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Putin is Not Alone - to His Victory Parade in Moscow, Travel half a Planet


Putin is Not Alone - to His Victory Parade in Moscow, Travel half a Planet

May 4, 2015

Boycotting the Victory Parade in Moscow, Western leaders not only do not respect the basic rules of politeness, but also insulted the story, writes Boulevard Voltaire. The Western media are trying to show that Vladimir Putin will stand in Red Square alone, forgetting that most of the world will be represented there at the highest level.

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Neither the heads of state and heads of government, none in North America and the European Union, with the exception of Greece, are not graced the grand ceremony on May 9 in Moscow to mark the 70th anniversary of the capitulation of the Third Reich and the victory over Nazism, writes Boulevard Voltaire.
The reason for this is well known: this " insult "is a response to the foreign policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin, or rather, his "interference in the US / EU Junta Coup in Ukraine" , the author writes. Leaders whose decency sometimes allow to enter into negotiations or alliances with countries and people are not more credible than the Russian president, yesterday's ally handle both " disobedient wretch . "

The initiators of the boycott not only do not respect the basic rules of politeness, not answering the favor Vladimir Putin, who in June last year, came to the celebration of the anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy and there the first time met with his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko.They not only do not adhere to the fundamental principle of diplomacy, which is said to Charles de Gaulle puts the realities above the senses. " The insult, which they put Russia is primarily an insult to history, in some way nihilistic "- says the author.

" Should the policy take precedence over the truth? "- asks the journalist. Too quickly, Barack Obama, Francois Hollande, David Cameron and other Western leaders no longer reckon with twenty million Soviet citizens who died whose lives the Soviet Union paid for the work which during the World War was considered common, the author writes.

Ultimately, these people do not look beyond their short term egotistical goals for personal gain, the journalist concludes. Yesterday, a French newspaper published an article entitled " Putin one on Red Square . " " Seriously one? "- ironically the author. In addition to the eleven African Heads of State, Heads dozen countries in Asia, the presidents of Cuba and Venezuela, Vladimir Putin met at the Kremlin walls of the characters' second plan , "as the leaders of China and India. That is more than half of the world at the highest level will be presented in Moscow on May 9. Perhaps it is time to see the world for what it is and not as they is dream to see it, summarizes the author.

Some Reader Comments site:   Boulevard Voltaire :

Jean Trenquier: Russia's decision to boycott the parade - it is an insult to the whole of Russia, and especially its people. But most importantly, it shows us the disastrous role of Europe and its thoughtless following of America. This is mistake. And with respect to the Russian soldiers who gave their lives for freedom, this " crime . "

Jean-De Wargny guy : These Western leaders forget that if not Russian, they would have found themselves under the heel of the Germans. The smallest courtesy would go to Moscow to pay tribute to, if not Putin, then at least the Russian people. Alas, we are dealing with small ungrateful people, mired in their pettiness and shortsightedness.

Genevieve Totoche : It is obvious that the people had not been consulted. Many of us prefer Putin Hollande. Isolate stupid Putin's Russia. We run the risk of one day for pay.

Jean-michel Robert: How can we underestimate the role of Russia in the last two world wars? Of course, the United States took part in them, but every time they came " to help win " after the Russian performed most of the work! Today, we continue to be the victims of American policy pursued by the fear of friendly Soviet-EU relations, which is synonymous with the loss of the status of the global economic hegemon.

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