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"#Red_Dragon" will help #Crimea? | Sergey #ISHCHENKO

"Red Dragon" will help Crimea?

04/23/2015 - 20:32

Turkish authoritative edition «Yeni Safak» recently reported the sensational news.

According to him, to held in mid-April in Moscow 4th Moscow international security conference, organized by the Ministry of Defense, Army General Sergei Shoigu and his Chinese counterpart Colonel-General Chang Wanquan discussed the possibility of holding this year's joint naval exercises Black Sea.

"If such an exercise is really organized, it will be interpreted as a common position and open military action directed against the United States ... This could mean the beginning of a new Cold War and the tripartite competition in China, Russia and the United States" - writes «Yeni Safak».

That is characteristic: in official reports on the outcome of the conference about the joint military exercises in the Black Sea is not a word. That, however, does not mean, though in fact they do not take place. Shoigu and Chang Wanquan April 16 at the forum held a bilateral meeting. And what in fact was discussed behind closed doors - the public report is not required. This is the usual practice in communicating the military leadership at the highest level.

However, in light of the publication «Yeni Safak» we can absolutely take another look at the words of Sergei Shoigu, uttered in the same day, April 16, after communicating with the Wanquan Chan: "Russia is satisfied with the level of joint exercises, which took place last year, in which we also their plan to hold. They are becoming more far-reaching. "

It is clear that mainly Sergei Shoigu meant "Marine interaction-2014." Then, last May, in the East China Sea entered Guards missile cruiser "Varyag", the destroyer "Quick", a large anti-submarine ship "Admiral Panteleyev" large landing ship "Admiral Nevel" and support vessels - the average sea tanker "Ilim" and a tow boat "Kalar". They were joined by six Chinese warships. Joint swimming, helicopter and shooting lasted five days.

It is also clear that what is happening cause severe irritation in Washington. All five days over the ship hung strategic reconnaissance aircraft RC-135V / W, based on the base Kadena in Japan. According to some reports, he immediately was secretly American multipurpose nuclear submarine «Chicago» (USS Chicago (SSN-721) of the "Los Angeles", released on the eve of a base of Subic Bay (Philippines).

You can certainly argue, where the East China, and where the Black Sea? From the shores of China to the Crimea and really far away. But Washington does not have to relax. In January of the same year already closer - in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea - have been united and moved heavy nuclear missile cruiser of the Northern Fleet, "Peter the Great" and the Chinese patrol ship "Yancheng". And management detachment alternately carried the Russian and Chinese commanders. Chinese practiced helicopter landing on the deck of our cruisers, Russian pilots boarded the Chinese patrol.

Our Ministry of Defence on the basis of scientists said that the purpose of what was happening - "enhanced interoperability" between the two navies.

Yes, but even the Mediterranean Sea - is not black. However, in the Black Sea is cause for concern Americans have already received. In 2012, for the first time in the history of the Bosporus and the Dardanelles was a detachment of Chinese warships under the flag of the deputy commander of the Northern Fleet of the Chinese Navy Rear Admiral Yang Tszyufeya. The detachment destroyer URO (with guided missiles) "Qingdao" and the patrol ship "Yantai". Destroyer with unofficial visit to the then Ukrainian Sevastopol, and "Yantai" - in Romanian Constanta.

Source ITAR-TASS reported that the purpose of entering the Chinese sailors in the Black Sea - "the study of its navigation and geographical features." It turns out, is really going to come back? Why else would know the "features" of the local waters?

If indeed the return of the PLA Navy will happen this year if all of a sudden in the Black Sea will be declared joint Russian-Chinese naval maneuvers, no doubt, we will witness the political hysteria in Western capitals. Because it really will be a challenge. And not only in the military-technical sense.Although such can not irritate NATO, whose missile ships from the coast of the Crimea for over a year literally do not depart, replacing one another. And even conducted large-scale exercises there.As last March, when such merrymaking involved just six warships 2nd constant Mediterranean mine group alliance. Or in July last year, when there were fired simultaneously from all trunks Navy ships Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Turkey and the United States as part of the exercise "Sea Breeze 2014".

But if in the Black Sea will be engaged in the same sailors of Russia and China, it will mean more than a major confrontation at sea. Become a fact: Beijing very clearly took the position in the Ukrainian crisis. This position - on the side of Moscow.

First Chinese also showed support for our country in the return of the Crimea. But did so in the Eastern delicately. As did, say, Acting Director of the Europe and Central Asian Affairs of China Gui Tsunyun: "We are opposed to any nation has gained independence through a referendum. As for the Crimea, then there are some peculiarities. We know the history of ownership of the Crimea. " Or Deputy Head of the CPC Central Committee on International Relations, Zhou Li: "Russia and China are faced with different challenges. But I can say with certainty that soon we will be faced with an even greater number of calls. We must fight together, protecting the interests of our countries. The main thing - not to drive a wedge between the two countries that would love to see Americans. "

But, you see, on the background of naval guns and missiles near the flaming Ukraine the same thing would have sounded particularly weighty.

One more thing. At the end of the already mentioned the April meeting in Moscow with Chinese Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu promised that the next joint exercises sailors of the two countries will be held in 2015 in the Mediterranean Sea. Black out to sea on the doorstep. Why do together and not look beyond the straits?

From the file "SP"

In 2014, a Pentagon report submitted to Congress over the growing military might of China, in particular, said: "China's military machine was its new military doctrine, training took place modern, efficient captured weapons and reliable means of protection, and has all the capabilities to carry out a successful attack against the United States and other opponents ...

The most significant military achievements related to modernization of China's air defense destroyers and frigates, testing new transport aircraft, capable to throw ground forces quickly and over long distances.

Chinese Navy last year commissioned nine new class corvettes "Jiangdao" armed cruise missiles for the operations near the coast of the South China and East China Seas. American coastal military bases are vulnerable to such weapons.

China continues to improve its newest fighter J-20 and J-31, which are similar to the parameters of the F-35 US Air Force. These actions are only part of the plan of modernization of the Chinese Air Force, and is unprecedented in the history of the pace of narrowing the gap with Western air forces across a wide range of possibilities. "

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