Wednesday, April 29, 2015

For the first time in Toronto, a charity rally, "I remember, I am proud,"

People's Militia of Donbass (Pavel Gubarev)

For the first time in Toronto, a charity rally, "I remember, I am proud,"

April 25 in Toronto for the first time a charity rally, "I remember, I'm proud of" in anticipation of the great victory over Nazism. Imagine the photo report on the event from its direct participants - Vladimir from Canada. The following is his account of this event, a little tweak the spelling to skip to the site moderators. The man talked about it in the group "Vaybere" and did not follow the punctuation and other things."Good morning! So, on the run. 

April 25 was held for the first time in Toronto charity rally," I remember, I'm proud of "in anticipation of the great victory over Nazism.

And really - with pride and delight already bursting, and we did it here in Canada It was awesome, no one expected that many people will take part in the race. I lost count, but it was definitely more than 120 cars. And it could be more because of the path of the week to change the date of 26 to 25, as the Canadian warriors gave the green light to visit the base only 25.

We drove along the northern Toronto and then moved to a military base on the highways around 110 km away. With the waving Soviet and Russian flags in front of the astonished Canadian public. Of course, it is impossible to move a long column entirely due crossroads, accompanying police would not hurt, but it is unlikely it would get (say, asked for $ 100 from the machine), in any case, they were put in popularity. 

But in any case, on the highway we caught up with each other as they could. Not for nothing, I suffered a second half of the night, securing a large flag on his car. Go under 110 km per hour with flags, you need to attach certain. The show was amazing! On a military base when we arrived, the Canadian captain was very surprised when I saw so much Russian. He says he did not expect so many people. 

In short, the Russian troops landed! On the base, we were like museums, but especially the joy brought to our meeting with the T-34 tank, it stuck for a group picture, so that it almost could not be seen. What was especially nice - is that many were children, it is a good history lesson they will. Then he laid flowers to our veterans of the Canadian memorial still allies, after all, have been (myself but of course we thought about their own). 

Then bite (we were with them), and moved back. So many positive emotions! It was nice to see the joy on people's faces! Such unity! We have one motherland, one story, some characters and one win! And that was our answer banderlog, wherever they were. " I am glad that this is happening in Canada, where quite a number of people with a certain bias Russophobic. 

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