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Why Is Dutch Justice Minister Preparing the Public for a MH17 Cover Up?

Why Is Dutch Justice Minister Preparing the Public for a MH17 Cover Up?

Dutch justice minister Ard van der Steur explains the publication of report on MH17 will most likely not lead to arrests

Dutch government tells public to keep its expectations low

This article originally appeared at Deep Resource

The Dutch justice minister Ard van der Steur is very skeptical about the possibility of bringing the true culprits behind the MH17 tragedy to justice. He said this in the East-Ukrainian town of Kharkov. According to van der Steur:

…no doubt, finding the true culprits will be much more difficult than we all hope. And it will lead to disappointment, because everybody, including me, thinks that it [bringing perps to justice] should happen within months after publishing of the reports. But that is not the way it will happen, because the matter is far too complex.

Deep Resource editor: right, that’s official then. The minister is preparing us for the final cover up. We have our suspicion that the Ukrainian government will not use its veto right to block this decision. And also the US will not further push to get the damned thing solved. And der Spiegel and Bellingcat will complain that Putin is being let off the hook too easily. Hollands 122 tons of repatriated gold: is most likely the price of silence.

Trial of the perpetrators MH17 is very difficult.....Oh Right!

It was most likely Kolomoisky who did it

I am getting away with it. Mazzel tov!
US oligarchs covering up for a Ukrainian oligarchs blunder.

Lets Review The Case:

One of the largest political public forums in the Netherlands and focal point of the Dutch resistance against Islamization of the Netherlands, has published a leaked email, written by a Dutch diplomat and probably sent to colleagues within the Dutch foreign ministry. Date: 14 July 2014, that is three days before the MH17 tragedy. She reports about a briefing of western diplomats by Ukrainian foreign minister Pavlo Klimkin. Klimkin expressed his concern about the escalation of the military situation in the East. He also stressed the danger of the situation in the skies above Donbass and refers to a recent case of an Antonov that was downed from an altitude of 6200 m. The Geenstijl folks use the email to illustrate that the Dutch government knew very well about the dangers of flying over Donbass and (correctly) accuse the Dutch government of negligence and inaction. So far, so good.

But Geenstijl fails to notice a very interesting fact and as a consequence doesn’t draw far-reaching conclusions from it.

The Ukrainian foreign minister openly states that the separatists don’t have the means to take down planes from high altitude and (probably correctly) accuses the Russian Federation of taking the Ukrainian military Antonov down.

That’s quite a statement, made by a Ukrainian foreign minister, three days before the MH17 was shot down, please let that sink in.

The separatists did not do it, because they did not have the means to do it, as per Ukrainian foreign minister’s own admission.

Kiev didn’t do it either. You are not going to brief western diplomats on the highest level that the separatists don’t have the means to down the planes, if you intend to setup a false flag operation and blame the separatists anyway.
Technically, the Russians could have done it, like they likely did with the Antonov, but unlike the separatists, the Russians knew precisely which plane is what on the basis of radar information and downing a western plane is the last thing the Russians would want to do.

So, if neither the Russians, nor Kiev did it, than who did it?


Quatro non datur.

It must have been a rogue operation by the governor of Dnepropetrovsk, who picked up the phone and ordered a squadron to take out a plane with Vladimir Putin on board. But Putin’s plane decided on a last minute change of course and the Ukrainian fighter jet pilot took down the wrong plane.

It claims that oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi received intelligence that the Kremlin president’s aircraft, known as Plane Number One, was due to overfly the region and land at Rostov-on-Don, and ordered what was to become the shooting down of the MH17. This Russian city is close to the crash site. But, it is claimed, Putin’s route was changed and the last minute and he landed instead in Moscow.

