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For the first time in Toronto, a charity rally, "I remember, I am proud,"

People's Militia of Donbass (Pavel Gubarev)

For the first time in Toronto, a charity rally, "I remember, I am proud,"

April 25 in Toronto for the first time a charity rally, "I remember, I'm proud of" in anticipation of the great victory over Nazism. Imagine the photo report on the event from its direct participants - Vladimir from Canada. The following is his account of this event, a little tweak the spelling to skip to the site moderators. The man talked about it in the group "Vaybere" and did not follow the punctuation and other things."Good morning! So, on the run. 

April 25 was held for the first time in Toronto charity rally," I remember, I'm proud of "in anticipation of the great victory over Nazism.

And really - with pride and delight already bursting, and we did it here in Canada It was awesome, no one expected that many people will take part in the race. I lost count, but it was definitely more than 120 cars. And it could be more because of the path of the week to change the date of 26 to 25, as the Canadian warriors gave the green light to visit the base only 25.

We drove along the northern Toronto and then moved to a military base on the highways around 110 km away. With the waving Soviet and Russian flags in front of the astonished Canadian public. Of course, it is impossible to move a long column entirely due crossroads, accompanying police would not hurt, but it is unlikely it would get (say, asked for $ 100 from the machine), in any case, they were put in popularity. 

But in any case, on the highway we caught up with each other as they could. Not for nothing, I suffered a second half of the night, securing a large flag on his car. Go under 110 km per hour with flags, you need to attach certain. The show was amazing! On a military base when we arrived, the Canadian captain was very surprised when I saw so much Russian. He says he did not expect so many people. 

In short, the Russian troops landed! On the base, we were like museums, but especially the joy brought to our meeting with the T-34 tank, it stuck for a group picture, so that it almost could not be seen. What was especially nice - is that many were children, it is a good history lesson they will. Then he laid flowers to our veterans of the Canadian memorial still allies, after all, have been (myself but of course we thought about their own). 

Then bite (we were with them), and moved back. So many positive emotions! It was nice to see the joy on people's faces! Such unity! We have one motherland, one story, some characters and one win! And that was our answer banderlog, wherever they were. " I am glad that this is happening in Canada, where quite a number of people with a certain bias Russophobic. 

DNI authorities expelled some US citizens and the EU because of suspicion of espionage

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DNI authorities expelled some US citizens and the EU because of suspicion of espionage  

Authorities of Donetsk People's Republic expelled from the DNI members of the "International Rescue Committee", which included citizens of the US and the EU, on suspicion of espionage, reported Ministry of State Security of the Republic. "The organization" International Rescue Committee ", which is under the auspices of the" United States Agency for International Development, "a few months acted illegally in the territory of the DNI.

Its employees - citizens of the United States and the EU to work without registration and permits government agencies DNI, tax evaders "- Post Office. According to the agency, "the foreign employees of the organization are actively establish contacts with officials of the republic, showing interest in receiving information about the situation in the republic , social problems "and" under the guise of humanitarian and psychological assistance to residents of the republic collected personal data and conducted surveys of people about the mood and attitude of the authorities of the republic. " 

Eight foreign employees organizations already expelled from the DNR, their activity in the country is forbidden, noted in the department.Donetsk and Luhansk National Republic declared independence following a referendum held on 11 May in the territory controlled by the militia, and on May 24 signed an agreement on the establishment of the Union of People's Republic - New Russia. November 2 in the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic of high turnout elections were held . 

In the elections of the People's Republic of Donetsk defeated Alexander Zakharchenko, the elections to the LC - the current head of the republic Igor Carpenter. From mid-April last year, the Kiev authorities carried out in the east of Ukraine "special operation" to crush the protest movement in the Donbass. Security forces are actively using heavy artillery and combat aircraft. It reported numerous civilian casualties and destruction of homes and infrastructure. According to the latest UN data, victims of the conflict were more than 6 thousand. People.

"Right Sector" threatened to burn administration of Poroshenko

"Right Sector" threatened to burn administration of Poroshenko

Ukrainian neo-nazis required a clarification from the authorities. In Kiev, the building of the presidential administration of Ukraine held a meeting of the "Right Sector". Protesters oppose the action of the armed forces of Ukraine, who have blocked their base. Leaders of the neo-Nazi organization previously has repeatedly stated that sales Kiev politicians have conceived a major provocation against the volunteer and want to rekindle the conflict between army units and formations of "the right sector."

And yesterday, their predictions have come true: of the 95th airmobile and 25th parashyutno- Airborne APU teams established checkpoints across from the base of the "Right Sector" in the Dnipropetrovsk region. In response to these actions of the Ukrainian army pravoseki organized the rally. About 100 people in camouflage and black and red flags stand at the fence next to the administration building Poroshenko. They want to get away from high-ranking officials for clarification about what is currently happening with the "right sector." 

According to the press-secretary of the organization Artem Skoropatskogo, participants of the meeting came to support the volunteer battalion waiting for explanations from the country's leadership: "You do not have to hear why President came out, we need to hear a clear answer from the government, why this is so, what kind of sabotage at the front. If this is some kind of provocation of a spy, for example, the Ministry of Defense or the General Staff or the presidential administration, then let will conduct an internal investigation, punish the guilty. " 

One of the most zealous pravosekov said that at the meeting there are only 200 people, because most of the members of the organization "went to the Dnipropetrovsk region, where the base is blocked by the battalion." According to him, the rally is a warning in the case of ignoring the requirements of the "Right Sector" the building of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine will be set on fire, and the meeting "will last as much will burn the presidential administration." 

