Thursday, April 23, 2015

Western analysts believe that Russia is trying win over US allies in Eastern Europe

Western analysts believe that Russia is trying to gradually deprive the US of its allies in Eastern Europe

To do this, the Kremlin cultivates in them the fear that Washington will not come to their aid in time of need. About this The Washington Times newspaper writes.  According to the newspaper, Vladimir Putin held a series of provocative actions to intimidate NATO members in Eastern Europe and strengthening the positions of the pro-Russian movements in these countries. 

The publication considers that there is a possibility that some states decide to "change the camp." This is indicative of a more widespread problem, which is the lack of confidence in the US commitment to its obligations under NATO. 

____________ in a hand played the US and the latest scandal, when the State Department official said that they will not save its own citizens from the blazing Yemen.
(As is known however, Russia came to help and exported the Americans). If we are our saving US citizens who were thrown under the bus  in difficult times, then what about the price of the life of the enslaved peoples in the US. 

And Vladimir Putin, then, of course, has to deal with these officials on global issues they enflame. The level of confidence in the United States and NATO falls from countries strictly because they understand: who is true, and who is using force.

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