Thursday, April 23, 2015



Thursday, April 23, 2015

Center of the city is once again rocked rallies and demonstrations. Miners, promised yesterday to make perpetual protest again today picketed the Cabinet and parliament. Demands of the miners have not changed: the payment of salaries and retirement Demchishin.

"The miners continue to come to the parliament building. The requirements have since yesterday have not changed - the resignation of the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Vladimir Demchishin, payment of arrears of wages", - stated in the Ukrainian media.

According to Russian media, the miners also require deputies enactment of a moratorium on the closure of the mines and conservation, as well as social protection of miners.

During the meeting Ukrainian miners complain that their real wages have fallen in four times.
According to "PolitNavigator" workers union "Pavlogradugol" told the sad dynamics of their salaries for the last year.
"Previously, when Yanukovych salary was $ 1,000, and has now become $ 300, - the longwall miner with a 12-Lein experience, who introduced Nikita N.. - Course 20. Dali 6, 5000 and went to h ... poltoruha Heating, water ... uyva. All - complete w ... na. They say "gang, gang," but when we got gang 1200 - 1300 dollars. I thunderstorms in the mine worked on his knees and 1200 received. Now get 6500 hryvnia, and received 10 thousand. And the bread was worth 3.50 and now 8.50. That's compare. "

A notable feature of the current protests was the accession to the action of unknown young men in white Balaclava.
By the stated requirements of the miners, they added their own: the resignation of Vitali Klitschko with the mayor, the reduction in utility tariffs and raising the minimum wage.

Near the Verkhovna Rada of sports guys in white Balaclava merged with miners rally and blocked traffic on the street. They chanted "The soldiers will come - will induce order!" and "Klitschko - point!". In addition, the protesters launched into circulation unusual for Kiev slogan "Down with the Junta". Sounded by protesters and one of the "brand" of slogans Maidan "Understand, we zadovbaly!".

No political force has not yet recognized for an organization of meetings, however, according to Ukrainian media, the miners came to the deputies from the "opposition bloc".


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