The administration Poroshenko guarded by the Interior Ministry and the National Guard. Obviously, blockade of the base "Right Sector" was made ​​to force the organization to submit to the decision of the Ukrainian authorities on the official entry of semi-guerrilla volunteer units nationalists in the armed forces of Ukraine or the National Guard.

Russia has offered to help Ukraine put out the large-scale fires near Chernobyl

Russia and WE

Russia has offered to Ukraine to help put out the large-scale fires near Chernobyl
Russia has offered to help the Ukrainian authorities in the fight against large-scale fires in the area of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, told the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov Earlier, the Emergency Situations Ministry reported that the Ukrainian colleagues expect to cope with the emergency in the home , the agency in turn Shkiryak, reporting on the progress in the fight against disaster, said that the fire was localized at 10:30 environment and the situation is completely controlled fire Russian authorities offered assistance to Ukraine in the fight against large-scale fires in the area of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, he said journalists head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov. 

"We have offered assistance in the form of heavy aviation alert was given the whole monitoring system. All the indicators are stable, no changes have been recorded background radiation" - quoted him RIA "Novosti" reports. Earlier, the MOE the Russian Federation reported that the Ukrainian colleagues expect to cope with the emergency in the home, the agency said. On 29 April, the head of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies (GSCHS) Zoryan Shkiryak and Prime Minister Yatsenyuk announced the localization of fires on the territory of special plant "Chornobyl Forest" in the Kiev region in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. 

"I have been informed that, as of at 12:45 the fire is localized, "- said Yatsenyuk at a government meeting in Kiev. He stressed that the radiation background is normal, "Interfax". "When the allowable rate of 50 micro-roentgen immediate area (exclusion) does not exceed 21 roentgen, and in Kiev - no more than 11", - he informed the head of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers. He informed that on April 28 to localize the fire were involved three aircraft and one helicopter GSCHS, and called for the renewal of the fleet and the acquisition of additional aircraft and fire fighting equipment. Shkiryak Avakov after suspected arsonin turn Shkiryak, reporting on the progress in the fight against disaster, said that the fire was localized at 10:30 environment and the situation is fully controlled fire.

According to him, all were 15 outbreaks of fires, and with this in mind we can talk about any arson or careless handling of fire, reports . A day earlier version of arson announced Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. Shkiryak also hastened to reassure the population about the background radiation near Chernobyl in the capital."I ask people in the capital and all Ukrainians react to stop the spread of panic information, in particular on social networks. It is not true. Today the situation is 100% controlled by," - said Shkiryak. According to the Ukrainian data, the total area of fires has decreased to 270 hectares.

There are more alarming data Meanwhile, the Russian state news agency TASS reports, citing an unnamed source in the administration of the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the situation with the fire remains "stable complex", and the fire is moving in west direction and "actually reached the area, which after the Chernobyl accident was more polluted." "Places where abandoned and difficult, which complicates the task of fire" - quoted by his companion. 

According to him, the fire is spreading centers, burning grass, shrubs and reeds on the banks of the river I do. In this case, said the administration was assured that Kiev is not threatened, "currently carried out reconnaissance of the entire area, brought new energy, heavy machinery digging fire glade. " It was reported that a fire in the complex forest "Chornobyl Forest", located in the exclusion zone and mandatory evacuation of Chernobyl in villages Buryakivka, ore-Ilinetsky, Glinka, Lubyanka Ivankov district, came April 28 at 12:45 in the square about 320 hectares. 

By Tuesday evening the situation worsened as the wind blows toward the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the fire zone were about 400 hectares of forest. Rescuers had to evacuate the squatters who not only lived in the exclusion zone, but also bred cattle there. Later in the afternoon, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said that rescue workers can not cope with fire extinguishing, the cause of which could be arson. This suspicion has arisen due to the fact that there are pockets of fire in several places on both sides of the river. In turn, Yatsenyuk has collected a commission for emergency situations. Alarm alert also raised the National Guard and Interior Ministry units. 

Yatsenyuk also a helicopter flew over the area of forest fire, and on his return told reporters at the airport in Kiev, that the "situation is under control, but this is the largest fire in 1992, a fire of this magnitude we did not have."Shkiryak later told reporters that due to the timely involvement of fire Aviation was able to knock down a horse wildfire and to surround the main sources of ignitions.The same evening Avakov said that the fire stopped at five kilometers from the "burial" of radioactive waste Chernobyl. In connection with the allegations of arson in the exclusion zone and the National Guard under the Ministry of Interior units patrol the area intensively. It is noteworthy that the fire broke out two days after the April 26 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko visited the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on the occasion of the 29th anniversary of the nuclear disaster at this station. 

He laid flowers at the monument to the heroes of Chernobyl and Chernobyl communicated with employees, and also said that Ukraine hopes on the international community to complete construction of a new sarcophagus over the destroyed fourth reactor of the Chernobyl NPP.

#EU Prefers to Endorse #Nuclear_War Rather Than to Challenge the #US

EU Prefers to Endorse Nuclear War Rather Than Challenge US' Russia Claims

The governing party in the European Parliament figures non-existent aggression had to be stopped by a declaration of readiness for nuclear war

Paul Craig Roberts
(Official site)

Gripped by insanity

Just as Karl Marx claimed that History had chosen the proletariat, neoconservatives claim that History has chosen America. Just as the Nazis proclaimed “Deutschland uber alles,” neoconservatives proclaim “America uber alles.” In September 2013 President Obama actually stood before the United Nations and declared, “I believe America is exceptional.”

Germany’s political leaders and those in Great Britain, France, and throughout Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan also believe that America is exceptional, which means better than they are. That’s why these countries are Washington’s vassals. They accept their inferiority to the Exceptional Country — the USA — and follow its leadership.