[] – MH17 ‘was shot down in botched bid to assassinate PUTIN’

“About an hour before the catastrophe, three fighter jets took off [from Dnepropetrovsk]. One of the planes was an Su-25, which was equipped with these kind of [air-to-air] missiles,”… Once the surviving pilot got out of the plane, he looked “very frightened.”… The Ukrainian pilot’s first words as he got out of the jet were: “Wrong plane,” the alleged witness claimed. Later in the evening that same pilot also reportedly stated: “The plane happened to be in the wrong place at a wrong time.” 

According to RT, the pilot Vladislav Voloshin is real.

These posts probably contain the correct scenario of what really happened.

[deepresource] – Drunken Kolomoysky Admits Ukraine Did It (Accidently)
[deepresource] – Hackers Learned Who Shot Down MH17 In Ukraine
[deepresource] – MH17 – Dmitro Yakatsuts & Anna Petrenko
[deepresource] – Vladislav Voloshin

This could also shed some new light on the recent dumping of Kolomoisky by the Kiev junta:

[deepresource] – Split in the Ukrainian Junta

This could be an indication that Kiev wants to get rid of Kolomoisky, but in the mean time give him the opportunity to pack his bags and take a hike to some ‘shitty little country’ in the Middle East, as French diplomat Daniel Bernard prefers to call it. That’s where this punk belongs anyway.

Well then, the plot thickens, as they say. Russia has shown radar pictures, indicating that a Ukrainian fighter jet was near the MH17 and the Americans did not debunk that with pictures of their own. Ergo, there was a fighter jet near the MH17. The West was and is busy drawing Ukraine from the sphere of influence of Russia into the West, so the last thing they could use was this failed stunt by rogue elements within Ukraine. So the West uses its media propaganda organs to initially blame the Russians and next gradually become silent on the subject, gain time and let some grass grow over the affair. Western strategy is one of damage control, to gain as much time as possible, but in the end they are probably going to let the cat out of the bag, probably by the end of this year. Or they are going to say that they can’t find the true culprit. The Dutch in the end are not going to cover up the killing of 196 of their own citizens and falsely blame the Russians, but are willing to cooperate with the Americans in stalling the judicial process for the price of 122.5 ton repatriated gold. That’s how international politics works.

P.S. this solution was offered to you, before Joost Niemoller and certainly before Dutch public prosecutor Fred Westerbeke with his six figure salary did. Are we smart or what :)

(But to be fair to Fred, he is part of the 122.5 ton repatriated gold operation worth $B 6.1, or the wind turbine equivalent of six conventional power stations, with each turbine given the name of one of the victims of MH17, just a hint)

P.S.2: The famous Bellingcat pictures of the truck carrying the Buk installation with the missing missile, could have been the one connected to the downed Antonov plane, 12:30 Ukr time, July 14, 2014.

P.S.3: [Discussion downing July 14 Antonov]


[ ] - MH17: Rutte knew of rockets and silent

From: Willems, Gerrie
Sent: Monday, July 14, 2014 16:52
To: deleted
Subject: Ukraine / behalf July 16 ER / feedback briefing at Presidential Administration 07.14.2014

Beste collega’s,

Key points from the (3rd) briefing this afternoon at Pres.Administratie given by Foreign Affairs Minister Klimkin, Dep.Minister Presidential Administration Chaly and SBU employees , also serving ER on 16 July next Participants: CoP's / employees of embassies of EU Member States , USA, CAN, BRAZ, Japan.

