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Construction on the canal in Nicaragua and the response to it from arrogant Washington

Russia begins hosting backyard USA.
Construction on the canal in Nicaragua and the response to it from arrogant Washington
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The role of the Panama Canal, which is now controlled by the United States for maritime transport is essential. But soon will be built the Nicaragua Canal - and the monopoly will end. Moreover, through the planned canal will be held vessels with deadweight up to 250-270 thousand tons, while the Panama Canal, even after the planned expansion will pass ships tonnage of no more than 130 thousand tons (now - only 70). 

In the world, by the way, are already under a thousand ships which exist that can not enter even with an expansion of the present Panama Canal, and in 2020, when it begins to work Nicaragua Canal, their number will increase threefold. The US is now simply saying that the contract with the contractor is not a "transparent" concession granted for the construction of a declarative, without a tender, and are not allowed to discuss it with the talkers of the "green" organizations ... No, but, I'm sorry for your candor, what is it of your damn business? Its not your country, actually. 

Of course, I understand what all the hype - the desire to extend the monopoly of the Panama Canal, but some quite prohibitive audacity - to demand from the sovereign government reports on internal affairs. Especially tensed in Washington after Lavrov's visit to Nicaragua in the framework of establishing a mutually beneficial partnership. 

Until all Americans have a case. On the same channel all turns out very well: China provides most of the money and build the channel, and Russia morally approve of it all. According to the agreement signed between Nicaragua and Russia January 2, 2015, Russian warships may be in the territorial waters of Nicaragua - from there it is convenient to observe the construction of the century. Even Russia will help build the into the infrastructure a security channel. 

Of course, the Government of Nicaragua will not post on its territory military bases of Russia (or any other country): this is contrary to the constitution of the Republic. Just the words of the president of the International Center for Geopolitical Analysis General Leonid Ivashov: "Russia will be alert near the United States, plus we take upon ourselves the obligation to protect the construction of a new channel, which will be built in Nicaragua", which corresponds to the non-nuclear deterrence policy in accordance with the military doctrine of the Russian Federation. 

Thus, the military basing speech is not simply "ships will go without any customs inspection" and "friendly port undertakes to supply water, food and so on. On a friendly basis without any markups." At the same time, General Ivashov said that Nicaragua is the first friendship with South America, and later "contracts will be signed with Cuba and Venezuela, possibly with other Latin American countries." 

Also, it is likely that Nicaragua will buy Russian fighter jets MiG-29 - they really need them to fight drug traffickers. If you recall the recent past, the Socialist Party of Nicaragua, the Sandinistas had close ties with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Then there was the alienation after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but in 2007 the government headed by former Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua was one of the 11 countries that voted against the UN resolution on the "illegality of the referendum on the independence of Crimea (as well as Cuba and Venezuela - are they too far away).

American General John Kelly at a congressional hearing on March 12 said that "Russia is using power projection in an attempt to undermine the leading position in the United States and to challenge US influence in the Western Hemisphere. ... Russia has made ​​the location of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, to gain access to military air bases and ports for refueling Russian warships and strategic bombers performing missions in the Western Hemisphere. " The horror, then what! To challenge US influence - so the same can not be, because there can never be, and here's how it is ... 

When you look at American foreign policy, just remember the old anecdote: "- Hloptsi, Cudi tse vie perforation is just past? - That moskaliv Biti ... And sho? - A Yakscho stink pob`yut you, eh? - And we have something for scho ?! ". The Americans are creating pockets of tension around Russia? Well attack - this is the best defense, and once the "hawks" like to war - you can go to meet Americans and create problems in their hemisphere. It is from this position statement is to be understood the Speaker of Parliament of the Chechen Republic Dukuvakha Abdurahmanova that as a comment to the Congress resolution US recommending to supply weapons to Ukraine (in the sense of "more", as delivery and so are), said that Americans can get an adequate response, "we will begin delivery of new weapons Mexico to resume debate on the legal status of territories annexed by the United States, where are now the US states of California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Texas, who by the way, is also a powerful organization with the position of "We strongly disagree with the policies of the US federal government. 

We have a completely different way of life "(read the interview, it is interesting). Of course, this can not be done officially (and Sands have already said), but in Chechnya remember well that supplied the US anti-Russian militants and terrorists in the Caucasus. And if at the time the Soviet Union tried to behave honestly show, but now the United States themselves adhere to the principle "just business, nothing personal" - well, if not offended when will receive in response asymmetrically over the same spot. Yes, the US managed to take position at the head of a unipolar world - but not for long.Temporarily. So: "That time here - slazit! The upshot your time! ". Classical, however.

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