Wednesday, April 29, 2015

DNI authorities expelled some US citizens and the EU because of suspicion of espionage

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DNI authorities expelled some US citizens and the EU because of suspicion of espionage  

Authorities of Donetsk People's Republic expelled from the DNI members of the "International Rescue Committee", which included citizens of the US and the EU, on suspicion of espionage, reported Ministry of State Security of the Republic. "The organization" International Rescue Committee ", which is under the auspices of the" United States Agency for International Development, "a few months acted illegally in the territory of the DNI.

Its employees - citizens of the United States and the EU to work without registration and permits government agencies DNI, tax evaders "- Post Office. According to the agency, "the foreign employees of the organization are actively establish contacts with officials of the republic, showing interest in receiving information about the situation in the republic , social problems "and" under the guise of humanitarian and psychological assistance to residents of the republic collected personal data and conducted surveys of people about the mood and attitude of the authorities of the republic. " 

Eight foreign employees organizations already expelled from the DNR, their activity in the country is forbidden, noted in the department.Donetsk and Luhansk National Republic declared independence following a referendum held on 11 May in the territory controlled by the militia, and on May 24 signed an agreement on the establishment of the Union of People's Republic - New Russia. November 2 in the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic of high turnout elections were held . 

In the elections of the People's Republic of Donetsk defeated Alexander Zakharchenko, the elections to the LC - the current head of the republic Igor Carpenter. From mid-April last year, the Kiev authorities carried out in the east of Ukraine "special operation" to crush the protest movement in the Donbass. Security forces are actively using heavy artillery and combat aircraft. It reported numerous civilian casualties and destruction of homes and infrastructure. According to the latest UN data, victims of the conflict were more than 6 thousand. People.

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