Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Right Sector" threatened to burn administration of Poroshenko

"Right Sector" threatened to burn administration of Poroshenko

Ukrainian neo-nazis required a clarification from the authorities. In Kiev, the building of the presidential administration of Ukraine held a meeting of the "Right Sector". Protesters oppose the action of the armed forces of Ukraine, who have blocked their base. Leaders of the neo-Nazi organization previously has repeatedly stated that sales Kiev politicians have conceived a major provocation against the volunteer and want to rekindle the conflict between army units and formations of "the right sector."

And yesterday, their predictions have come true: of the 95th airmobile and 25th parashyutno- Airborne APU teams established checkpoints across from the base of the "Right Sector" in the Dnipropetrovsk region. In response to these actions of the Ukrainian army pravoseki organized the rally. About 100 people in camouflage and black and red flags stand at the fence next to the administration building Poroshenko. They want to get away from high-ranking officials for clarification about what is currently happening with the "right sector." 

According to the press-secretary of the organization Artem Skoropatskogo, participants of the meeting came to support the volunteer battalion waiting for explanations from the country's leadership: "You do not have to hear why President came out, we need to hear a clear answer from the government, why this is so, what kind of sabotage at the front. If this is some kind of provocation of a spy, for example, the Ministry of Defense or the General Staff or the presidential administration, then let will conduct an internal investigation, punish the guilty. " 

One of the most zealous pravosekov said that at the meeting there are only 200 people, because most of the members of the organization "went to the Dnipropetrovsk region, where the base is blocked by the battalion." According to him, the rally is a warning in the case of ignoring the requirements of the "Right Sector" the building of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine will be set on fire, and the meeting "will last as much will burn the presidential administration." 

The administration Poroshenko guarded by the Interior Ministry and the National Guard. Obviously, blockade of the base "Right Sector" was made ​​to force the organization to submit to the decision of the Ukrainian authorities on the official entry of semi-guerrilla volunteer units nationalists in the armed forces of Ukraine or the National Guard.

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