Thursday, April 23, 2015

WTF? Poroshenko expressed confidence that the majority of French people are for Ukraine

Poroshenko expressed confidence that the majority of French people are for Ukraine ?

Poroshenko: Ukraine and Crimea will return to the EU Accession to the European Union remains a top priority for Ukraine, said the president of Ukraine Poroshenko in an interview with French television channel iTélé. He also noted that Kiev is not going to put up with the "Anschluss" of the Crimea. Poroshenko expressed confidence that the majority of French people support Ukraine's accession to the EU. According to him, Kiev is now fighting for the same values ​​as in the Great French Revolution - liberty, equality and fraternity. "Ukraine - European nation, we have passed the most complex test and paid perhaps the ultimate price for being Europeans, and it requires the support ", - said Poroshenko. President asked his French counterpart Francois Hollande assistance in reforming the country. Asked about NATO membership, said that this topic will make a referendum, where the Ukrainian people will make their choice. He added that Kiev must learn to live in peace with Moscow, but to put up with the loss of Crimea Ukraine will not, "was the annexation of the Crimea Anschluss, is a blow to Europe's security. Peninsula will always be Ukrainian. Without Ukraine, it will not survive. " Commenting on the recent statement by former French President Sarkozy that "the inhabitants of Crimea have made ​​a choice in favor of Russia, and they can not be in this reproach," Poroshenko doubted that he was well aware of the problems of Crimea.

While in Truth:

RIA "Novosti": France is against Ukraine joining NATO French politician, member of the right-wing party "National Front" Aymeric Chauprade said that "France would have preferred to see Ukraine out of NATO." He said this to news agency Sputnik. 

"The position of our country is very clear. We do not want Ukraine to join NATO," - he said. At the same time Chauprade stressed that the "National Front" understands the importance of maintaining strong relations with Russia. Earlier, former Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that Ukraine's entry into the alliance would need to achieve a number of criteria for the implementation of which will take a lot of time. At the same time, NATO does not accept countries that have territorial disputes, while Ukraine claims to the Crimea, which became part of Russia on the results of the referendum in March. Experts believe that Ukraine will not qualify for NATO membership in the next 20 years.

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