It is unlikely that the Chinese think that a handful of White People are exceptional in anything except their diminutive numbers. The populations of Asia, Africa, and South America dwarf those that comprise Washington’s Empire.

Neither do the Russians believe that the US is exceptional. Putin’s response to Obama’s claim of American superiority was: “God created us equal.” Putin added: “It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation.”

If all countries are exceptional, the word loses its meaning. If America is exceptional, it means others are inferior for lacking this designation. Inferiors have less rights and can be bullied into submission or bombed into oblivion.

The Exceptional Country is above all the others and, therefore, doesn't have to be concerned about how it treats them. Obviously, Americans and their vassals think

America is exceptional as the millions of people murdered, maimed, and dislocated by Washington’s wars in eight countries in the 21st century has not resulted in condemnation of Washington. Merkel, Hollande, Cameron and the puppets in Canada, Australia, and Japan still suck up, holding tight to Washington.

Instead, Russia and Iran, countries that, unlike the US, are not militarily aggressive, are portrayed in the White People’s Media as threats and are condemned.

The White Media claims, and has claimed since February 2014, that there are Russian tanks and troops in Ukraine. Putin has pointed out that if this indeed was the case, Kiev and Western Ukraine would have fallen to the Russian invasion early last year. Kiev has been unable to defeat the small breakaway republics in eastern and southern Ukraine and would stand no chance against the Russian military.

Recently a brave news organization made fun of the White Media’s claim that Russian tanks have been pouring into Ukraine for 14 months. The parody pictured Ukraine at a standstill. All traffic on all roads and residential streets is blocked by Russian tanks. All parking places, including sidewalks and people’s front and rear gardens have tanks piled upon tanks. The entire country is immobilized in gridlock.

Although a few have fun making fun of the gullible people who believe the White Media, the situation is nevertheless serious as it concerns life on planet Earth.

There is little sign that Washington and its vassals care about life on Earth. Recently, the largest political group in the European Parliament–the European People’s Party–expressed a cavalier opinion about life on Earth. We know this, because, if we can trust Euractive, an online EU news source, the majority EU party believes that declaring the EU’s readiness for nuclear war is one of the best steps to deter Russia from further aggression. The aggression to be stopped by Europe’s declaration of its readiness for armageddon is the alleged Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the “further aggression” is Putin’s alleged intention of reestablishing the Soviet Empire.

It must be disappointing to the Russian government to see that leaders of the European Union prefer to endorse nuclear war than to challenge Washington’s propaganda.

When I read that the governing party in the European Parliament thought non-existent aggression had to be stopped by a declaration of readiness for nuclear war, I realized that money could buy any and every thing, even the life of the planet. The European People’s Party was speaking in behalf of Washington’s propaganda, not in behalf of Europe. Europe’s nuclear war with Russia would end instantly with the destruction of every European capital.

The crazed vice-president of the European People’s Party, Jacek Saryusz-Wolski revealed who the real aggressor is when he declared: “Time of talk and persuasion with Russia is over. Now it’s time for a tough policy.”

Clearly, the European Parliament is a great danger to life on the planet. Is it realistic to think that Russia will allow herself to become a concubine of Washington?

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American Elections: A Global Death Threat | by Gordon Duff

American Elections: A Global Death Threat
First appeared:

Author: Gordon Duff
First appeared:

First appeared:

This week in a secret meeting of global “fixers,” sometimes called the “Secret Shadow Government” or the “Khazarian Mafia,” Ohio Governor John Kasich, a virtual unknown, was chosen to join “the least of all Bushes,” former Florida governor Jeb Bush, to be appointed to run the US after a rigged presidential election scheduled for 2016.

Leading the Planet to Armageddon

War is coming, everyone sees it but few understand how much events are controlled by American elections. A reality of the 20th century is that a Republican/GOP presidential win can only be achieved through rigging an election. Only 30% of Americans see themselves as “conservative” or “Republican.”

It is America’s Republican Party, the party of Nixon/Reagan/Bush and McCain that is pushing for war with Russia, even at the risk of branding America a rogue dictatorship.

What America doesn’t see, that the rest of the world increasingly is focused on, is that the things America does; drones, torture, backing terrorist factions, arming criminal regimes, bombing and murdering at will, has made America a less than desirable friend, ally or even trading partner.

American Elections: A Global Death Threat

GOP control of the congress was achieved by mob money flooding the electoral system and even then, the GOP took control of the House with only 37% of the vote. America’s elections are among the most crooked in the world. In most American elections, candidates run virtually unopposed. There is really no two party system. 90% of office holders in America are chosen at private meetings of wealthy powerbrokers with rigged elections a humorous formality.

Candidates that choose to mount real opposition in rigged elections have their families threatened or are murdered. Ross Perot gave up an assured presidency to save his family. Both Al Gore and John Kerry walked away from wins in presidential elections due to threats against their families.

In 1981, 69 days after taking office, President Ronald Regan was shot and wounded by the son of one of Vice President George H.W. Bush’s business partners.

8 years later, Vice President Bush was the only senior member of the Reagan administration not convicted of a felony or facing indictment.

Joke Elections

Though armed thugs are still used to threaten voters in the American South, most states either use simple computer hacks to “flip” votes. We will be discussing this process more later.

The mechanism for election rigging, once simply ballot box stuffing has now turned to hacking, bribery, police state voter suppression and even murder. After all, the stakes are high, whoever wins is able to use the largest military force in the history of the planet as a personal revenge squad. Can anyone question that this is exactly how the American military has and is being used?

Death in Ohio

Recent moves here in the State of Ohio are setting the stage for a potential third world war. Governor John Kasich, elected though massive election fraud financed by gambling boss Sheldon Adelson, has been offered the position of Vice President under Jeb Bush in the upcoming 2016 election.

