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Thursday, April 2, 2015 
Yuri A.

After the media data recorders were German aircraft company Germanwings, journalist publication Der Freitag Jens Burnet decided to find out, for whatever reason have not yet been published data on the black boxes Malaysian Boeing that crashed last summer.

The results are disappointing. The journalist was of the opinion that the investigation team deliberately hides some facts that should not get in the press. On this he wrote in his blog . His findings also publishes a group of "Civil Initiative for Peace in Ukraine» (Bürgerinitiative für Frieden in der Ukraine) in the FB .

Here is the text.

Two sensational plane crash last month - and two completely different approaches to the interpretation of the investigators "black boxes". At that time, how much damaged voice recorders Germanwings aircraft were processed within a few hours after the accident in the French Alps, and was followed by the first reports (data recorders have not yet been found), the results of research "black boxes" Malaysian Boeing, by the way, is only slightly damaged, We have not waited until now. But in the latter case we are talking about war and peace and the fate of many people.

Germanwings flight tragically interrupted by March 24th. Cause of the accident is still not fully understood. Late in the evening on the scene of the accident voice recorders were found and taken to Paris for processing. The very next day, the media, for example, the German channel n-tv reported the first results of decoding data recorders ...

But let us turn to another case. Read material Tagesschau for July 24, 2014, entitled " The Dutch are exploring black box MR17 - voice recorders are not exposed to "..." According to the Dutch investigators recorders Boeing crashed over Eastern Ukraine are not subjected to external influence. Recorder from the cockpit was damaged, but the record remains intact. The investigation must begin today "- so then reported Tagesshau edition.

By the way, later in this submission states that in deciphering the recorders was attended by Russian experts. But this is a lie. The team of investigators consisted only of representatives of Ukraine, Australia, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Recorders with Boeing commissioned by the Dutch were transferred to decrypt the UK. This is how it informs edition Spiegel August 8, 2014 - "We have successfully read the data of both flight recorders and now they are analyzing," said the representative of the Dutch Safety Board Van der Deere. "It is a specific process that will take some time," he added ...

As a voice recorder and flight data recorder from the Boeing MD 17 were required to provide good quality data, as they were slightly damaged. Nevertheless, coming months, and the full results of their decipherment has not been published, despite the fact that in the case of the plane crash that we are talking about the fate of not only Europe, but also around the world!

In the case of aircraft Germanwings first data from damaged voice recorders were published immediately. Why, then, a consequence of slow with the publication of information "black boxes" Boeing?

Officially accepted theory states that the crash of Flight MN17 that the plane hit by a rocket Beech. The Federal Government of Germany and other Western countries are based on the fact that a rocket fired "pro-Russian separatists" (or even Russian military), some say that a rocket fired by Ukrainians. In this case, if the accident was the result of falling rockets on the recorder we nothing or almost nothing to hear. Then why not publish this data? Recorders or have something else?


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