- Oekraut have ample evidence that RF is now openly provide military support to the separatists and moves openly OEK territory in eastern Ukraine. Subject Russian tanks, APCs, weapons and Russian soldiers. That is the situation in the east in a new "critical and dangerous" dimension / phase ended, said Klimkin. As the most recent concrete example mentioned Klimkin shooting today 12:30 OEK time of an Antonov aircraft of the OEK Air Force (intended for supply OEK troops) near Izvaryno / Lugansk region. Antonov flew at 6,200 m above sea level and can only with Russian equipment or RF units are fired, since separatists do not possess this kind of anti-aircraft weapons . - Oekraut prepared to de-escalating measures, in accordance with criteria of EU and OSCE; have made ​​several proposals to RFaut (Wed proposal to convene Contact Group 'anywhere', possibly even in Videoconf format.) - nothing appears acceptable for RFaut. - OEK expect solidarity and a response from the international allies, particularly the EU, the kind of decision "bold actions" (read: Sanctions) during ER of 16 July as - if 'bold actions' absence, Oekraut will be obliged to defend himself, partly under pressure from its own people. Oekraut realize fully that this great a risk of further escalation. - Klimkin closed briefing with repetition of the preconditions for implementation of peace plan Poroshenko: a) bilateral cease-fire (without preconditions), b) monitoring / verification by OSCE c) release hostages, d) effective border controls. US Ambassador agreed that it was time to expand sanctions / sharpen. He also stated that US intell confirmed that recently there is more imports of Russian equipment and Russian manpower in Ukraine. Also recalled that RFaut apparently this afternoon would have indicated their willingness to be an OSCE monitoring mission on the Russian side of the border to allow. US Ambassador considered this "concession" of RF side "another smokescreen." Klimkin was agree, since the RF according to him would not deter resume imports of RF equipment and -mankrachten. Press EU capitals is thus stepped up to the eve of the ER. This is according to Chaly not only Ukraine but to the security of the region.Oekraut have done everything according to Chaly to meet the EU criteria (ER 27 June last.) And the OSCE, including greater involvement of RF in the process, but nothing seems to work. Meanwhile, lost precious time for Ukraine: President Poroshenko wants to perform his peace plan and wants to reform the country. Explanation: - In the briefing this afternoon footage was shown of Russian equipment and manpower which are now fully OEK territory. Regarding the manpower was involved in an earlier phase of 'only' special units, now concerns ordinary soldiers, mercenaries and their commanders. Regarding the equipment is now no effort made ​​to disguise the Russian markings. Where the previously went to a few tens of tanks (types of T-72 and T-90), and APCs, the number today hundreds. In addition, drones are used type "Arlan-10.On 11 July. The Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol placed in high alert. 300 sharpshooters in Vladivostok would be ready to travel to Ukraine. - In addition, the 'information war' continues through RF spread untruths. Go recruitment agencies in the RF through their activities through social media; these agencies as Chaly staffed by employees of the RF GRU (military intelligence). - It was also sound material were performed. One fragment involved tel.gesprek the deputy of Strelkov (military commander of pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk region) with which Moscow deputy request for the deployment of RF planes over OEK territory.

MH17, lies and deceit ... ??

What a bizarre developments surrounding the sinking of the MH17. They are suddenly three things suddenly got our attention and all 3 of these developments fit like a puzzle piece in the big puzzle. If you have at least puts the puzzle that shows how it purloin in his work is the truth about the facts of the sinking of the Boeing # 777 of Malaysia Airlines on July 17, 2014.

We learn that in Malaysia, the message is assumed that the investigation at the scene until next spring will be resumed .. The message is denied by the Dutch politics ..! Then there is the interview that the people of the German 'C magazine had with retired army officer Bernd Biedermann, rocket expert. See for yourself at the interview with him and listen to the strong statements of these retired military expert, who leave nothing for clarity ..! And then there's finally the story of Frans Timmermans at Peacock ..

But first there's rocket expert Bernd Biedermann. In his view the wreckage of the MH17 ( photos) absolutely no beating picture of the damage caused by an impact with a ground-to-air missile, as claimed until now, that BUK missile would do this .. In addition, the warhead explodes into thousands of pieces, which then hit the target over the entire surface, because such a projectile always on "optimal" from the target explodes. The correct distance, in order to thus cause the greatest possible destruction of the target. And woof of this image is TOTALLY NOTHING TO SEE THE DEBRIS; of such an impact pattern over the entire surface of the MH17-Boeing 777 is no signs!

The machine gun bullet-typical damage that can be seen to the left of the MH17-Boeing, would create this scenario, the cockpit from a dead angle-like approach has been fired by the SU-25 fighter.