There is a fear that Jeb Bush’s ties to recently indicted Senator Bob Menendez and an $8 billion defense fraud may come to light. Between this and Jeb’s long history of money laundering for Colombian drug cartels through Bush family owned Texas Commerce Bank, Kasich may well be pushed into the presidency.

Kasich is the “creature” of Adelson and Netanyahu and a Kasich presidency would hand America’s nuclear arsenal to organized crime.

A Bush Kasich ticket, both fiscal extremists with broad “police state” agendas, both dedicated to dismembering worker’s and investor’s rights, could only maintain political control of the US during a wartime. Oligarchical rule, which they represent, requires a national disaster and a new enemy. Russia is the “flavor of the month” and war over an incident tied to a Baltic State or Ukraine is already rumored to be in the planning.

2000 and 2004

George W. Bush was gained the presidency twice though controlling Ohio, a state notorious for organized crime control of voting. When a “weak link,” GOP election fixer, Mike Connell agreed to testify against Bush, Cheney and Rove for election rigging, he was murdered.

From a Free Press story by investigative journalist Bob Fitrakis:

“Michael Connell, the Bush family and Karl Rove’s IT guru, was heading home from Washington D.C. to attend his company’s Christmas party on Friday, December 19th in 2008. An accomplished pilot, he was flying from the College Park, Maryland airport to the Akron-Canton airport in Ohio under unremarkable weather conditions. Yet his Piper Saratoga plane suddenly dove to the ground between two houses in an upscale neighborhood, when he was just 2.5 miles from the airport. The site was roped off, cleaned up within two hours at night against protocol, and the next day his wife found his omniscient Blackberry missing from his still intact knapsack.”

Connell had just asked for protection claiming his life was threatened by White House advisor Karl Rove. A grand jury was prepared to begin a process that would not only overturn a presidential election, it would also nullify the balance of the Supreme Court, which would lead to redressing a series of bizarre decisions legalizing torture, election fraud, kidnapping and murder. From the Free Press:

“The Free Press has uncovered crucial documents that shed light on Connell’s mysterious death as the fifth anniversary of his tragic accident approaches. The document reveals that then-Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell had signed a legal Statement of Work (SOW) contract with Connell for IT work on the infamous Election Night 2004, when Kerry unexpectedly lost when exit polls showed him winning. Connell and Blackwell agreed fourteen months prior to the 2004 election that that Connell would have “remote monitoring capabilities” to the computer counting Ohio’s presidential vote. That means Blackwell planned more than a year in advance for Connell’s private partisan external third party company and a subcontractor to have unfettered secret access to Ohio’s 2004 vote tally.”

How Votes are Hacked

“The newly discovered contract contains an “Exhibit B” which called for a “mirror” website to handle Ohio’s 2004 actual vote count on Election Night provided by Connell’s company, GovTech. The document stated: “GovTech shall install and host (as set forth in Exhibit B) a Mirror site of the Application to provide a fail over solution in the event of failure of the primary installation on Election Day.”

This “hot rollover configuration,” as the document explained, “can completely re-point the site if the primary site should fail by using some remote monitoring capabilities.” And that’s exactly what happened at 11:13pm when Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry was up three points over Republican incumbent George W. Bush.

The mechanism Ohio Secretary of State Blackwell and Karl Rove, believed by many to have ordered the assassination of McConnell, put into place is now controlled by Adelson and Kasich. The “insider” meeting that has married Kasich to Bush has put “the fix” in place in Ohio, Florida and Virginia, typically enough to overcome even a landslide margin against a mob chosen candidate. From the Free Press:

“Ohio’s 2004 votes were outsourced to Smartech in Chattanooga, Tennessee, owned by right-wing evangelical publisher Jeff Averbeck, subcontracted by Connell. The vote count inexplicably flipped at 12:21am changing from Kerry winning by over 3 percentage points to Bush winning by over 3 percentage points. Overall, there was an unexplainable rapid 6.7% shift in the vote count.”

This week, President Obama met with Cuba’s leader, Raoul Castro, a dramatic move on the heels of the shaky Iran nuclear settlement. The race Obama is engaged in is one to “undo” as much of the remaining global damage of the neocon extremists of the Bush presidency as possible during his remaining time in office.

He has nothing to lose. The initial goals are these:
Iran: Reposition Iran as an American commercial partner. Behind this, Obama’s other strategy is for Iran to offset the Saudi-Israeli nexus, these two nuclear powers (confirmed by the IAEA), one functioning in the Middle Ages, the other a reflection of all the worst aspects of Nazi Germany.
Egypt: Strange as it sounds, the US would see success in Egypt if that nation renewed its Cold War balancing act between Russia and the US. Saudi cash and Israeli security services have permeated every aspect of Egyptian political life rendering that nation with its huge population a “failed state.”
Syria: Obama now has to secure the survival of the Assad government. However, divides within Syria itself and its longtime relationship with the Soviet Union/Russia has left it virtually helpless when it comes to the intricacies of geopolitical affairs. The blend of French culture and Cold War isolationism has left Syria, a nation poised for significant progressive strides, targeted for destruction.
Cuba: In restoring Cuba as a trading partner, the US gains needed credibility in Latin America and around the world. Cuba has long been respected as a success story, once the sweat shop and whore house of America, after over five decades stable and, despite much propaganda to the contrary, much closer to a liberal democracy than Britain or Canada.
Nigeria: Africa’s most populace state and certainly the most failed state economically is also Africa’s most targeted state, even more than Kenya if that is possible. Soon to be President Buhari is Obama’s last hope for stabilizing West Africa against the French-Saudi-Israeli nexus that supports ISIS-Boko Harum and Al Shabab. His predecessor, Goodluck Jonathan, immediately after being elected, was told to do what he was told or his own protection detail would assassinate him. After 4 years, all oil revenue had been stolen and the country was in the middle of a civil war.
The EU: The real “failed state” is the EU. Despite tough talk, EU states continue to cut defense budgets. The US believes that all that can hold the EU together is NATO and a new Cold War. There is no hope for the EU, facing plunging standards of living and political disintegration. The “sockpuppet EU/NATO” is trying to crawl onto the world stage as a major player in a theatrical “light v. dark” stage play that nobody is buying tickets to.

