Saturday, March 7, 2015

Will Ukraine Collapse in March ?

Will Ukraine Collapse in March ?

Posted: Ekaterina Stepankina
Mar./ 7 / 2015

Looming is a Military coup about the military situation developing today in Ukraine and is characterized by a rapidly growing dissatisfaction with the current government. Partly is put the blame of everything including the loss of the Crimea, a continued without any hope of victory massacre in the Donbass, the collapse of the economy causing the curtailing of social programs, a monstrous inflation and the rapid impoverishment of the population.

Protests follow one another, everything points to the fact that Poroshenko can easily lose his power. He has neither the courage nor determination and necessary authority to suppress the coup, which likely could happen in the very near future. Americans actually exercising to much external control over Ukraine, are well informed concerning the mood prevailing in this country, and trends are gaining strength.

Even today, they came to the conclusion that to maintain political power bankrupt Valtsmana is meaningless. They need to sacrifice in order to save the course of Kiev. This is a common trick in Washington's control "banana republics" - change the "zits-chairs," while keeping the "general line." And to exclude the chance to lead another revolution must completely controlled by the people.

Of course, the ideal option would be a peaceful withdrawal and Poroshenko resigning. But this option is not sufficiently looked at as triumph nor of justice national liberation. Accordingly, the credit of national trust will be more next the command (in this case, it might be). But it seems that a major new Maidan Ukraine will not survive, and therefore the change of government will still have to obstryapat "laytovom" version - not the "whole people" revolution and military coup.

However, the Ukrainian specificity is that the military actually did not play to it a political role. Among the senior officers no matter how charismatic, a commander capable of the claim to be the "black colonels" are few. Moreover, the attitude to the army command in Ukrainian society is negatively viewed.

On this basis, it is clear that a military coup will not be the hands of the military Nazi militants from the "Right sector" and volunteer karbatov, which has slowly pulled together to Kiev. It was under this task was created this volunteer "general staff" of Yarosh-Semenchenko. But whom will bring to power the Nazi militants? Not Yarosh, no characters like him will be able to lead the junta - they are too odious to be dealt with by EU representatives. Most likely, in a coup Poroshenko will be replaced by Yatsenyuk or Turchinov.

Turchinov has been visible without need for the second time in the last couple of weeks, visiting locations of the "Azov" in Mariupol, clearly earning the sympathy of the militants Nazis. And not in vain - they lovingly called him "our pastor bloody" and say in social networks that he feeds them "fractured energy".

However, Yatsenyuk had his Nazi get-together after his passage about "Stalin's aggression against Germany and Ukraine" during a visit to Germany. About who will be the new "hitman" of Kiev junta - Buckeye or Kogan, we may learn in the near future. However, the bride in the US recently went even Paruby urgently. But, it seems, and this nomination from the school help with mental retardation little enthusiasm in Washington did not cause.

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