And if an airliner by an air-to-airmissile hit, said Biedermann, you have such a device does not burn at all ..! (And would passengers still have had time any oxygen masks to put on ...!) But a ls by aground-to-air missile is fired, it fired plane burns almost always right. For the 30,000 (!) splinter particles such unexploded warhead, weighing about eight grams each, that have such a high kinetic energy that practically all combustible components are hit DIRECT catch fire.

But the device has not burned in the air. Similarly, explain the eyewitnesses of the pilfered BBC report ..! There was only fire when parts of the aircraft, including engines and fuel tank, hit the ground. So if with air-to-air missiles could be shot at from a fighter jet so, then fired plane is therefore not burn properly.

Look at this picture analysis, where Biedermann relies on:

And have thereby, said Biedermann, air-to-air missiles from fighter planes in their warheads nearly always enriched sit uranium to the projectile even more to allow to penetrate armor .. Size this DU, depleted uranium, one would So later be able to find the corpses of passengers and crew .. Look at the following damage to the underside of the left, such as those observed by everyone in the wreckage on the ramplek. It is particularly RTL reporter Jeroen Ackermans has made ​​an enormous series of photographs of the wreck and has posted on Flickr. ( HERE )

The line indicating this tear and holes (picture below), would, according to the above example, may lie in a line with the damage to the cockpit; of course it is for us to not to perform this measurement, together with its entry into the cockpit. Or as the Research Council calls it .. According to their report, the unit of Malaysia Airlines 'broken in pieces' after 'a large number of objects', the device has a high speed 'on board'. And that led this council from the fact that the wreckage of the device, as they call it literally 'pierced in many places are.

OSCE observers, the Canadian Michael Bociurkiw (click for full article)

It's all rather diplomatic text, in our eyes, because it allows of course also easily be machine gun fire meant. But it also leaves the option open of the BUK-missile variant, thus the 30,000-bits of shrapnel would have hit the aircraft .. But reports like this expert and retired army officer, which is IMPOSSIBLE because only at specific sites in the wreckage, there is specific intense damage. Look yourself at this particular line of strikes .. A good statement reserving the BUK-missile theory seems now definitely on board ..

And let's not forget that the head of the OSCE observers, the Canadian, Michael Bociurkiw -without much diplomatic dictionary adamant has interpreted his vision of the cause of the catastrophe. Namely, that fighters of the Ukrainian Air Force, the MH17 should have fired with machine gun fire.

" We have seen 2 or 3 pieces of the fuselage, which really pierced. It really has the characteristics of machine gun bullets. Very very strong machine-gun fire .. And we found something that looked like damage from a rocket? No, we have no sign of them seen. " Michael Bociurkiw was thus one of the first who visited the crash site, while the still burning wreckage in the fields layers .. In the interview Bociurkiw that some parts of the plane
'INSANE TRACKS machine gun fire SHOW' ...? !

More than 2 weeks after the disaster Bociurkiw was one of the few who almost daily visited the crash site. "Faced this scorching sun, we have horrible things," the emotional observer at interviewer Susan Ormiston Canadian news channel CBC."These are things that I will never talk to anyone else. But one of the things that keep us going is the thought that we do it for the families of the deceased. "

In this analysis it is clear that the weft holes at the cockpit plate, are remarkably around, and for this specific weft round holes and the irregular, larger, rash holes, which can also be seen, is a simple explanation ..! The on-board weapon of an SU-25 fighter jet has a special type of ammunition, as this device is intended to armored ground targets to be taken under fire and thus are the bullets of an SU-25 fighter plane, are able to pass through the armor plate in order to there explode. And that's exactly what you can see in this photo analysis .. Look for the full interview with the retired army missile expert:

Timmermans verse preaches joined Peacock ??
And then there was the story of French Timmer Mans with Jeroen Pauw of the week. Meanwhile, Frans Timmermans has apologized to the survivors of the catastrophe, because what he says in the program, of course, is actually first intended for the survivors, and not "just" a moment to sign, to bring you right ..! But there is more than this ethical question .. How can anyone put on an oxygen mask, as the plane explodes at once, as was said until now ..! Whatever the case must have been, when the impact of a BUK missile ..!