Questions of World Security

The world, whether some choose to admit to it or not, is looking at Israel and its nuclear arsenal. For some time now, Netanyahu has increasingly taken on the guise of something a bit beyond simply unstable. Even his own security services want him “put down” like a rabid dog.

Yet, compared to Jeb Bush or John Kasich, Netanyahu could well be Gandhi. With an American political system crippled not only by the “usual,” a bizarre thing called the “electoral college” and the newer offense, “Citizens United,” legalizing bribery on an epic scale, inexorable conclusions are avoided by most:
America’s political system is incapable of electing a real leader of any type. Even the “cardboard Lotharios” are second rate. Colorless placeholders like Romney and McCain glow in comparison to Jeb Bush and Kasich.
America’s political dynasties, a collection of pedophiles, Freemasons and bipolar types, nowadays plays little more than “second fiddle” to the “Khazarian Mob,” composed of an even sadder collection of petty delusional types.

What has to be accepted, undeniable in any sense, is that poverty, ignorance, human suffering and planetary devastation has become the political “brass ring.” Equally undeniable is the threat the United States poses to the world, leaderless, adrift, subject to any malevolent whim.

Perhaps it’s time America accepts that to millions, in most cases, the best informed, most caring and generous, the idea of waking up one morning finding America charred to a cinder, would be something easily overcome.

America used up its last rallying cry after 9/11. The next time America is “wounded,” it is likely that more than a few will consider simply putting America out of her misery.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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Western analysts believe that Russia is trying win over US allies in Eastern Europe

Western analysts believe that Russia is trying to gradually deprive the US of its allies in Eastern Europe

To do this, the Kremlin cultivates in them the fear that Washington will not come to their aid in time of need. About this The Washington Times newspaper writes.  According to the newspaper, Vladimir Putin held a series of provocative actions to intimidate NATO members in Eastern Europe and strengthening the positions of the pro-Russian movements in these countries. 

The publication considers that there is a possibility that some states decide to "change the camp." This is indicative of a more widespread problem, which is the lack of confidence in the US commitment to its obligations under NATO. 

____________ in a hand played the US and the latest scandal, when the State Department official said that they will not save its own citizens from the blazing Yemen.
(As is known however, Russia came to help and exported the Americans). If we are our saving US citizens who were thrown under the bus  in difficult times, then what about the price of the life of the enslaved peoples in the US. 

And Vladimir Putin, then, of course, has to deal with these officials on global issues they enflame. The level of confidence in the United States and NATO falls from countries strictly because they understand: who is true, and who is using force.

"#Red_Dragon" will help #Crimea? | Sergey #ISHCHENKO

"Red Dragon" will help Crimea?

04/23/2015 - 20:32

Turkish authoritative edition «Yeni Safak» recently reported the sensational news.

According to him, to held in mid-April in Moscow 4th Moscow international security conference, organized by the Ministry of Defense, Army General Sergei Shoigu and his Chinese counterpart Colonel-General Chang Wanquan discussed the possibility of holding this year's joint naval exercises Black Sea.

"If such an exercise is really organized, it will be interpreted as a common position and open military action directed against the United States ... This could mean the beginning of a new Cold War and the tripartite competition in China, Russia and the United States" - writes «Yeni Safak».

That is characteristic: in official reports on the outcome of the conference about the joint military exercises in the Black Sea is not a word. That, however, does not mean, though in fact they do not take place. Shoigu and Chang Wanquan April 16 at the forum held a bilateral meeting. And what in fact was discussed behind closed doors - the public report is not required. This is the usual practice in communicating the military leadership at the highest level.

However, in light of the publication «Yeni Safak» we can absolutely take another look at the words of Sergei Shoigu, uttered in the same day, April 16, after communicating with the Wanquan Chan: "Russia is satisfied with the level of joint exercises, which took place last year, in which we also their plan to hold. They are becoming more far-reaching. "

It is clear that mainly Sergei Shoigu meant "Marine interaction-2014." Then, last May, in the East China Sea entered Guards missile cruiser "Varyag", the destroyer "Quick", a large anti-submarine ship "Admiral Panteleyev" large landing ship "Admiral Nevel" and support vessels - the average sea tanker "Ilim" and a tow boat "Kalar". They were joined by six Chinese warships. Joint swimming, helicopter and shooting lasted five days.

It is also clear that what is happening cause severe irritation in Washington. All five days over the ship hung strategic reconnaissance aircraft RC-135V / W, based on the base Kadena in Japan. According to some reports, he immediately was secretly American multipurpose nuclear submarine «Chicago» (USS Chicago (SSN-721) of the "Los Angeles", released on the eve of a base of Subic Bay (Philippines).

You can certainly argue, where the East China, and where the Black Sea? From the shores of China to the Crimea and really far away. But Washington does not have to relax. In January of the same year already closer - in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea - have been united and moved heavy nuclear missile cruiser of the Northern Fleet, "Peter the Great" and the Chinese patrol ship "Yancheng". And management detachment alternately carried the Russian and Chinese commanders. Chinese practiced helicopter landing on the deck of our cruisers, Russian pilots boarded the Chinese patrol.

