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American Journalist: The US has long realized that they miscalculated the situation in Ukraine
His visit to Sochi, the head of the US State Department, John Kerry actually recognized "surrender" the United States in the Ukrainian question: it seems, Washington returned to reality.
And this is the optimal political solution of all possible, writes journalist Patrick Smith on pages online publication Salon .
In his view, his recent meeting with Vladimir Putin and Sergei Lavrov, John Kerry, "conceded defeat". Smith believes that the seven hours that Kerry held in Sochi, were the most important of all his experience traveling abroad as a representative of his nation.
What the Obama administration some point be forced to retreat from the point of view of Smith, it was obvious from the start - just a few weeks after the coup in Kyiv, supported by the United States.
"You can not so easily turn fundamental errors, indifference to history and diplomatic insensitivity to a winning combination of cards," - emphasizes the journalist. Kerry and his visit to Sochi proved that the combination of its US overestimated.
According to the journalist, Kerry "back to reality". Citing its sources, Smith noted that most of the Sochi meeting was related to the Iranian nuclear program. Ukraine was dedicated, according to him, only ten percent of the time. From the perspective of Smith's new position can be considered virtually Kerry as "surrender and request for cooperation."
"Ukraine, as well as Syria, received 10% of the time Kerry in Sochi. I would say more, but these are the data I got from a reliable source in Moscow. Among the questions that Kerry raised in Sochi, a new position in Ukraine, in fact, it can be considered almost as a capitulation and as a request for cooperation ", - the journalist writes.
"As I assume the next assessment - all that followed, was a consequence of the events of that week. Merkel, Hollande and Putin organized a new round of ceasefire negotiations between Ukrainians in Minsk, where on Feb. 11, and an agreement was reached Minsk-II. Everything was done quickly, and that says a lot. The agreement Minsk - II is fragile, but, nevertheless, it remains the basis for negotiations to resolve the conflict ", - said the American.
"Americans expelled from the Minsk process - flatly denied them, as can be judged. And I like to phrase it from the released Monday issue of the newspaper New York Times:« Russia, Germany and France have made it clear in advance that they do not necessarily welcome the appearance of the Americans for at the negotiating table. "It reminds me of Hirohito, announcing the surrender of the Japanese on the radio:" The war is not necessarily happening to our advantage. "
At a point in long-smoldering confrontation between Europeans and Americans it was ready to erupt into flames. The assumption that US weapons could begin flowing to Ukraine and forced Merkel Hollande behind her to tell Washington: "Enough. Stop. We are not with you. We will solve all the negotiating table, rather than using the missile systems "- says Patrick Smith further.
"In Sochi, we have witnessed the recognition of Kerry that Washington has lost the Ukraine" - sums up Smith. US realized that now that they will agitate for Ukrainian military solution of the conflict, nobody will support.
In addition, Smith adds, no one believes in the power of Kiev something other than a "corrupt incompetent."
Patrick Smith is the author of "Time's up: Americans after the American century." He worked as the head of the bureau of the newspaper International Herald Tribune in Hong Kong and then in Tokyo from 1985 to 1992. He has written four books, and his articles are frequently published in such publications as the New York Times, The Nation, The Washington Quarterly, and others.


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