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Frans Timmermans, Jeroen Pauw table, 8 October.

There was a victim of the crash salvaged who had an oxygen mask on the face, so was the text of Timmermans, in the interview with Jeroen Pauw ... The survivors are shocked .. And who can blame them ..! "This is hard for us on! " for example, the reaction was Lydia Jumelet from Maastricht, who lost less than 3 family members in the disaster. As far as relatives had found solace in the thought that had not suffered their loved ones, because the aircraft at one time would have been shattered apart. so was the thought of the judgment of Frans Timmermans cru and violently destroyed.

The spokesman Foundation MH17, which represents dozens of survivors of the disaster finds it "does not pick and says she still knew nothing of this fact. "This should never have happened '! It now appears this foundation law firm Van der Groen asked to have their behalf to sue the Dutch state. "Especially since there is still no proper investigation done at the scene," said spokesman Bob van der Groen. "The Netherlands should provide security guarantees. We set the State liable for the non-pecuniary damage. "

It was the Russians who made it clear a few days after the disaster that a fighter radar, ws. SU-25 had a perceived at the MH17 ..!

And Malaysia Airlines is furious. "What a huge slip-Timmermans; it can not remain without consequences can, " said a spokesman. "And we were not aware of this and it is a blatant affront to the victims' families."

Frans Timmermans, or Timmer French 'as he is known already by many on the Internet, because his career appears to him above all else to go, has probably, in all its vanity, tempted into this statement about the oxygen mask ..! He reacted irritated, a little cynical when Jeroen Pauw told him that he was in that speech to the UN on 21 July last., Gave a false picture of the final moments of the passengers on the flight MH17.

Jeroen Pauw questioned him about the speech he gave on 21 July for the UN Security Council. He asked Timmermans, after he had let him excerpt from his speech whether he deliberately evokes an image "that strictly speaking not taken place.Until now, because it was assumed that all 298 passengers, including 196 Dutch , died instantly when the rocket struck, they had no time to say goodbye.
Timmermans said, because in his UN speech: 'How horrible must have been the final moments of their lives, whenthey knew the plane was going down. Did they lock hands withtheir loved ones, did they hold Their children close to Their Hearts, did they look each other in the eyes, one final time, in an wordless goodbye? We will never know. "


"How horrible must have been these last moments in their lives, when they knew the plane was going to crash. Were they the hands of their loved ones, intertwined fixed, they held their children close to the heart, they looked into each other's eyes, one last time, a silent farewell ..? We will never know. "

"Oh yeah? Do you dare to say so, " responded Timmermans. "That rocket they did not see it coming, but you know that someone is found with an oxygen cap on his mouth? Which therefore had the time to do that. We can not rule it out. There is nothing we know now, which you can draw the conclusion that it could not have gone like that. "

A passenger plane flying with a pressurized cabin, to a large extent the passengers just be able to breathe, splash irrevocably apart as by a rocket (or the thousands of scrap metal particles of a BUK-rocket) hit .. Does it through Timmermans quoted FACT, therefore there was no question of a rocket .. ?? !!

The big question is what bizarre text Timmeramans uses here anyway .. For in the first official report by the Dutch Safety Board (OVV) released last month, is silent on an oxygen mask .. !! According to the report, the Boeing 777 from the outside at high speed has been pierced by a large number of projectiles. "Probably this so much damage to the device it is broken into pieces during the flight," says the Council. Look at this piece Peacock:

Finally. The concealed postponement of the trial
until the spring 2015, it is intended that the investigation at the scene in eastern Ukraine are picked up again ...! No, do not you read in the Dutch media, this news you should read the Malay newspapers ..! What last week showed Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, the Inspector General of the Malaysian police, involved in the MH17 research in eastern Oekaïene know, said yesterdaythat the research team, composed of researchers from the Netherlands, Malaysia and Australia, decided to April next year only to resume the investigation at the crash site! Officially, this would then be "due to bad weather and the ongoing fighting in the area between separatists and the Ukrainian army" ..

