Friday, May 8, 2015

Will the United States last up to 2020: As dismantling "of the citadel of democracy" begins?

Will the United States last up to 2020: As
dismantling "of the citadel of democracy" begins?

I do not have time to subside rebellion "blacks" in Baltimore, as the United States struck a new problem: the indigenous peoples of Alaska and Hawaii, united in the "Alliance of Alaska-Hawaii for self-determination" made ​​in Geneva, a statement about the "illegal annexation" and "occupation" these territories from the United States, as well as asking the United Nations to ensure their population the right to self-determination.

This was done exactly by the target in this Swiss city May 11 session of the UN Council on Human Rights, which will be considered in the review of human rights and freedoms in the United States.

As the statement released exactly two people, Ronald Barnes (Alaska, an expert on traditional cultures) and Leon Siu (Hawaii, "the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Hawaii"), until now the focus of world media and world politics did not spend, and information of their démarche actively transmitted mainly Russian media, we can assume that in this case we are not talking about a real mass movement Aboriginal two US states.

But as they say, Lehigh the trouble started. Alaska and Hawaii - is not the only area where Washington's jurisdiction can be challenged and is already challenged.

As you know, in 2007 the Indian activist Russell Means, and a number of his supporters was proclaimed the Republic of Lakota, which is still a "virtual state", but it has many supporters, not only among the Indians but also among white Americans, dissatisfied with the policy of official Washington ( currently the nationality of the "republic" has taken about 100 thousand people).

Even more widespread is the movement for the independence of Texas, more than 125 thousand supporters which in February 2013 signed a relevant official petition aimed at the White House.

Thus clearly illustrating the said four years earlier words then governor of Rick Perry: "So far we have no reason to dissolve our union, but if Washington will continue to intervene in the areas that should not interest him, it is not difficult to predict the outcome."

Of course, as long as America is strong, while the dollar is the main currency of the world and the global information space controlled by the "Washington Regional Committee", the US has used nationalist and separatist movements around the world against its geopolitical rivals, and even partners.

But as soon as the balance of power will change all this may boomerang on the United States itself. And we will not be surprised, for example, the fact that Florida will express a desire to join a Free Cuba, Alaska and Hawaii are the same - to Russia, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado - to Mexico, California, Utah and Texas will independent states ...

However, the collapse of the US scenarios there are so many, and even if today they seem marginal fantasies, it is worth recalling that in 1985, the same fantasies might seem scenario the collapse of the Soviet Union on the eve of the coming to power of Mikhail Gorbachev and the problems in US today is far more than the then Soviet Union and the forces interested in the collapse of their hegemony, in any case, no less than the "evil empire" of the sample in 1985, including - internal political forces.

Author: Vladimir Vinnikov

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