Thursday, April 23, 2015

Obama about the drone murder of innocent hostages in Pakistan: "Mistakes Happen"

Obama about the drone murder of hostages in Pakistan: "Mistakes Happen"
Barack Obama about the murder of hostages in Pakistan drone: Cmertelnye mistakes sometimes happen
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US President Barack Obama apologized to the families of the two hostages, "al-Qaeda" - American Warren Weinstein and Italian Giovanni Lo Porto, who were killed in a US military raid on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

"We believe that the US counter-terrorist operation, the purpose of which was a group of" Al-Qaeda "in the border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan, accident led to the death of Warren and Giovanni in January," - said Obama.

Expressing his condolences to the families of those killed and brought them to apologize, he said that he is fully responsible for all US military operations, including this one. As explained by Barack Obama, the military during a special operation based on intelligence, but they were not aware that the militants "Al-Qaeda" held two hostages.

"It is a bitter and brutal truth is that during the war in general, and in the course of our counter-terrorism battles mistakes happen, sometimes fatal mistakes," - said Obama.

"But what distinguishes America from other people, that's what makes us exceptional - our desire to decisively deal with our imperfections and learn from our mistakes," - he concluded.

Human rights organizations in the US and other countries have repeatedly criticized the administration for secret military operations abroad, which led to the death of civilians. Human rights activists also criticized the White House for extrajudicial elimination of overseas Americans suspected of terrorist activities.
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There is nothing exceptional about a rogue country that commits illegal murders under a guise of a War on International terror. Why the hell Obama would make this remark over and over again as being an acceptable justification, only tells the world that he and the US's future presidents can continue to kill globally uncontested. Germany has also been named as compliant with these actions by allowing the US to use it's Terra-Firma as a staging ground for the real-time satellite relay of the operations.
See:   Allow The Govt.s as an unlimited license to kill from Base
We are facing a great confrontation between the two Nuclear powerhouses of the planet right now, and as such, need to examine the nature of the many factors behind the events playing out in today's proxy skirmishes ongoing in Ukraine and the Middle-East. Please take the time to read an experts rationalization of what goes on behind the scenes of the Wars on Global resources, Here:
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