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A summary of military events in New Russia for 06/04/2015

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A summary of military events in New Russia for 06/04/2015

The situation in the Donets Basin continues to heat up, and again the actions of the Ukrainian army suffering civilians. So, from a blow to the Ukrainian weapons Telmanovo killed a child, four more people were injured. In general, for June 4, Ukrainian security forces fired at settlements along the line of contact in the DNI from the south to the Gorlovka and Uglegorsk. Ukrainian security officials in the shelling increasingly began to use multiple rocket launchers designed to cause as much destruction of the infrastructure of Donbass.
The LC according to official data under fire guns were Ukrainian groove Sokolniki and Stanichno Luhansk region.

Military developments in DNI

The night of 3 to 4 June at Donetsk passed relatively quietly. However, the shelling continued. After midnight, June 4 APU produced shelling Bad beams, which resulted in, broken gas lines and shut off the electricity in the Kuibyshev region. At 1:30 it was fired Putilovka district in Kiev region. at 02:25 shots were fired at the airport in Donetsk and district shopping center "Metro" of artillery by the APU. Also shelled Petrovsky district of Donetsk. In the morning, the city was quiet. At 15:55 MAT shelled districts of Donetsk airport, shopping center "Metro" and the train station. The fire was on the part of the settlement Avdeevka. 21:30 MAT have been shelling the north-western outskirts of Donetsk: the shopping center "Metro" and the Kiev region. Above Donetsk airport was seen Ukrainian UAV. 22:30 again shelled the region of Donetsk airport, shopping center "Metro" and the mine waste heap Panfilov, Oktyabrsky village, Putilovka, Petrovsky district. At this hour in the Petrovsky district and went shooting battle. After midnight on June 5 shelling continued in Donetsk.
In the area of ​​district. n. Sands continued shelling and infantry fighting flared up periodically. Basically, at the site involved DRGs both sides.
As at 15:30 on June 4 was heard shooting from mortars near the settlement Avdeevka. Ukrainian security forces opened fire from the settlement Avdeevka Yasinovataya. As reported by the Ukrainian side, at about 16:00 NP Avdeevka shelled. According to local residents, the shelling could be produced units of the Ukrainian army, after the arrival of film crews Ukrainian media. Ukrainian position is reported Avdeevka residents, located on the outskirts of the opposite Avdeevka and Ukrainian soldiers occasionally fired at each other.
June 4 at 00:15 in the village fights Marinka continued, the position of the militia fired ACS "Carnations" and probably "Pion", were also shelling from tanks. According to the Ukrainian side, in the afternoon on June 4 in the area of ​​Marinka there was a small clash between Ukrainian military and militia fighters DNI. As a result of the fight he was allegedly wounded a Ukrainian soldier. At 22:20 near the settlement Marinka were heard gunfire.
As the Ukrainian side, the 4 June was planned voluntary evacuation of residents of settlements and Marinka Krasnogorovka. People who want to leave the victims of the fighting places, buses will take to the First and Constantine regions (Kiev controlled territory), where they will be placed in temporary accommodation in local guesthouses. Later in the afternoon there were reports that the evacuation of the civilian population was not carried out because they do not get a "green corridor". Ukrainian government plans to evacuate civilians from Marinka and Krasnogorovka may indicate that in these areas is expected to resume attacks on the Ukrainian army Donetsk.
June 4 at 15:40 fire again underwent the southwestern part of Gorlovka. It has been recorded 4 hits. 16:19 massive bombardment western areas of the city. Late in the evening on June 4 in the north-eastern regions of Gorlovka and Yenakiyevo been fixed spans Ukrainian UAV.
At 15:59 APU opened fire on the settlement Uglegorsk and its surroundings. The fire was conducted by the settlement Lugansk. The consequences have been reported.