The Inspector General of Police even said this at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur. And it is obvious that such a delay of more than six months (!!) will minimize the chances to collect more conclusive evidence about the true circumstances of the downing of flight MH17. The question is if this news will be brought in the Netherlands .. Perhaps by one, by emotions overpowered Mark Rutte, which are all differently wanted to see develop .. But the conditions attached to the hands and feet .. For the time being these press conferences of dismissed official Malaysian authorities if .... NONSENSE .. Well, nice cooperation in that club of 3 ..

Finally, let us only once prime minister Rutte to remind his words ..

Mark Rutte plays a MH17-game '...?

How stupid does 'our' Dutch Prime Minister Rutte that his ..? Today this would be fearless leader of the Dutch people again at the head of state of Russia, one of the most powerful countries in the world have complained done about thwarting investigation at the scene where the MH17 crashed. Lamentation and another complaining that no investigation is possible .. While the message coming from Malaysia that has long taken the decision that it was only in April 2015 sought to continue ..

And why can a bunch geraapte together local amateur researchers, as of the week turned out, DO RESEARCH .. ?? Research simply by the Dutch research team should be done .. Mr. Putin apparently for Mark Rutte, the man he should ask for the publicity to himself to keep quiet so as not to obstruct the investigation ..! But Rutte plays this game now with verve, on the backs of the victims going ...? Because they are not separatists whom Rutte this issue so should present in public, but it is an EU partner, the Ukrainian government where our Mark must turn to themselves. As it turns out this article ..!

Zachartsjenko again said that the disaster at the Russian border is secure and that researchers simply do their job .. !!

The leader of the rebellious eastern Ukrainian Donetsk region is surprised that after 3 months still wreckage of the downed plane in the disaster lie. ' Such lack of action raises many questions. Each wreck piece of evidence, " said Prime Minister Aleksander Zachartsjenko rebels against the Russian state news agency TASS. Zachartsjenko again said that the disaster at the Russian border is secure and that researchers simply do their job. The Boeing Malaysia Airlines crashed on July 17 in that place down. And that happened many believe almost certainly, after a missile impact. But Zachartsjenko denied again that the rebels were behind it and makes it clear, as you can see below in the YouTube, that the Ukrainian defense has a missile system, SA3, that many "easier way" the Boeing 777 was able to take down. .


Yvo Opstelten does his two cents ..
This week let our Minister of Security and Justice know that through the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), currently being 'negotiated' to secure the wreckage of the MH17 for Dutch and international researchers. This gentleman called the Minister of the week in the parliamentary debate. But why should this matter be "negotiated" Mr. Opstelten ...? We're not talking about any commercial deal ..! These debris are essential to the criminal investigation into the disaster and investigation of the Dutch Safety Board into the circumstances of it, as much as acknowledged Opstelten. But why is there about 'negotiate', as the separatists repeatedly invite to "come clean" .. Mr. Opstelten, you stand by these words, in our opinion, in your shirt ..!

Why can a local club or what Opstelten and Rutte fails .. ??
According to locals in eastern Ukraine there are still a lot of personal belongings in the disaster area from the MH17, and that is clearly seen in the video below, we recommend with neutral eyes to see; the images and comments are revealing .. Also Frans Timmermans Foreign Ministry reported earlier this week that the search for property is far from finished . " You may be sought through until after the winter .... But WHY NOT RIGHT NOW .. ?? What needs are 'not' be found ..? Because then it seems the question ..

Frans Timmermans at the UN, in his speech on the MH17 disaster. A speech full -as now blijkt- accuse FALSE to address the separatists. It would be robbers, looters short end at causing false advertising worldwide .. !! There was no evidence on the table, but Carpenter knew it all ..! An 'irresponsible speech, "so this is in our view qualify the best ..!

