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Rothschild, Rockefeller and Morgan decided to grow in Europe, a new Hitler | Ukraine - the last bet?

People's Militia of Donbass (Pavel Gubarev)

Rothschild, Rockefeller and Morgan decided to grow in Europe, a new Hitler | Ukraine - the last bet?

Hitler once decided to grow. Finally it's time to take a sober look at what is really happening: In the world every day, everybody violates both the formal part of international law, which reduces the likelihood of a full-fledged de-escalation of hostilities in the Donbas. A truce without disruption from the Ukrainian security forces attacking the army of New Russia seems impossible. Ukraine was a (thank God it was!) a deceptive and decisive US project, which intends to use the final stages of destruction on Russia. Thus, the efforts of Russian diplomacy, has add to the probability of the existence of the Kiev regime, to put them in a direct dependence on keeping at least the first items Minsk agreement. 

That in itself is at least pleasing in any scenario. If Kiev will attack New Russia once again, the militia will not stop even if Putin, and frankly, it is unlikely he will do it pull support for the Militia. If the shaky peace would be maintained, and Poroshenko be forced to change the constitution in accordance with the Minsk agreement, which would mean the collapse of Ukraine and its gradual creeping into Russia, in whole or in parts. 

Kulmuhametova appointed as a Special Representative of the Russian Federation in the Contact Group in Ukraine says that the present Kiev authorities time has passed. No one else is going to persuade Poroshenko on the next assignment, no one will explain ukroidiotam in power, obvious truths, such as the availability of debaltsevskogo boiler have shown them unreliable. They will simply point to the next school and order its elimination. 

The inevitable federalization, as if it is so called, would not only be separated from the Ukraine, but all new comers (keyword "all"), could also to reduce their power. And finally, the level of Russophobic sentiment remaining in any eastern territory (with questionable any). The crushing operation is certainly over time, fraught with failure. The Ukrainian Junta is not a great loss for the United States. 

"Squarely" for them, almost all the last rate in the struggle for the right to continuation of the centuries-old aggression of their New World Order. Over the past year, we see how the tentacles of the American demons, glaring into the wrong continents, chopped off heads and die one after the other. Not only that, they interfere in almost every armed conflict. "Cunning plans" behind the Washington financial corporations, which consists in the ruin of the large emerging economies - Argentina, Brazil, Russia and, as a bonus, China - and the subsequent destabilization of the entire "third world", also comes to grief. 

All of these grave and bitter losses came as a complete surprise. The State Department did not expect that Putin will show the determination, speed and stealth to counter them.The half baked attempts of intimidation by a half-mad mystic sacrifices and ritual killings too to no avail - that's a smugs way. 

Therefore today before US goes to an urgent task - to urgently develop a new script to save the current geo-political regime and its leading role in it, It is worth repeating that in any struggle fatal mistakes can be an underestimation of their enemy. Our partner have a sophisticated centuries-old experience of conquest and colonial operations - military, economic, information. 

History is their author and bad performer of a unique series of unsuccessful coups, all color revolutions in very distant countries, it is absolutely foreign to him mentally and ideologically. His latest development - a technique of reprogramming of consciousness in the population of entire countries - still remains an unsurpassed masterpiece, details of which are yet unclear and the surrounding public and professionals, and citizens themselves, have been subjected to intensive processing of gray matter. 

All this suggests that their overseas colleagues do not change their strategy and tactics depending on what is happening, and follow the path of the formation of the situation in the right way seems more important to them. They do not seek out opposition, or create it. They do not heat the existing mood and invent and implement them. They do not just remove interfering politicians, journalists, public figures, and create a finished composition of the symbolic bloody provocation and elimination. 

Yes, "friends" this activity is truly as more insane than an art. Where are the roots of such a perverted views of life in general - Masonic procedures, the ideological basis of capitalism, the historical colonial policy - it is not about that. The urgent task is to understand how and where the next blow will be inflicted. To do this, first of all, to determine the area of a possible future effects of the next US dictate. 

It is clear that the creation of new territories of influence from scratch are scarce, for example, in some African jungle perhaps, that wouldn't take several years, and they have some financial magnates who seem to possess a shadow government.  -However  if Putin wisely uses the timefactors, they panic and downright come hot on his heels. Consecutive interpreting a single-currency and multi-pole unipolar system on the rails. Consequently, as a springboard for an attack on Russia (in any way) will have in mind the space already under the control of America. 

Trying to complicate the situation within Russia itself ended in failure - neither sanctions nor assistance from the Western alliance opposition effect economic difficulties, so that  did not help. In contrast, Putin's rating is breaking all records, discredited liberal circles, it seems, for a long time, if not forever, and the consolidation of Russian society has increased significantly, despite the economic difficulties. Of course, at risk are all the CIS countries. However, here Putin, apparently, to forestall. By linking the "former" serious treaties and agreements, including with neighboring Turkey, China, Iran, and, frankly, something what just intimidating neighbors, it reduce the possible buildup of the next conflict. 

As a result, currently available factors of instability, unfortunately, very significant, to the stage of open confrontation is not moved, and therefore, in the coming months, the revolution simply did not have time to ripen. Another "territory of unsettled errors" - the Middle East - is in a tough process of showdowns, with LIH, and these guys are more serious than the US Special Forces. Instantly evaporated from Yemen the US military - an indication that this time they are not the authors of the coup. 