Our Ministry of Defence on the basis of scientists said that the purpose of what was happening - "enhanced interoperability" between the two navies.

Yes, but even the Mediterranean Sea - is not black. However, in the Black Sea is cause for concern Americans have already received. In 2012, for the first time in the history of the Bosporus and the Dardanelles was a detachment of Chinese warships under the flag of the deputy commander of the Northern Fleet of the Chinese Navy Rear Admiral Yang Tszyufeya. The detachment destroyer URO (with guided missiles) "Qingdao" and the patrol ship "Yantai". Destroyer with unofficial visit to the then Ukrainian Sevastopol, and "Yantai" - in Romanian Constanta.

Source ITAR-TASS reported that the purpose of entering the Chinese sailors in the Black Sea - "the study of its navigation and geographical features." It turns out, is really going to come back? Why else would know the "features" of the local waters?

If indeed the return of the PLA Navy will happen this year if all of a sudden in the Black Sea will be declared joint Russian-Chinese naval maneuvers, no doubt, we will witness the political hysteria in Western capitals. Because it really will be a challenge. And not only in the military-technical sense.Although such can not irritate NATO, whose missile ships from the coast of the Crimea for over a year literally do not depart, replacing one another. And even conducted large-scale exercises there.As last March, when such merrymaking involved just six warships 2nd constant Mediterranean mine group alliance. Or in July last year, when there were fired simultaneously from all trunks Navy ships Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Turkey and the United States as part of the exercise "Sea Breeze 2014".

But if in the Black Sea will be engaged in the same sailors of Russia and China, it will mean more than a major confrontation at sea. Become a fact: Beijing very clearly took the position in the Ukrainian crisis. This position - on the side of Moscow.

First Chinese also showed support for our country in the return of the Crimea. But did so in the Eastern delicately. As did, say, Acting Director of the Europe and Central Asian Affairs of China Gui Tsunyun: "We are opposed to any nation has gained independence through a referendum. As for the Crimea, then there are some peculiarities. We know the history of ownership of the Crimea. " Or Deputy Head of the CPC Central Committee on International Relations, Zhou Li: "Russia and China are faced with different challenges. But I can say with certainty that soon we will be faced with an even greater number of calls. We must fight together, protecting the interests of our countries. The main thing - not to drive a wedge between the two countries that would love to see Americans. "

But, you see, on the background of naval guns and missiles near the flaming Ukraine the same thing would have sounded particularly weighty.

One more thing. At the end of the already mentioned the April meeting in Moscow with Chinese Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu promised that the next joint exercises sailors of the two countries will be held in 2015 in the Mediterranean Sea. Black out to sea on the doorstep. Why do together and not look beyond the straits?

From the file "SP"

In 2014, a Pentagon report submitted to Congress over the growing military might of China, in particular, said: "China's military machine was its new military doctrine, training took place modern, efficient captured weapons and reliable means of protection, and has all the capabilities to carry out a successful attack against the United States and other opponents ...

The most significant military achievements related to modernization of China's air defense destroyers and frigates, testing new transport aircraft, capable to throw ground forces quickly and over long distances.

Chinese Navy last year commissioned nine new class corvettes "Jiangdao" armed cruise missiles for the operations near the coast of the South China and East China Seas. American coastal military bases are vulnerable to such weapons.

China continues to improve its newest fighter J-20 and J-31, which are similar to the parameters of the F-35 US Air Force. These actions are only part of the plan of modernization of the Chinese Air Force, and is unprecedented in the history of the pace of narrowing the gap with Western air forces across a wide range of possibilities. "

We have a Democracy Problem and Sorted Other Juicy Tidbits... by:Pat Condell

We have a Democracy Problem and Sorted Other Juicy Tidbits... by:Pat Condell

Pat Condell
Published on Apr 22, 2015

We have no representation in government.

Cameron dodges pledge to hold referendum on Europe

Daniel Hannan MEP - The case for an independent Britain

This is how “democracy” works in Britain. Unelected cronies can be parachuted into ministers’ jobs, and we have no say.

The Human Rights Act has helped 28 terrorists to stay in the UK

Anti-terrorism chief quits over failure to expel terrorists

Daniel Hannan MEP explains democracy to the Euro federalists

The racism, homophobia and bigotry of the establishment parties, ignored by the media

This is who 99.7% of Ukip members actually are

Nigel Farage: I’ve had enough of people insinuating that Ukip is racist - it’s simply not true

This is what Ukip actually stands for
Wrong then, wrong now. None of them know what they’re talking about

“The stain of deceit has seeped into you, Mr Juncker”

British aid money is funding corruption overseas, damning new report finds

Bonfire of Britain’s foreign aid billions - UK taxpayers’ money wasted

UK spends £1 billion extra “to meet overseas aid target”

UK urged to rethink £400m annual aid budget to Pakistan

£I.8 billion in aid to India over eight years

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Entire Western Media is a Troll Army | By Finian Cunningham

Entire Western Media is a Troll Army

© Flickr/ Harshil.Shah
Entire Western Media is a Troll Army

Finian Cunningham

The frantic spell of Western media behaviour could be a case-study in how it is centrally manipulated with a political agenda and thought-control. Editors at major Western media corporations are evidently following a political line cast by Washington and its European allies.

The multi-billion-dollar Western news media networks are replete with an unquestioning, unwavering anti-Russian agenda. This agenda is recklessly inflaming international tensions to the point of inciting further conflict and even an all-out global war.

The roll of dishonour includes "stellar" corporate names, from CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, Financial Times, Guardian, France 24, Deutsche Welle, and many more. It is a veritable troll army marching in lockstep with their governments' agenda of disinformation.