Why pick the families of the victims the air talking ..?
It was the same Timmermans, which the House with air talks comfortable trying to make .. Even after removing stuff from the crash site by theUkrainian organization SES , Netherlands -aldus will Timmermans - continue to focus on a mission, which aims to collect all the debris of the plane crash with the MH17. Or as he put it literally: "We will every opportunity offered us seize" .. so .. Sky Talk!

And logically wanted parliament members know why there last weekend (October 11 and 12) or cooperation with the Ukrainians was possible and before apparently not. But it was, according to Timmermans, the SES which "suddenly" saw an opportunity to go to the disaster area. When Timmermans has, indeed, asked the organization, also Dutch "observers" to carry.

But according to Timmermans it is not a 'thorough search', and would go to collect personal belongings. "But we're not done yet," said Timmermans ... Well what are you Timmermans? As well as the separatist leader already wondered wondering where researchers continue .. ??

To our regret, we can only spend in the English video below. And although this documentary Russian reportage was made in cooperation with the separatists, that does not mean that there are many, many cases can be obvious. And especially in the context of this article, it is clear that this eastern Ukrainians have no understanding of how the investigation is not performed.As they find the DAT should be performed ..!

The respect for victims and their families, which is evident from these images is impressive. In total contrast to the Telegraph inflammatory language, which also Frans Timmermans thought he could afford, in his UN speech .. Look at the comments on the still in place obvious personal effects, NOT violated by the separatists .. Also the images of looting that so soon after the disaster, WORLDWIDE were disseminated, so obviously part of the MH17-false-flag operation by US advisers, who went a few months before the disaster, the government in Kiev 'help '..

The report explains a lot!

This relatively simple SA3-missile system in the hands of the Ukrainian army could easily have taken the MH17.

In this Russian reportage much attention to the witnesses on the ground .. And they saw the jets already spoken of earlier, just before flight MH17 crashed. (And by the BBC reported in a report that was later removed from the internet !!) In this report so again two women, other women, confirming the same thing: "There were two planes" And then there is attention to matters which in West hardly any attention was paid. NATO AWACS radar aircraft, has observed that SA-3 missile systems were activated just before the MH17 crash. And if you're wondering what SA-3 missiles; Ukrainian rocket-launchers, which operate on a much simpler manner than a Buk system.

Paying particular attention to the part of this video, where the constant attacks of the Ukrainian army, after the crash of MH17 were and are implemented ..! Why suddenly this place where nothing actually get is ..? The front is a bit further on, and the Ukrainian military have done it all, this front focus to shift MH17-disaster place ... You see mega-crater impacts, near the wreckage of the plane. These wefts are from the very heavy artillery Ukrainian.

Finally, one comment particularly intriguing: it is said that the Malaysian research team that immediately after the crash WEL entered on their own separatist region, was shot by the Ukrainian army ..! Also this story fit again seamlessly into the thought that Ukrainians have more to lose from the truth than the separatists ..!

And again falls into this context, the comments of our Prime Minister, when he today Putin very tough tripped on his responsibility to provide access to the crash site .. What an illusion our premier pulls on if he really knows what here long plays .. !!

OK, who shoot there who ... ??
To conclude this article, the key question and the indirect proof of the proposition that the separatists are benevolent, and the real culprits are the disruption of the MH17 Research in Kiev. Kiev show the fire again open at the scene, they are the ones that lie across the mountains. So Mr. Mark Rutte, it is not convenient to your Facebook page also agree to give up your contacts in this report, with the rulers in Kiev ..? Who anyway are ..? In respect to the survivors of the plane crash .. ?? It's not very complicated, even for Kiev once to wash the ears .. Or do you, well those questions will come, perhaps more about the true nature of this attack, and the game should be played, to the US and Kiev to keep out the wind .. ??