Around noon on June 4 in the area of ​​Svetlodarsk there were two explosions. What exactly exploded, it was reported.
June 4 at 03:05 from the Steppe, Taramchuka from the position of APU RZSO was fired settlement Dokuchaevsk. About destruction and no injuries were reported. At 21:10 on June 4 in the city were once again heard the shots. It was also reported by the settlement movement Elenovka towards Dokuchayevsk heavy equipment.
June 4 at 19:45 Ukrainian military from their positions in the village of Granite shelled the village Telmanovo of MLRS "Grad". According to the Defense DNI, by gunfire killed a child, another four civilians were wounded.
June 4 at 23:10 fire from the settlement Starognatovka underwent settlement Razdolnoe. In the shelling of Ukrainian military used MLRS "Grad". Also, under the blows of the artillery were Ukrainian settlement White Kamenka and new and old Balaclava. Ukrainian security officials pushed to the boundary line at least 8 tanks. The militiamen opened fire on them from anti-tank guns. On the results of the battle were reported.

The clashes continued Shirokino, Ukrainian law enforcers did not stop shelling village of heavy artillery, and try to discourage this small resort village. Shooting battles erupting continuously. Road to Shirokino sweep, so difficult to supply reinforcements and ammunition.
Around 19:00 on June 4 operation was heard heavy artillery in the area of ​​Mariupol. No details were reported.
June 4 refined official data on losses among civilians and military personnel DNI by fighting June 3rd. According to the Defense Ministry, in the course of artillery and mortar shelling of populated areas, killing five and wounding 38 civilians, casualties among the personnel of the Armed Forces of the DNI were 16 killed and 86 wounded. Meanwhile, according to unofficial figures, losses among the fighters DNR up to 40 people were killed, including the APU - more than 200 people.
According to the Defense DNI, the Ukrainian military shelled the Donetsk People's Republic of 46 times: from them three times used MLRS "Grad", 21 times the shelling was carried out artillery. Also fired mortars, armored vehicles, tanks, anti-aircraft, rocket-propelled grenades and small arms. Total affected 16 settlements of the Republic. It was shot Kirov, Kuibyshev district of Donetsk and Kiev, the territory of the airport. Also under fire were Shirokino APU, Spartak, experienced, clear, Kalinovka, Dzerzhinsk, Mihailovka, New Marevka, Dokuchaevsk, Razdolnoe, Grigorovka, Telmanovo, Michurino, Styla and Staromihaylovka.

Military developments in LC

By 4 June, LC, there are two hot spots: the track and Bahmutka Stanichno Luhansk region. There are continuing skirmishes and mutual positional attacks. According to reports from the militias, June 4, in response to numerous attacks, the militia opened fire on the Ukrainian positions, as a result of several bunkers and an unknown number were killed APU technology.
According to the headquarters of the People's Militia LC, for June 4 Ukrainian security officials three times violated the "silence. At 14:40 it was made and machine-gun fire from AGS (automatic grenade machine-) village Groove Slavyanoserbsk area. From 15:30 to 16:15 Kiev law enforcers from 82-mm mortar shells, AGS and small arms from the direction of Crimean village fired on the village Novoaydarsky Sokolniki district. From 21:35 to 22:10 Kiev security forces fired 82-mm mortars and RPGs (hand antitank grenade launcher) from the direction of the station Kondrashevska area of ​​the railway bridge at the village of Lugansk. The shelling killed a soldier of the People's Militia.


June 4, at 1:11 on the stretch Dacha - Benefit Odessa railway under the freight train explosion. As a result of explosion derailed three cars, there were no injuries. Freight train was empty. The explosion damaged two meters of rails, concrete sleepers and catenary wires. By the morning train traffic was partially restored.
Ukrainian nationalist militant extremist organization "Right Sector" (banned in Russia) called back from leave, and commanders - to begin the full mobilization.
Hackers from the "KiberBerkuta" reported having access to e-mail an expert joint center of control and coordination of the ceasefire in the Donbass region, Major-General Andrei Taran. On the basis of the data contained in the correspondence of the military, the Kiev authorities were aware of the ceasefire violations Ukrainian servicemen and consequently the Minsk Agreement. Moreover, on the facts of violations of the ceasefire in the Donets Basin and the Western Allies knew Ukraine, but deliberately kept quiet about them.

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