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Why APU will be defeated in the spring and summer of 2015?

Why APU will be defeated in the spring and summer of 2015?
Posted  May 8, 2015

Despite the "made a breakthrough in the negotiations the day before yesterday," etc. Minsk Agreement, blah blah blah, it is clear that the fighting between Ukraine and the Republic of Donbass never really stopped and is about to break out with renewed vigor. Can we seriously say 
that it's passed the time for settlement and peace-building, if the capital of the DNI, they, sneeze on this agreement, and still employ heavy artillery strikes by the APU.

It was not easy to July 7, 2014 to give a forecast that, despite the painful withdrawal strelkovtsev of Slavic and Kramatorsk, the Ukrainian army is about to fall into the pot (boiler) and defeated.

Nevertheless, my prediction has come true, and unfortunate generals of the junta, has driven several Ukrainian crews in narrow gut along the border, were punished the most cruel manner.

But today I'm almost a hundred percent convinced of two things: MAT inevitably go on the offensive, the APU will be inevitably defeated. I will try to explain why.

Ukrainian "army" has the same three fatal flaws, which I have been saying for a year now, and that sooner or later will lead to the inevitable defeat of the junta:

1. Heterogeneity (and the consequent lack of coordination, reaching sometimes up to mutual hatred and shootings) composition "zioligarch forces."On the front lines are private units APUs, which are now dokomplektovyvayutsya just anyone; Unit and the National Guard under AQL PS - more motivated, but have virtually no heavy weapons, and up to 20-25% of staff located at the front, account for the so-called "volunteer battalions" (read - Nazi gangs) who commit 80% military crime and whose combat capability with discipline is not just cause doubt and fear have knowledgeable people in Kiev. Poroshenko not in vain attempts in recent years to disown these representatives of the "armed people", but to no avail.

2. follows from the first paragraph of the lack of unity of command. Coherent system of military hierarchy "zbrodnyh forces" in Ukraine as there were a year ago, so there is now. General Staff plans can be whatever degree of genius, but his orders may be challenged at any time, the head of the SBU Nalyvaychenko and his emissaries.

Up to one third of the personnel "zbrodnyh forces" Ukraine is not subject to anyone in Kiev. As an example, the battalion "Azov" and "Donbass", "organize" his hasty "waste" Ilovajskij copper for MAT: I want to - I am at war, and I want - food, or relax in Mariupol to Kiev to denounce the criminal regime Poroshenko.

Also do not forget about the creatures of Chaos explicit in the ranks of the APU - "a fool in stripes and with the initiative, performing all sorts of orders of the political leadership of any crime and inadequate." They have no Manstein, only Muzhenko with Geleta.

3. The rapidly decreasing support "zbrodnyh forces" from the Ukrainian population and the existence of an open armed resistance to the junta in most areas of the South-East of Ukraine.

It should be understood that in a crumbling state, many people, primarily because of logistical services and volunteer organizations that pay lip service to the war against the Donbass, in fact, making a lot of effort to ensure that the combat capability of the APU and volunteer battalions steadily falling. However, they remain "spravno patriots", but his pocket as a closer.

Taking into account the three above-stated factors coming offensive "zbrodnyh forces" junta is doomed to defeat. You can give these hordes of "Humvee", "Javelin" and US advisers, but the order of the class beats.

It proved not only Guderian in France, but the military leadership of New Russia, which eliminated Debaltsevsky springboard, leading an offensive against the enemy, who was superior attacking in numbers four to five times. And this despite the fact that the army and the DNI DNI has its well-known problems of military construction.

Get rid of these sores Ukrainian military machine without dismantling the junta and radical change of the political situation in Kiev is not possible, so the APU doomed to defeat. Again, hundreds of thousands of conscripted against their will, the lads will die for the ambition of Kiev politicians loyal uporotyh Natsik of volunteer battalions.

Go home, boys. Deserters flee to Russia ... Or you can not wait abyss missing an unjust cause and for another's ambition?

Author: Roman Nesterenko

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