Tuesday, May 26, 2015

In their Kiev Laws, "ATO" found a loophole to not pay salaries to the wounded military (VIDEO)

In their Kiev Laws, "ATO" found a loophole to not pay salaries to the wounded military (VIDEO)

TSN: At their Kiev headquarters, "ATO" found a loophole in the law that allows you to not pay salaries to the military wounded (VIDEO) They lost their health on the front, and left them without the means to suschestvovaniyu.V Ukrainian hospitals have fighters that do not receive salaries. Moreover, it is completely legal. 

What does remain without salaries - that's not the worst option, according to the story TSN.19.30. "This is a letter from the neurologist that I pass her treatment. These are sent monthly to help part ", - says Fedor Balaban, a wounded soldier so-called UTA. Fedor was wounded in May last year. 

Since then passed through several hospitals are now treated in Kieve.Ranenogo military withdrew from the state of his military unit, deprived of wages, and also called a deserter. "The last payment was - in August last year. So you can imagine the state. The wife of a disabled child care, which receives 1,300 hryvnia. 

And I can not nor anywhere to get a job, there is no longer sluzhbu.Motiviruya go on with what I ran away from the service that I deserter opened a criminal case on me, "- he said. "In order not to fool their brains - which is to exclude it, they simply: soldier in the hospital, exclude it from shtatki applying for military service in order that he deserter write - location is unknown and it is easier vse.a" - says Kirill Sergeev, chairman of the veterans of the ATO. 

Typically, wounded soldiers just delete from staffing. "In early fall I was taken from the staff," - said Denis fighter ATO Paris. He was taken to hospital with thrombosis. Returns to service, and then got on a hospital bed in the second raz.Vyvedenie of staff can understand, speak the military. It is officially occupied the post of the injured, replaced his team are not allowed. "We, by the way, is not taken out in the battalion" Donbass ". 

We could not score for six months half a battalion, because we were listed wounded. How are soldiers ATO? Poor. Is it legal or not - need to determine in a specific case ", - says the former commander" Donbass "Simon Semenchenko.V ATO headquarters say that it is legal. And do not pay wages - also legal. If placed in state soldier gets to the hospital for the second time, for example, with complications. There is an order of the Minister of Defense. 

"If a soldier was in the hospital, underwent treatment and rehabilitation, he returned to places of permanent deployment, spent part of it does not matter how many days, and again poraplyaÑ” to a military hospital unit commander has the ability to maintain a staff of no more than two soldier months ", - said the representative of ATO Vladislav Seleznev.Skazat how mass is the problem - can not yet any military officials or volunteers. 

We found about ten of the wounded defenders of the fatherland, which the State legitimately deprived of funds to the headquarters of ATO suschestvovaniyu.V say - if a lot of these cases, they can be addressed individually.However, men are asking - why not abolish unjust order, though the minister of defense. 

Source: http://rusvesna.su/news/1432678825

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