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European Union Restless: When will Brussels Finally Abandon these Sanctions?

European Union Restless: When will Brussels Finally Abandon these Sanctions?
MP Svintsov gives European Sanctions 10 years

Moscow, 13/04/15 - 13:58

MP Calls to prepare for much longer sanctions extensions...

Recently, the European Union is restless: more and more countries come out with pro-Russian stance on sanctions. When will Brussels finally abandon these restrictions?

State Duma deputy Leonid Kalashnikov considers that the new restrictions on the part of Europe should not wait: a number of countries (Italy, Greece, Cyprus) will block their adoption. But the extension of existing sanctions - it is a realistic scenario. It does not need the consent of all member states.

On further developments "Economy Today" asked the representative of the LDPR faction in the State Duma Andrei Svintsova :

- Indeed, some EU countries say that sanctions should be abandoned and concentrate on the development of its economy, rather than obscure political intrigues. But we understand that the EU sanctions introduced under pressure from the US and NATO. And the state has a huge amount of political and economic instruments to put pressure on one country or another. For example, as soon as Erdogan began to strengthen relations with Russia, began to emerge some attacks, unrest in Turkey. Therefore, we understand that Greece, Bulgaria or Italy are not able to deploy the policy of the EU. Europe will still go on about the United States.

The main indicator - it is the policy of America. This means that any lifting of sanctions in the coming years will not be exact. It is very likely to replace Barack Obama after 2 years comes another, more rigid with respect to Russia President. This is another 8 years. Thus, the sanctions in one form or another for the next 10 years, we are guaranteed.

They are likely to be upgraded. Maybe the EU will require the lifting of sanctions in respect of some food, some officials. Bargaining will be a long, need to prepare for a prolonged sanctions, as we have seen in Iran. We are insignificant for the US economic partner. But in terms of policy, we - the main bone in the throat.

Therefore, we must prepare for the longest US Sanctions measures, which will follow the EU. In this respect, our president is doing a lot that we fully support.

Russia to live under sanctions will, of course, difficult. The size of the country, low-skilled managerial staff cause economic inertia. The management are often local people who are not competent enough to implement import substitution. And this is a big challenge.

And what awaits us, it's hard transformation to the new conditions. For example, a review of policy on small businesses, which requires the political will of local officials.

In short, Russia will be very slow to adapt to the sanctions. Unfortunately, the measures that we see not yet give a positive effect.

Elena Barsukov

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