Friday, April 17, 2015

#APU still trying to break through the defenses #DNI #Militia

Military review: APU trying to break through the defense militia DNI

Ukrainian troops are not abandoned their attempts to break through the line of defense militia near the village of Sand, Spartacus and Donetsk airport in order to take a foothold within the boundaries of Donetsk for further offensive against Donetsk.

All areas of the capital of Donbass adjacent to the front line, were subjected to shelling by the Ukrainian security services.

On the border with Chervonogvardeysky area Makeyevka Donetsk were heard sounds of small battle, and climbed into the sky flares.

In the Kirov district of Makeyevka were also hear the sounds of cannon explosions, from which the city has lost touch for a couple of months a relatively peaceful life.

On Gorlovka direction do not stop fighting near Dzerzhinsk. Shelling Ukrainian military were also subjected to all settlements Gorlovskij agglomeration.

In the south do not stop fighting in the area Shirokino and other settlements located on this line of defense. Shirokino here, without a doubt, is the hottest point of confrontation in the direction of Mariupol, where the Ukrainian army is trying to push troops DNR from Mariupol.

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