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Sergei Baryshnikov of the DNI: "Trying to shove us back into Ukraine a very unfortunate step"

Reports from the militia of New Russia
Sergei Baryshnikov of the DNI: "Trying to shove us back into Ukraine a very unfortunate step"
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"The representative of the DNI: "Trying to shove us in Ukraine - is a very unfortunate step. Today, with the Ukrainian authorities it makes no sense to negotiate, because the country is ruled by representatives of a US ambassador who offers DNI and LC in the contact group of the peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donets Basin. For without constitutional Reform in Ukraine, who can provoke an aggravation of the situation in the republics themselves," said a member of parliament of New Russia, Rector of Donetsk National University, director of the Center of political analysis and technologies Sergei Baryshnikov. 

Recall that on May 13 LNR and DNR sent to the Constitutional Commission of Ukraine proposals for constitutional reform. Representatives of the Republic offers included Constitution of Ukraine an additional section, fixing the special legal status of the individual areas of Donbass, also provides for the establishment of the militia groups controlled by local authorities, the official status of the Russian language, a special economic regime and other rights. 

In addition, the possibility to enter into complex contracts and agreements between the central authorities of Ukraine and Donbas. The proposed amendment to the articles of the Constitution on the judicial system of the Prosecutor's Office of the local government, about the administrative-territorial structure of Ukraine. The project foresees the constitutional recognition of non-aligned status of Ukraine. 

"Those who chose as this destiny - the struggle for freedom and independence, those who joined the army of New Russia, those who sacrificed to win not only health, but also the lives of their loved ones and family, they are very alert. Trying to shove us in Ukraine - it is a very unfortunate step that here in the People's Republic can provoke an aggravation of the situation and updating centrifugal forces and projects. We have not matured enough yet not so hard stand on his own two feet to act with such harsh sentences, "- said Baryshnikov. 

According to him, today, with the Ukrainian authorities, in principle, it makes no sense to negotiate, because the country is ruled by US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Payette."With Ukraine in its condition and form in which it now exists, perhaps absurd to negotiate, because Ukraine is under pronounced external control. This is actually a protectorate of the West, a protectorate of the Western powers led by the United States. 

In Ukraine, the real ruler is not the president, not the representative body of power - the Parliament and Ambassador to the United States "- says Baryshnikov. He noted that such initiatives must be beyond people's advice, not individual officials DNI and LC. "If this is a tactical move, it can take. If this delay time, it can also be considered normal. But if this is a serious offer, then questions arise. Then we have to go in a puppet or a small dog from the gateway, and on its owners. If you seriously consider these initiatives, they may seriously impair the political climate two people's republics and exacerbate certain contradictions, which have enough. 

I have approached this issue very carefully. Making such statements can only be in the form of higher representative bodies of power - people's councils, and not in the form of some officials, even with authority, "- said Baryshnikov. In conclusion, he expressed confidence that the issue of federalization of Ukraine was removed from the agenda More in 2014. 

"Theoretically everything is possible ... But the question of federalization and finding the DNI and LC part of Ukraine in the middle of last year, life itself was removed from the agenda. Today, attempts to revive the idea of federalism, the federal structure of Ukraine, which the Ukrainian side does not want to hear - this is a very bad story "- summed Baryshnikov."

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