Friday, April 17, 2015

The Third Reich, the toilet in world history washed away to where 70 years ago

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today at 2:29 pm
The Third Reich, the toilet in world history washed away to where 70 years ago 
Onex will not come ...

You just think about it,- to go to Moscow on May 9 have rejected US President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron, European Council President Donald Tusk, the presidents of Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Finland, Montenegro, Croatia, as well as the premiere of the Netherlands and Norway. 

All of them said that they could not take part in the honor of the victory over Nazi Germany, while Russia forged a boot up Ukraine's tenderloin. Well, maybe not quite as stated, but something close to it. Pay tribute to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has to solve the most difficult task - how to eat fish and ... do not sit down. No matter what fears get in the process of eating frutti de mare head of government of Germany: she knows that you can sit on the lot. 

On the corruption scandal with its active participation, on charges of raping a maid or waiter, on financing of terrorist groups (one or more - does not matter). In general, the choice is rich and, as they say freakly modern, diversified. However, Angela Merkel was able to find a Solomonic solution that would make blush shyly ball-point. I remember he said - "I will arise on the account, and the fight will not go." Chancellor of Germany also designed to say - "flowers on the grave of the Unknown Soldier lay, and Parade will not come." It is difficult, if not impossible, to understand what is the purpose of our "dear partners" such demonstrative shares? 

Somehow still want to consider them at least conditionally sane people. Therefore, the version that they are counting on a massive sobs Russians, tearing clothes, sprinkling ashes on the heads of repentance and beating their heads against the threshold of the American consulate, once we reject as untenable. What then? They hope to ruffle the President of Russia, that he lost all sense of composure, made ​​one or more serious mistakes? Well, as you will ... Hope, of course, feed the boys, that's just something we do not see in this crowd of people with rosy-cheeked young persons. Although, of course, it is worth noting that in their intellectual development are some of the "refuseniks" beyond the level of secondary school graduates (and Losers and troechnikov) have not moved. 

It remains the third option - in my opinion, the most reliable. You can not win in open battle, you can not even inflict critical damage - so shat on his doorstep! He also it will be unpleasant? - Of course. He will wince in disgust and look askance at you left a bunch of well-known substance? - Of course. However, all this takes just a few minutes, until the heap will not be washed away to where 70 years ago was washed Millennium Third Reich - the toilet in world history. 

Well, in conclusion, I want to bring open letter I wrote to the "refuseniks". I do not think I'm alone would sign this letter and sent it to the addresses of all the leaders of the "civilized world" with a sense of duty: Do not (dear) Gentlemen presidents, prime ministers and other chancellors. We appeal to you to please do not change your mind! Do not come to Moscow for the Victory Parade! Do not spoil our main and the most sacred holiday for us with his presence! 

On this day we personally like all Russians want to see around the joyful, happy, inspired faces, not your pig's snout, distorted labored sour grimace. And we want this day to listen to songs of the war years, and gnashing of teeth do not, you will be issued with the memories as your ancestors once broke off great and mighty Soviet Union, whose legal successor on the right and on the historical justice is RUSSIA! Go to Kiev ! 

You harmonious atmosphere in there Inscribe the victory of democracy, in which you can kill with impunity any person, regardless of gender, age, social status, occupation, health status, political views, etc., etc. In this city (which, alas, became one not without your active participation) to you - is the place! Do not come! Do not call and do not wait!

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