Friday, May 22, 2015

Interview with American volunteer Russell Bentley about the war in New Russia

Interview with American volunteer Russell Bentley about the war in New Russia

Volunteer from Texas
Volunteer from Texas

- My name is Russell Bentley, I'm from Texas. Now I'm in the army of New Russia, Donetsk. Protects from Kiev Donbass Nazis. 

- Why did you come here? 

- I came here because I realized that the American government in essence - the fascist government. And the people of Donbass are already at the forefront of World War II. We are at the forefront, and I came to help the people of Donbass fight against the Nazis. 

- What kind of impression you formed about the situation here? 

- I'm here in December (2014), fought on the front lines at the airport, in the town of Spartak. Over the past five months, I saw the brutal destruction of schools, homes, kindergartens, hospitals, broken Kiev Nazis. I know that all this destruction in Donbass - a consequence of the policy of the US government. If it does not support the illegal, unconstitutional junta Maidan, this war would not have happened, would not have been killed and injured thousands of people would not have been such devastation. I came here to help the good people of Donbass. We dolzhnv show the Americans and to do something because this can happen and there. Fascists who control the US government and the Kiev government wants to rule the world. People of Russia and the people of New Russia is a stronghold of the resistance of the fascist idea. And I think that we will win. 

- And the last question. What do you think about the prospects of Russia and New Russia? 

- I know that the people of Russia and New Russia - these comrades and brothers. I'm keen to win in Ukraine and after the war, I'll live here in Donetsk. This is a very beautiful city and very friendly people. This is my new home that I love very much.

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