Reputable Russian news media have not indulged in the unquestioning Western narrative asserting that Russian aggression is the cause of the entire Ukrainian conflict. In other words, the Russian news industry is providing proper journalistic services.

Russian media do not talk blindly about Russia's "annexation of Crimea". Russian media have refused to toe the Western media line that, against voluminous evidence, denies the Neo-Nazi character of the Western-backed Kiev regime. Therefore, the Western reasoning goes, the Russian media are a Kremlin propaganda tool and Moscow has despatched a "Troll Army" to disseminate disinformation. How richly ironic is that?

Typically, Western claims of "Kremlin propaganda" are just more assertion layered upon assertion, unsupported by any evidence. The "evidence" is simply that the Russian media do not peddle the mainstream Western viewpoint. So with totalitarian-like mentality, the Western conclusion is that Russian media "must be" propagandist.

Are You Scared Now? Congress Declares US Losing Media War With Russia

A US Congressional hearing last week tendentiously described how Russia is "weaponizing information" and declared that Russia is "winning the information war". No evidence is presented, just more provocative assertions piled up on more provocative assertions.

Paradoxically, the charge of propaganda and media trolls is actually substantiated if applied to the gamut of Western corporate news media.

We are not talking about clandestine media impostors, bloggers and cyber-trolls on the payroll of the CIA or MI6 who infest the media. We are referring to the entire professional media industry — a multi-billion-dollar global industry.

Examples abound. Look how the Western media — lock, stock and barrel — went into a collective hysteria over the public absence of Russian President Vladimir Putin last month. It's astoundingly weird when you look back at that frenzied episode.

Putin returned to normal work after not being seen in public for over a week, and he has since continued presidential duties, brushing off the brouhaha. Likewise, the Western media seem to have forgotten their fit of madness, even though at the time American and European outlets had gone into a paroxysm over Putin. The madness has subsided, but only a few weeks ago, the Western news media were uniformly transfixed with feverish rumours and speculation on Putin's absence. Was it a "palace coup?" or "was he dead?" Was he receiving "plastic surgery?" or had his partner "given birth to a baby in Switzerland?"

This frantic spell of Western media behaviour, based on that incident alone, could be a case-study in how it is centrally manipulated with a political agenda and thought-control. Editors at major Western media corporations are evidently following a political line cast by Washington and its European allies. That line is: demonise Putin and destabilise Russia. It may be a subtle form of control, and partly also down to lazy follow-the-herd editorial instinct, but nevertheless the behaviour amounts to spectacular control. And this in a supposedly "free thinking, independent" industry.

Or take the assassination of Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov in Moscow last month and then this week the spate of assassinations in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. When Nemtsov was gunned down near the Kremlin again the Western media went into frenzied overdrive, as did Western governments. Wall-to-wall "coverage" played allegations and speculation that somehow the shooting was carried out by the Russian authorities to silence a dissident voice.

US President Barack Obama's calls for a "transparent criminal investigation" were amplified by Western news outlets who openly speculated with unabashed sensationalism that Putin "may have ordered the contract-killing".

The US State Department's "deputy for coups" Victoria Nuland, while testifying before Congress about "thousands of Russian troops having invaded Ukraine", also presumed to interfere in Russian internal affairs when she "demanded" a criminal probe into the Nemtsov shooting "that meets international standards" to "find the shooter and who ordered it". The latter was a scurrilous swipe at Putin.

Contrast that hyped-reaction with the relative dearth of concern over the contract-killings of three opposition figures in Kiev this week.

One of the victims was well-known newspaper editor Oles Buzina; the other was a former senior lawmaker in the Ukrainian parliament. All victims had been outspoken and effective critics of the Western-backed regime. Their killings follow a spate of at least four other suspicious deaths among opposition figures associated with the ousted government of Viktor Yanukovych, who was deposed last February by Western-backed Neo-Nazi demagogues and their SS-styled paramilitaries.

Those combined deaths point to an orchestrated campaign of political murders to snuff out critical voices.

Extraordinary Double Standard: West Silent Over Murders of Kiev's Opponents

However, the Western media's response to the political killings in Kiev, compared with the shooting of Boris Nemtsov, has been studiously muted. There are no high-profile calls for "transparent investigations" and no innuendoes against the Western-backed President Petro Poroshenko, or other members of the Kiev regime.

Indeed, the Western media in its relatively scant coverage of the recent Kiev killings have perversely inferred that the victims were either deserving of their fate, or that the murders were carried out by Russian agents in a bid to smear the Kiev regime and further destabilise the country. Talk about not dealing with the facts!

France 24's correspondent Gulliver Cragg told the news anchor in Paris that his Kiev "sources" described the victim Oles Buzina as a "polemicist" (inferring trouble-maker) and that it was "wrong to even describe Buzina as a journalist".

That broadcast by France 24 is a disgrace to journalism, ethics and international law. In effect, it purports to say "Buzina deserved it".

By the way, it is by no means the first time that France 24's Gulliver Cragg has acted as a shameful mouthpiece for the Kiev regime. Back in May last year following the murder of more than 40 people in the Odessa Customs Building massacre, he alluded to claims that those killings may have been carried out by Russian agents to blacken the Kiev regime. Again, in complete denial of the facts that implicate the Kiev regime as the perpetrators.

Which brings us to the Financial Times' spin on the latest assassinations in Kiev. Its report quotes Kiev's interior ministry advisor Anton Geraschenko as claiming that the "murders were organised by Russian intelligence agencies to create an atmosphere of terror and hysteria in Kiev".

From a Kiev ministry figure that's hardly a statement adhering to "international standards" of criminal investigation.