It's a crazy idea, if you like "official Ukrainian government" may have something to hide, in relation to the shooting of the Boeing 777, then you try to make it impossible to remove the crash site FULL and explore .. And why we hear NOTHING from the Dutch government about what is being done, the US advisers (CIA) and move other puppets in Kiev, this military force, at that exact spot, cease ..! For those who look, there's plenty to see and for those who hear, there is plenty to listen between the lines. Especially the air talks of Timmermansen, Opsteltens, Hennes Plaschaerts and Rutte ...!

Finally , last but not least ..!
And yet it seems that slowly the Dutch MH17 mindset is turning .. And also the media seem more open, more cautious and therefore wake up. You can hear them thinking: "Perhaps these separatists are still not the killers, which include the 'Telegraph' made ​​them .. Without any evidence to have seen .. (How little you need in this regard otherwise as newspaper .. ?) and many feel that it is time to look at the story from a Russian perspective. Many people do not totally understand that a false-flag operation, can be quite simple stood at the base of this disaster have ..! And that separatists flawed, could be so once again .. !! Witness their cooperation and positive assistance on the spot.

But for people to take the final step to release the belief that a Buk missile Boeing 777, flight MH17 would have knocked down, it's not easy .. yet ..! Also, we can not repeat often enough here, that there is NO EVIDENCE IS STILL THAT THIS HAS BEEN THE CASE ..! And again the question of where the US radar remain spy images of the Russians and why images are not good .. ?? How do you get rid of your prejudices .. ??

How the Dutch government's sovereign role in the MH17 research squanders through with Kiev, the possible culprit behind the MH17-crash, to close this deal for investigation secrecy ..!

Just cause for every Dutchman to fulfill its duty to investigate ..!
Why go Dutch in the 'sheep attitude' in the case study .. The signs are everywhere, that there is right, and on the backs of the bereaved, games are played .. KEEP THE PIECES OF THE PUZZLE TOGETHER LAY, the truth is not to cover up more ..

But have you as a Dutchman still your hope in the Research Council, who tells owned the thankless job of this story a "neutral report to brew, then we have a surprise for you ..

The Dutch Safety Board and the Ukrainian Research Council, in practice pals to (have to) be .. Away Dutch neutrality ...! Away neutral research ..!The Ukrainian government, possibly guilty of the murder of nearly 300 people, according to the PARTNER of the Dutch research council. They work as a team ..!This is contained in a first secret treaty of the week was suddenly downloading public, the site of the NL Research Council. The prosecution and the Research Council have therefore a 'deal' with Kiev ... And Putin is to blame .. Bet ..? The cards are shuffled, divided the roles.

About the closed agreements with Kiev, the government recently stated:"In connection with the acquisition of the investigation by the Netherlands further by the Safety Board made ​​arrangements with the Ukrainian Research Council NBAAI. These documents are confidential and may not be published without the consent of the other party. From some partners is already known to be very attached to confidentiality. "

Yet this appointment is publicly ..!
But apparently not buttering between government and Research Council, because now all of a sudden, the Research Council shows these agreements so -Full ONAANGEKONDIGD- have put on her website (PDF) and Rutte will not be so very happy with it .. Incidentally, not all appointment in this publication; the Memoranda of Understanding is missing, but you will find there the agreements made ​​with the NBAAI, the Ukrainian Research Council.

That document appears to been signed on 23 July and reports that it NBAAI and the Dutch Safety Board will exchange all information . And it is reported that both Research Councils will adhere to the confidentiality rules that blend both Research Councils. And it says that the Ukrainian experts and consultants will participate fully in the investigation.

So Mr. Rutte, where you can now continue with "the leadership in research" and "the stone be above '.... ??? As the possible culprit, the Ukrainian government SELF, it does not want, is their guilt in the death of 300 innocent people NEVER above table ..! In short, see the title of this article: "RUTTE PLAYS MH17-GAME!" ... In this case good a deal with the US-backed government in Kiev. How is it possible ..! And the House .. Nice doooooorslapen. Because the probability of an objective investigation has now been reduced to almost zero ..!

* * *

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