Friday, April 17, 2015

Protests in Lübeck Germans demand the return of Russia to the "Big Eight"

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Protests in Lübeck Germans demand the return of Russia to the "Big Eight"
Today at 1:40 am

 The German public is outraged that Russia does not participate in the meetings of the leaders of the "Big Seven" and demanding the return of Russian leaders at meetings of the club. "Give the eight" - written on the little yellow tablets rastykannyh on numerous lawns of the German city of Lübeck, which is hosting a meeting "Big Seven". 

This appeal reflects the critical sentiments of many Germans who want to Russia's participation in this event, wrote an influential publication Tagesschau. As recently wrote German Foreign Minister Steinmeier in one of his articles, "This year Russia was not invited to the meeting because of the G7 "violates international law annexation of the Crimea." 

However, in the same statement, Steinmeier said that "long-term isolation of Russia is unacceptable." And as if to confirm his words invited a few days ago the Foreign Ministers of Russia and Ukraine in Berlin to discuss the situation in the Donbass. The conflict in Ukraine has become one of the central topics for discussion in the German Lubeck. 

As already mentioned, the meetings were held in the format - "softly to himself, I'm talking", that is, without a representative in Russia, in connection with which I would like to quote another German newspaper Neues Deutschland, questioned the constructive talks on Ukrainian issues in the absence of "key and indispensable for the solution of the crisis Ukrainian partner - Russia" Meanwhile, in Lübeck were dissatisfied not only the lack of Russia at a meeting of leading industrialized countries. Neues Deutschland reported about 2,000 people protested against the "new, more dangerous confrontation in the conflict over Ukraine", as well as a whole against the "capitalist politics."

Protesters came out with placards against war and capitalism, "you seven and seven billion of us" "Year of the war against the people of Donbass" - with such slogans greeted demonstrators participants G7 (photo) According to media reports, the protests have taken part not only Germans, but also residents of the Scandinavian countries, a special trip to Lübeck. 

We should also mention that after the recent riots in Frankfurt, the German authorities were so frightened that they previously were herded into this port city of more than 3,500 police officers to counter demonstrations and protection G7.However, the demonstrations were peaceful. By the way, Russia was not invited to the summit and the "Big Seven", which will be held in June in the Bavarian Palace Elma. And will not be invited, as you can read between the lines, reading the first glance friendly statements of German politicians on this issue. 

For example, the Commissioner for Foreign Policy Green faction in the German Bundestag Omid Nuripur demanded "Give Russian perspective to clearly understand Russia, the door to return to the G7 at any time remains open," but only in the event that (quote verbatim policy ) - "the Russian government finally accept the territorial integrity of Ukraine." The head of the ruling CDU, Volker Kauder in an interview with Bild spoke in the same vein - "Russia should not expect to return to the table G7, until, at least, are not fulfilled Minsk agreement."

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