Additionally, the London-based FT prominently quotes the president, Poroshenko, as suggesting that the killings were also sanctioned from Moscow. With incandescent rage, Poroshenko says that the shootings "played into the hands of our enemies… aimed at destabilising the internal political situation in Ukraine, at discrediting the political choice of the Ukrainian people."

Neither France 24 nor the Financial Times quote people who could more plausibly claim that the murders were the dirty work of the Kiev regime.

Ukrainian Internet Army Report Card: 'A' For Effort 'F' For Achievement

We pick those two media outlets merely as examples of the general Western response, not only on the topic of political assassinations in Kiev but on the whole Ukrainian conflict.

Rather than investigating the real political climate under the Western-backed regime in Kiev — Neo-Nazi, anti-Russia, illegal, fascistic, war criminality, proven gangsterism — the Western media swing into denial mode, whitewash mode and disinformation mode to cast aspersions on Moscow.

Western media may pride itself with vain self-congratulating descriptions of "independent news, freedom of thought and expression, fearless defenders of truth" and so on. But the truth is that Western corporate so-called news media are simply this: one giant troll army marching in lockstep with the political agenda of Washington and its coterie of Western allies.

Ukraine and Russia are merely one manifestation among many of the Western media's total propaganda function. That function has been around for decades, but it is only now becoming abundantly transparent.

Western politicians may fret about the Western public being invaded by an alleged Russian troll army and Kremlin propaganda. When the reality is that the Western public is already under oppressive occupation of a troll army — otherwise known as Western corporate "news media".



Thursday, April 23, 2015

Center of the city is once again rocked rallies and demonstrations. Miners, promised yesterday to make perpetual protest again today picketed the Cabinet and parliament. Demands of the miners have not changed: the payment of salaries and retirement Demchishin.

"The miners continue to come to the parliament building. The requirements have since yesterday have not changed - the resignation of the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Vladimir Demchishin, payment of arrears of wages", - stated in the Ukrainian media.

According to Russian media, the miners also require deputies enactment of a moratorium on the closure of the mines and conservation, as well as social protection of miners.

During the meeting Ukrainian miners complain that their real wages have fallen in four times.
According to "PolitNavigator" workers union "Pavlogradugol" told the sad dynamics of their salaries for the last year.
"Previously, when Yanukovych salary was $ 1,000, and has now become $ 300, - the longwall miner with a 12-Lein experience, who introduced Nikita N.. - Course 20. Dali 6, 5000 and went to h ... poltoruha Heating, water ... uyva. All - complete w ... na. They say "gang, gang," but when we got gang 1200 - 1300 dollars. I thunderstorms in the mine worked on his knees and 1200 received. Now get 6500 hryvnia, and received 10 thousand. And the bread was worth 3.50 and now 8.50. That's compare. "

A notable feature of the current protests was the accession to the action of unknown young men in white Balaclava.
By the stated requirements of the miners, they added their own: the resignation of Vitali Klitschko with the mayor, the reduction in utility tariffs and raising the minimum wage.

Near the Verkhovna Rada of sports guys in white Balaclava merged with miners rally and blocked traffic on the street. They chanted "The soldiers will come - will induce order!" and "Klitschko - point!". In addition, the protesters launched into circulation unusual for Kiev slogan "Down with the Junta". Sounded by protesters and one of the "brand" of slogans Maidan "Understand, we zadovbaly!".

No political force has not yet recognized for an organization of meetings, however, according to Ukrainian media, the miners came to the deputies from the "opposition bloc".


Obama about the drone murder of innocent hostages in Pakistan: "Mistakes Happen"

Obama about the drone murder of hostages in Pakistan: "Mistakes Happen"
Barack Obama about the murder of hostages in Pakistan drone: Cmertelnye mistakes sometimes happen
Photo: © screenshot YouTube

US President Barack Obama apologized to the families of the two hostages, "al-Qaeda" - American Warren Weinstein and Italian Giovanni Lo Porto, who were killed in a US military raid on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

"We believe that the US counter-terrorist operation, the purpose of which was a group of" Al-Qaeda "in the border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan, accident led to the death of Warren and Giovanni in January," - said Obama.

Expressing his condolences to the families of those killed and brought them to apologize, he said that he is fully responsible for all US military operations, including this one. As explained by Barack Obama, the military during a special operation based on intelligence, but they were not aware that the militants "Al-Qaeda" held two hostages.

"It is a bitter and brutal truth is that during the war in general, and in the course of our counter-terrorism battles mistakes happen, sometimes fatal mistakes," - said Obama.

"But what distinguishes America from other people, that's what makes us exceptional - our desire to decisively deal with our imperfections and learn from our mistakes," - he concluded.

Human rights organizations in the US and other countries have repeatedly criticized the administration for secret military operations abroad, which led to the death of civilians. Human rights activists also criticized the White House for extrajudicial elimination of overseas Americans suspected of terrorist activities.
Posters Comment:
There is nothing exceptional about a rogue country that commits illegal murders under a guise of a War on International terror. Why the hell Obama would make this remark over and over again as being an acceptable justification, only tells the world that he and the US's future presidents can continue to kill globally uncontested. Germany has also been named as compliant with these actions by allowing the US to use it's Terra-Firma as a staging ground for the real-time satellite relay of the operations.
See:   Allow The Govt.s as an unlimited license to kill from Base
We are facing a great confrontation between the two Nuclear powerhouses of the planet right now, and as such, need to examine the nature of the many factors behind the events playing out in today's proxy skirmishes ongoing in Ukraine and the Middle-East. Please take the time to read an experts rationalization of what goes on behind the scenes of the Wars on Global resources, Here:
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