Sunday, May 3, 2015

Kiev is lying that he is for peace in the world, and the Kremlin is lying that it believes Kiev

The war in the Donbass rightly deserves to be called the war of liars. Lying to both sides, competing - one more. Even there is no sense to sort out who was the first to do what.

The only time the Russia deserved fear, and with it the respect it became stiff and swift permission to use the army abroad, which plunged into panic Nazis.

However, apparently, already fast friends and partners have warned that it is purely a PR-picture kind of amphorae dives and trips to the yellow Kalina - that the electorate did not miss, and the rating was growing up.

Everyone else moves the sides were purely epitome of a variety of tricky and not very cunning plan when partners abandon lied to everyone - and the protection of Russian, and air conditioners, and "fired themselves."

Kiev is lying that he is for peace in the world, the Kremlin is lying that he believes Kiev. Even a master of lies and professionals Americans seem, at first taken aback, sorting out who it says and does things.

The war could end in April, when it began last year. It was enough, as in the good old days of throwing cry of "Komsomolets - Plane!", Declared by the mouth of a public figure for the whole world, "millions of volunteers - in the Donbass!"

Entrust any social movement to lead the people's initiative (well, at least a pocket ONF) and say that we have a democracy, we can not prevent the spiritual impulse of the masses.

No army - only volunteers, and here are unlikely to have to lie, given that a total of Donbass through even in the current extremely adverse conditions have passed about 40 thousand volunteers. Under the right it would have been 10 times more - only selects.

But it is also clear that in such a situation could be quickly played to a real anti-oligarchic revolution in Ukraine, where it all began - in Kiev and Donetsk. You could get a real People's Republic across the western border of Russia - and we need it?

Therefore, the partners were forced to take matters into their own hands and to portray a fierce hatred, destroying both sides of all those who are having similar harmful thoughts.True, in such cases it will inevitably become the first victim.

And behind it - and usually people who say they feel sorry, for no one will feel sorry.

PS. The consequences of "fire" power ATO. "Donetsk, May 3 morning:

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