations of the ceasefire.
At 15.10 from the city of Kiev Happiness security forces fired 82-mm mortar village Merry Mount. No injuries were reported.
At 21.55 from the city Golden Popasnjansky area produced 25 rounds of 120-mm mortars. Demolished house, damaged the gas pipeline. One woman was killed, another was wounded.
Casualties among the personnel of the People's Militia no
PARTY June 14 13.03 People's Police LC: Approximately 11.25 APU opened fire from the Crimean village of MLRS "Grad". In total, it was made ​​4 to 5 volley of missiles each. Suffered two private homes. About an hour before shelling "Grad" APU opened fire on the locality of the tanks. Six shots were fired from the position of APU, stationed at a checkpoint 29.
PARTY June 14 17.49 People's Police LC: Approximately 16.20 APU opened fire on our positions, are under Slavyanoserbsk. It produced 16 shots out of the tank, 10 shots - 120-mm mortar rounds and one anti-tank grenade launcher shot of SPG-9. At the broken and wounded among the staff of the People's Militia not.
EC June 15, 9.31 : For the arc north of Donetsk Novotoshkovki to Trehizbenki (including Crimea, Sokolniki, Prichepilovku) during the day under fire and impact virtually all positions of Ukrainian troops. The enemy in the area operated by three groups of fire maneuver, which consists of armored vehicles (each 3-4 tanks and 4-5 BBM), mobile anti-aircraft gun ZU-23-2 and mortars on transport platforms. Reported attempts to enter the infantry groups VSN to advanced positions ATO forces with the support of the AGS-17 and heavy machine guns. For his actions in direct support of infantry groups northeast Bakhmutskaya runs BCH used several BMP-2 and BTR-70, 80.
Mariupol direction
EC June 15, 9.31 : in the coastal areas during the day as the BCH were shelling positions of objects and forces in the area ATO n.p.Shirokino and positions in the north and north-west of this settlement (Including Pavlopol and Chermalyk). Basically BCH used small arms and AGS-17, but by the evening transferred to BCH Nameless two batteries of 122 mm self-propelled guns 2S1 and up to 4 units 9P132 "Grad-P" ("Partizan"), by which the applied fire strikes directly on the positions of forces in the region Shirokino ATO and the road leading to this settlement from the north-west.
DAN June 13 13.25 Ministry of Defence DNI: Total per day recorded 99 facts of ceasefire. On the territory of the Republic it was issued 25 tank shells and 74 mines and 92 caliber 120mm. About bstrelam underwent city Donetsk (Kiev, Kuibyshev, Petrovsky districts of the city and the territory of the airport) and Gorlovka. Also under fire APU appeared settlements Lozove, Zaitseva, Spartak and Zhabichevo.
DAN June 14 12.08 The deputy commander of the Corps of the Ministry of Defense Edward Basurin DNI: The intensity of the shelling by the Ukrainian side for the past day was 185 ceasefire violations, including the territory of the Republic was issued 30 tank shells and 142 mines caliber 82 and 120 mm.In his He said, came under fire Donetsk, Gorlovka, Dokuchaevsk, as well as the capital's airport, NP Spartak, Shirokino, Zhabunki, Clear, Red guerrillas Staromihaylovskaya fun. Three militiamen were wounded in the shelling and a woman injured in the Kiev region of Donetsk. The victim came under fire BTGR 93 mechanized brigade APU, under the command of Colonel Oleg Mikatsa.
EC June 15, 9.31 : near the settlement Gorlovka through Yasinovataya and Yenakiyevo, airlifted unit VSN (450-500 people. Multiple parties). At the same time thrown artillery (per day recorded 6 ACS 2S1 "Carnation", 5 guns D-30).
Through Shakhtarsk deployed two TOR-M1 air defense missile systems. The column was accompanied by two BTR-80 and 3 Kamaz.
On the march between the Garden and Khartsyzsk recorded 3 units. self-propelled SAM "Strela-10M."
Through Alchevsk proceeded column (4 BTR-80 and 4 ACS 2S3 "Acacia") in the direction Isakovskogo reservoir.
To the south of Luhansk recorded 20 trucks with pontoon park (all with zatёrtymi tactical numbers).
DAN June 15 14.04 Ministry of Defence DNI: The intensity of the shelling by the Ukrainian side in the last 191 days was a violation of the cease-fire, including on the territory of Donbass was released 50 tank shells and 108 mines caliber 82 and 120 mm
The previous review reports for 11 - 12 June

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