Saudi Arabia, realizing that an Islamic state would be much worse overseas, and is much closer, currently busy looking for allies, and, of course, refers to all the same Russia, whose peacekeeping role and decent behavior towards partners are well known. As a result, America, being at a loss, is in the process of defining its future policy in this area, knowing that incite LIH to Russia - the problem is not today, not tomorrow or even the day after tomorrow, but in the US extremists ready to pounce right now. 

Thus, the undisputed American vassal looks at one single Europe, and even then not all willing allies. However, it is in the last few months, there are various processes that are clearly not natural and not internal origin: 

1. The revival of fascism in Eastern Europe - the key to opening another window Overton. It is unlikely that political strategists in Washington are so stupid to seriously believe in the universal spread of the murdered Nazi ideology. Rather, here we have the image replacement in Europe, captured Hitler to Europe seized by the Soviet Union. Russia in this case it is easy to imagine the source of all ills, and then it naturally becomes the object of aggression. This explains the emphasis not so much on the justification of Nazism, but on the distortion of the results of the Second World War and the Great Patriotic War Victory and leveling. The same purpose is served by the equalization regime of Stalin and Hitler, communism and fascism. Europeans are taught that a tyrant defeated another tyrant, and none of them is better. 

2. The first item is explained by the second - a wild anti-Russian hysteria in Poland and the Baltics. Its distinctive features are: a) unconditional support of Kiev up to the EU directives, the United States and Russia on how they should deal with unhappy Square that probably should be a demonstration of friendly feelings towards Poroshenko; b) paranoid statements about the upcoming Russian aggression combined with hysterical appeals to NATO to protect from accidents Balts "nuclear attack Putin"; c) frenzied militarization, which in the context of existing in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland weapons - even with the American supply - creating a sane neighbors in the expected sense of vaudeville play on the military theme with a very funny ending. 3. The dramatic and, in general, does not objectively justified by the fall of the euro to levels seen only at the dawn of its existence, that is the impression shutting hinges. Throw in the Swiss "knight's move" in mid-January, which resulted in the franc was "untethered" from the euro; and the Swiss at a loss, as we know, do not do anything. 

4. Surprisingly enough exacerbated the problems with Greece, its demonstrative turn towards Russia and sassy trolling EU with almost impossible demands of restructuring and even complete remission of all debts. The true initiator of this behavior for dusty political scenes yet remains invisible. Only one thing is clear: Russia has very close trade ties with the EU, to somehow provoke him split. But as a wick to fuse European Cellars Greece itself is quite amiss, and it looks like it's going to set fire to the third one - the one who benefits from it. 

5. The Islamization of the European Union - is another source of problems. The flow of migrants is enhanced with each passing day. And no one will ask yourself the question - why do they go exactly to Europe, and not, say, in other, quieter areas of Africa and Asia, to China, to India, finally, is not the same America, although in modern vehicles is hardly will be a problem? Who sets them direction? It is logical to assume that this is probably the same who is the mastermind behind all the armed clashes in the East.To complete the panorama should be added that contacts with representatives of the Russian leadership of the European Union is currently going through hard times and were quite limited. This naturally reduces the possibility of Moscow's influence on the European situation and in many positions left her only the role of an observer. 

Of all the arguments given above, the sum total sad picture: More recently completely stable, unified and secured Europe suddenly - it is worth emphasizing is "suddenly" - in a relatively short period of time, found herself in front of her wandering by three ghosts: at his birth East militarized zone "Ukraine - Poland - Baltic States" fascist slant; had been greatly damaged the euro; criminalization of Islamic principle. And the interesting thing is that all these three ghosts - a common creator. Hence, there can be only one conclusion: our American friends have gathered to commit seriously to the prosperous old Europe. 

In part, it is understandable why the global financial elite area with a strong, stable currency, as their own gray-green's favorite is about to give tips. No consideration of alliances and dog devotion of some European leaders shtatovskih owners, of course, do not matter: friendship is friendship, and money separately. Which wick will podnesёn fire? Most likely, all three. Our friends from the puddle will not be put on a horse, and insure. The death of the euro zone will support the dollar and, as a consequence, the dictatorship of the United States for quite a long time. It is possible that Washington has in dreams and total dollarization of the EU, which greatly enliven a moribund printing press and will join forces in a fresh mossy financial magnates. 

However, some parts transformed into economic ruin of Europe might well run wild to the extent of open armed clashes and attacks on Russia, the ideological ground for the benefit of the State Department prepared. Sober-minded Western countries planned to cover clashes with radical Islamists. Then counteract binge Eastern European schizophrenia, they simply will not be able to. American pride, uyazvlёnnomu defeat in all respects, as the air needs a new grand project in the spirit of Hollywood disaster movies. 

The sad historical experience teaches nothing predecessors neither the US nor the European Union, because they do not know him.Their own mistakes, they, of course, take into account insofar as, but predators can not change the matrix of his mind and will jump on the enemy until he lost patience, not will roll his neck. Therefore, we offer a brief script for the upcoming blockbuster: "Once, a long time ago, Rothschild, Rockefeller and Morgan decided to grow in Europe, Hitler. The finale of this adventure is well known. And whomsoever heads to grow now that the end of it will be the same. "

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