Thursday, April 16, 2015

Communications Today with NAF returning from the Front Line Donetsk ("colonelcassad")

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today at 4:00 pm
Communications Today with NAF returning from the Front Line Donetsk ("colonelcassad")

Summaries of the militia of New Russia
Posted by military analyst Boris Rozhina ("colonelcassad"). 

"Communicated today with people returning from Donetsk. Asked including the account of the recent fighting, and today's announcement Zakharchenko. 

1. The fights on 13-14 April, our losses were quite serious greater than officially stated. At the junta were also serious losses under Spartacus. With 300 people in losses junta Zaharchenko slightly bent, but due to losses they have walked at least ten, so in general there was quite a harsh exchange. 
Just junta lost in the battle for the last few days 11 armored vehicles. 
As for our I was told - we have too few. As a result of the fighting, the junta overcame our neytralke piece of sand in the area, but in general, significant progress is not achieved, but I was advised not to have illusions on this score since it was only reinforced reconnaissance. 
With regard to warnings from Zakharchenko, still - he then does not thicken paint, the concentration of enemy troops near Donetsk very large, the probability of further large-scale offensive in the military junta is assessed as very high. 

2 . Regarding the Sands. I explained in detail why such problems with taking the village - he pulled out a rather long gut, all approaches from the north-east and south-east lined with minefields. The junta controls about 90% of the village, we cling to the eastern suburbs, and between our position and the position of the junta have minor neytralke. 
Our main line of defense is generally located east of Sand. In April fighting the junta just try to take full neytralku and drive with our eastern suburbs. The fighting was heavy, but the junta to solve the problem and could not. 
Regarding our actions. In view of the strong mining approaches Sand and massive fire batteries located to the southwest of Sand, offensive anyway faced with considerable difficulties. Sands turned themselves into a strong knot with long-term defense outposts, caponiers and a dense network of trenches and bunkers. 
In winter 2015, they actually stuck our offensive on the sand. Then tried to attack mainly through the development, so in fact attacked the forehead and decisive progress is not achieved. Spring tried to go through the minefields of the mines removed and attacked from the north-east, but also in general without success. In general, there is a kind of stalemate position, the parties' positions are too heavily fortified and overcoming them involves great effort and loss, it is easier to look for military successes in other places than there. 

3. Just on the economic situation in the DNI, the transition to the ruble actually happens quite systematically at a fixed rate, the main problem - the lack of money from the population, which continues to get poorer in terms of actual blockade. 
In Donetsk, with goods of more or less well, in small towns and villages there are certain problems. By the way, like a launched an investigation on the facts of starvation in the winter 2014-2015 year. Just started sowing in areas DNR are not at the front line, has popped up on the field of agricultural machinery. 
One of the important problems - in areas where the fighting took place in the fields may remain unexploded mines and shells, and sufficient forces to carry out a full scan of the area do not. So do not be surprised if in the course of planting will be blown up by unexploded ordnance. As for the prospects of the same seed, then of course completely cover the food needs of Donbass can not, according to optimistic estimates, under favorable weather conditions and the military, the crop can cover 80-85% of the required. 
The rest will normally be imported from Russia. Trade turnover between the DNI and Russia is slowly but surely growing. With Ukraine still all rotten, a business that was tied to the Ukraine and tried to stay within legality bankrupt or goes bust, less well settled those for bribes and kickbacks is able to cross the front line on both sides and at the expense of "allowances for war" pay the costs of logistics and "podmazyvanie." Overall, despite the measures taken, the black market is still booming, creating a breeding ground for various criminals, which is active in both ours and Ukrainian front zones. 

4. On the border still reigns serious bureaucracy, commercial goods under the guise of trying to take humanitarian aid continues to catch that on the one hand has those who are trying to cash in on the war, on the other hand prevents those who carries real humanitarian goods. Very strictly looking weapons and drugs (we have six weeks for example can not take medication in Stakhanov person to $ 77, there are drugs and smuggle them without proper papers should not be - the idiocy). More or less held products, civilian clothes, form and send private trust for ordinary citizens. "

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